Afro-American Hair Transplant

In this article today, I will tell you about Afro-American hair transplant. Hair loss is an event that can happen to anyone,regardless of religion, language, race. Afro individuals have their own hair structures. The most important reasons why these people experience hair loss are that they knit their hair very tightly and use various chemical straighteners. Hair transplantation of Afro individuals with curly hair is slightly more difficult than other hair types. Since the root we will take from the donor is curly, it is difficult to remove it without damage. Doctors make some changes in Afro-American hair transplantation using existing techniques. In our article, we have listed our research on this topic and hope it will be useful to you. We wish you a healthy day.

Afro-American Hair Structure 

Hair loss is a natural event that occurs for people of all races. Although it is generally known that white people experience hair loss, black men and women experience hair loss, thinning hair. Hair transplant surgery aims to repair the patient’s hair and thus increase the patient’s self-confidence. Afro patients who experience hair loss undergo an Afro-American hair transplant operation to restore their natural hair. Additionally, Afro hair type is very different from normal hair, so hair transplant surgery is slightly more difficult than normal hair transplant surgery. Afro hair has a unique root and a natural curly structure. People with Afro hair have a short to medium-high hairline, while other people have a high hairline.

Hair transplant specialists in Turkey are very successful in resorbing both normal hair and ethnic hair. Hair transplant specialists perform their operations in this direction because they know the hair problems experienced by black patients. Experts specially apply hair transplantation techniques to restore the natural appearance of Afro hair.

Doctors achieve a natural look by applying a special treatment so that black patients have the hair they want.

Eligibility For Afro Hair Transplantation

Hair loss on the head is genetically related.  Genetics is the most common cause of hair loss. A specialist doctor should have enough knowledge about Afro-American hair transplant and Afro-hair diseases. A specialist doctor removes an average of 2500-3000 grafts in one session. These procedures are difficult, curly hair continues under the skin, and the curled root, which is not visible to the eye, appears with a cutting tool. The most important element in Afro-American hair transplant surgery is the depth of the hair follicles. But the doctor cannot determine this before starting the operation. If a person’s hair roots curl under the skin, it becomes difficult to remove them without damaging the root. Roots near the surface are easier to pick up by a specialist.

Hair transplant surgery in Afro women

Afro women use their hair very tightly braided, and various chemical straighteners suffer from hair loss called traction alopecia. These patients are quite suitable for hair transplantation. Although the causes of hair loss vary from person to person, they are usually caused by tight braids, chemical straighteners, and hairstyles. A specialist should assess the condition of hair loss before starting a hair transplant for an Afro individual. Traction alopecia and central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia are common in Afro women. Hair transplantation is a very useful procedure for people who carry such diseases. Hair loss is a process that greatly affects psychology, especially for women.  Most women who experience problems such as thinning hair in Turkey are investigating hair transplantation. But hair transplantation is a more appropriate surgical approach for black female patients experiencing hair loss.

Hair Transplantation Techniques For Afro Men

Afro individuals who experience hair loss should be treated specifically because their hair structure is different from Caucasian or Asian men. Hair transplant specialists need to know certain characteristics related to Afro hair structure, have the necessary experience and understanding. Afro- American hair transplant methods suitable for white individuals are used with some special changes. Since curly hair in Afro individuals makes it difficult to use the FUE technique, the specialist FUT method is used in Afro patients. The curly hair graft is larger and cannot be wrapped. Therefore, many doctors avoid FUE in hair transplantation and prefer the FUT method, which takes longer to heal. Afro patients who have undergone FUT hair transplantation may experience a problem called Keloid. Keloids are large, thick scars on the skin that appear after a small skin wound.

In ethnic hair transplantation, doctors examine the natural formation of hair. Doctors struggle to style their patients ‘ hair the way they want it after treatment, so that the patient can use it. In the process of Afro-American hair transplant, the FUT method allows Afro hair located above and below the skin to be treated without disturbing its original curl. Hair transplant surgeons use a hair graft in the donor area, a special method of hair transplantation using “screwed” tissue that guarantees healthy hair transplantation.

Afro Hair Transplantation And Doctors

A first in Europe in hair transplantation, Turkey offers its patients a service that will be satisfied with an experienced ethnic hair restoration team. As with any hair transplant, doctor Afro type is a very important factor in hair transplantation. Turkish doctors treat their patients quite successfully with their special knowledge and experience. Our specialists make some changes to the techniques used in afro hair transplantation and thus ensure that patients get excellent results.

Cost Of Afro Hair Transplantation In Turkey

The cost of Afro male hair transplantation in Turkey is quite suitable for patients coming from abroad due to dollars. Due to the low cost of living in Turkey and the high exchange rate compared to abroad, patients save more than 70%. Some hair clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive services to their patients. In the all-inclusive system, the package includes the treatment fee, the patient’s stay at the hotel, the patient’s medicine and translator. As with all types of hair transplantation, good research is very important to achieve good results in Afro-type hair transplantation. If you want to more information about this topic, contact your doctors.

Looking for a Reliable Afro-American Hair Transplant Service?


The popularity of Afro-American hair transplant procedures is on the rise. Both black men and women are turning to hair transplantation as a solution to their hair loss. This is a growing trend that is quickly becoming more mainstream. While traditionally, African-American women have opted for weaves, extensions, and wigs to cover up their thinning hair, hair transplants offer a permanent solution. The benefits of hair transplantation for African Americans are many. Not only does it provide a more natural look than extensions or wigs, but it also helps to restore confidence for those dealing with thinning or balding hair. Furthermore, the results of a hair transplant are permanent and can last for years.

There are several factors to consider when considering an Afro-American hair transplant. First, it is important to choose an experienced surgeon who specializes in black hair restoration. This will ensure that the procedure is done properly and that the results are successful. It is also important to find a clinic or doctor who understands the unique needs of African-Americans and how their hair type affects the results of the surgery. Overall, hair transplant for African American patients can be a great option for those struggling with thinning or balding hair. With proper care and preparation, patients can enjoy thicker, healthier looking hair for years to come.