What Is Plastic Surgery? Looking beautiful with confidence has always been something most people would love to achieve. People try to care for their looks by putting on make-ups and jewelry. Or simply they would just dress nicely to enhance their beauty even since ancient times. Since the development of technology, it has been easier to achieve this idea. Plastic surgery can be seen as one of the most popular options for the idea of ‘looking perfect’. It has become a common consultation for most people in the modern world.

Plastic surgery is a medical surgery that involves repairing, renovation, or modification of the parts of the human body. Although the term ‘plastic’ can be seen as ending up looking fake, it does not necessarily mean that way. Rather, the origin of the word comes from the Greek word plastikos, which is to form or mold. Its main goal is to change the appearance of a person or to alter the ability of a part of the body.

Plastic surgery can be divided into two categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery can be used to recover function and normal image and redress abnormalities caused by genetic disorders. It also includes damages of trauma or health conditions, including cancer. However, the cosmetic one is a distinctive practice that emphasizes optimizing beauty through surgical and medical techniques. In reconstructive surgery, you may have no choice to do so. Whereas in cosmetic one, it is all your decision. Many people, from a worldwide famous person to someone you see on the street, choose cosmetic surgery to change what they do not like about their bodies. Now, we will focus on a well-known celebrity who decided to perform cosmetic surgery on her body: Carrie Underwood.


Carrie Underwood is an American singer and producer who performs in country music. Her many songs like ‘’Jesus, Take the Wheel’’ or ‘’Before He Cheats’’ made her name remarkable in the music industry. She won tens of Grammys. Her songs and albums were in the top 10 songs on Billboard charts, her tours outsold in many places. Considering her career started when she was 3 years old, when she was singing in church choirs, it is no surprise that she achieved such success in her entire life. Her show time in American Idol started her professional career, especially after she became the season four winner. After her first single ‘’Inside Your Heaven’’, she broke the charts and became the first country artist to do so.

Carrie’s first single led to her first album ‘’Some Hearts’’ which gained pretty much the same success with gaining the best album for two years. After then, she released her second single and this success gained stability to her fourth single. She has been in the music industry for more than 20 years and she continues to gain more success in country music. Underwood released seven albums to this day, with the last one released in 2020. As the years passed by and her career gained success, it is almost unbelievable how Carrie maintained her beauty and youth. If you were to look at her old and new photos, you would almost not distinguish which one is old or new. She came into our lives as a young blondie who has an amazing voice and she stayed almost the same.


What Is Plastic Surgery? Besides her remarkable voice and successful songs, Carrie is also known for her unaging beauty. Her fans adored her and they were even jealous of her look. For years, she talked about her routines and secrets that made her beauty unfading. It is also no surprise that Underwood also consulted cosmetic surgery to perfect her look. Especially after her big accident where she fell down the stairs in 2017, it is now commonly known that Underwood made some changes in her appearance.

Before we get into her fall, we should mention some procedures she went through before her accident. If you look at it more closely you can see some differences on her face. Many years ago, Carrie got her nose changed a bit. Most fans argued that the change looked good on her. It is clear that her new nose had not made that radical change in her face. It is no doubt that either way, she looks gorgeous.

Another rumor which has a high potential to be a fact is that she made some botox on several parts of her body. Although it is not very certain, some say that she tried some injectables to fresh up her face. Considering her treatments and her age, we can say that she is not a surgery freak. She used the opportunities of the modern world for her own benefit and made clever choices for the health of her body.


Now let’s talk about the famous fall she sadly experienced. In 2017, Carrie was about to take her dog for a walk when she lost her balance and fell down the stairs. Then, of course, she was taken to the hospital immediately. Although Carrie tried to emphasize to her fans that the damage was not a big deal, it is then found out that the fall was actually a very serious accident. She fell down so badly that the doctors had to put 40-50 stitches in her face. Carrie was frightened that she would not look the same. After many surgeries and weeks of recovering, it was still a debating subject whether she will look the same or not. When she finally came back with a new song, fans thought that she still looked amazing.

The controversial part of this accident was whether she used this accident as an excuse to get cosmetic surgery or not. Another speculation was the surgery was done to cover the damage on her face. Both rumors turned out to be false after Carrie made a statement by saying ‘‘I wish I’d gotten some awesome plastic surgery to make this [scar] look better.’’ It is amazing that Carrie Underwood survived such a damaging accident with only medical treatments. She is truly an inspiring figure to especially young girls who use cosmetic products excessively to look, so-called, ‘’perfect’’. What Is Plastic Surgery?

Should I Opt for Skin Removal Surgery after Weight Loss, or is it a Waste of Money?


If you are considering skin removal surgery after weight loss, it is essential first to consider the potential risks and benefits. Several factors can influence your decision, including financial considerations, your personal health history, and the pros and cons of the procedure itself. It is essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options before making any decisions so that you can make an informed choice about this type of plastic surgery after weight loss. Ultimately, deciding which route to take is a personal decision that should be carefully weighed and discussed with a doctor. In addition to consulting with a doctor, you may also consider researching other experiences of people who have had this type of surgery. This can help you gain further insight into what it entails and how successful it might be in achieving your skin removal surgery after weight loss. Take your time and make sure that whatever decision you come to best suits your needs and goals. Ultimately, only you can decide what option works best for you and whether skin removal surgery is worth it for your situation.