Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most frequently performed weight loss surgeries today. “What to eat after gastric sleeve surgery?” The question is also one of the frequently asked questions. Doctors recommend this surgery for many individuals who are overweight and have various chronic diseases in addition to being overweight. Doctors aim to lose weight by taking eighty percent of the patient’s stomach. The individual, whose stomach volume is smaller than before, eats less food. Thus, the amount of calories that the individual takes in a day decreases. As a result, the individual loses weight. Many individuals have lost weight with this technique. It is a surgery that doctors often recommend to people who are overweight. If the doctor and the individual manage the post-operative process successfully, the individual’s weight loss will be permanent.

What To Eat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The individual, who does not pay attention to his nutrition, can regain the weight he has lost even if he has had surgery. In this respect, post-operative nutrition of the individual is important. Many individuals who want to manage this process correctly and successfully ask, “What to eat after gastric sleeve surgery?” is asking the question. Because a certain calorie deficit must occur after the surgery.

Who Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

The doctor recommends this surgery to individuals who are overweight or have a chronic disease with high weight. It is often recommended for people with a body mass index above 40 and who show various chronic diseases together. Individuals with chronic diseases need to lose weight quickly. Because weight is the basis of chronic diseases. High weight is the cause of many diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, being overweight is a very risky situation. Today, there are many solutions to losing weight. These solutions are sports, diet and surgery. The most effective of these solutions is surgery.

There are various surgical techniques. However, the most effective and most successful is sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This surgery is performed together with expert doctors and experienced health teams under appropriate conditions. Many patients have questions about sleeve gastrectomy surgery that has been successful. Because it is an operation that needs to be managed very meticulously. The most frequently asked of these questions is “what to eat after gastric sleeve surgery?” style questions.

What Not To Eat And What To Eat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

In this surgery, doctors remove as much as eighty percent of the stomach. Doctors put stitches on the parts of the stomach that they take. For this reason, the individual should be very careful about the foods he / she eats. For this reason, many patients ask “what to eat after gastric sleeve surgery?”

Individual often asks his / her doctor such questions. The individual should consume completely liquid foods for the first two weeks, and consume completely pureed foods until the fourth week. The individual can slowly switch to solid food after the fifth week. During this period, the individual usually consumes dairy products in the first week. However, dairy products should not contain fat. Since the stomach has just come out of the surgery, the individual should prefer foods that will tire the stomach as little as possible. The least tiring foods on the stomach are liquid foods. Apart from this, the individual can drink low-calorie soups that do not contain grains.

It can be consumed by pureeing various vegetables during the weeks when mashed foods are used. It is possible to switch to soups containing grains. When it comes to the fifth week, normal nutrition can be started under the control of a doctor. The doctor will give the individual a diet list that includes low – calorie, high – protein foods.

What Are The Solutions For Overweight Apart From Surgery?

There are also solutions to high weight other than surgery. However, not every solution fits every individual. Apart from surgery, individuals can lose weight with diet and sports. It is possible for a person to lose weight with a personalized diet and sports list. Specialists prepare these lists individually. Experts prefer lists that can easily adapt to one’s daily life. Thus, the person can get maximum efficiency from diet and sports lists.

For some individuals, the ideal route may be surgery. Surgery for weight loss is very common nowadays. There are many types of weight loss surgery. However, doctors most often recommend sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Patient satisfaction is very high due to the use of a closed surgical technique. In the surgery performed with laparoscopy, only small stitches are removed. Thus, large suture scars are not left as in open surgery. The fact that it does not leave any traces when viewed from the outside is one of the features that pleases the patients.

If the post-operative process is well managed, it is a very efficient type of surgery. In the post-operative period, the individual should pay attention to what he or she eats. The individual who consumes certain foods in certain weeks thus protects his stomach health. In this case, ask the doctor, “what to eat after gastric sleeve surgery?” Questions like these are often asked.

How To Understand Excess Nutrition After The Operation?

If the individual is consuming more and more portions and losing weight has slowed down, it means he is overfeeding. In post-operative overnutrition, the person stops losing weight or starts to gain weight. In this case, it is necessary to return to the old nutrition routine with the help of doctors. If the change in the nutritional routine is insufficient, the individual can undergo surgery again. Having the surgery once does not mean that the individual will not gain weight again. After losing weight, the person has to maintain their weight for life. This is true not only for people who have lost weight, but also for every individual with a healthy weight. Therefore, the foods consumed after the surgery are important in this regard. Thus, the doctor asked the question “What to eat after gastric sleeve surgery?” Questions like these are often asked.

Let’s Discuss the Right Approach to ‘What to Eat After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?’


An excellent approach to determining what to eat after gastric sleeve surgery is to consult your doctor and nutritionist. The right eating plan should consider factors such as type of food consumed, amount of food consumed, frequency of meals and snacks, and overall calorie intake. It is helpful to start small with soft foods like soups, mashed potatoes, smoothies, shakes, and pureed vegetables such as carrots and spinach. Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day can be beneficial in helping you feel full while consuming fewer calories. You should also focus on including plenty of fluids in your diet. You can keep a food journal or diary to track your progress and make adjustments if needed. However, your doctor could only give you your individual answer to “how many calories should I eat after gastric sleeve?” since each individual’s body and metabolism are different.

Remember that the key is consistency – stick with your doctor and nutritionist’s plan on what to eat after gastric sleeve surgery. With the right approach, eating after gastric sleeve surgery does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. They will be able to provide you with guidance on a healthy diet that meets your nutritional needs and takes into account any special dietary requirements you may have.