Everyone who wants to have a hair transplant is wondering about hair transplant cost in Turkey 2020. Because Turkey is the number one country in hair transplantation. For this reason, our main topic in this article will be hair transplant cost in Turkey 2020. First of all, we will talk about the importance of hair on our appearance. We will talk about the importance of hair on our appearance and its effects on our social life. Then we will focus on our main topic, hair transplant cost in Turkey 2020. We will talk about the cost of the hair transplant operation. While we will tell you about the average prices in Turkey, we will also tell you why Turkey is so good in this regard. We will also explain hair loss and its causes.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems today. Nowadays, people often encounter hair loss due to stress and similar reasons. There are also some main causes of hair loss. Hair loss experienced by people is grouped under two main headings. One of the main topics is normal hair loss. People who have lost their hair due to normal hair loss have a chance to regain their hair. Because this hair loss is hair loss that lasts for a maximum of 2 months. The main causes of these hair loss are weather changes, depression, stressful times, use of wrong hair care products and similar reasons.

One of the reasons for hair loss experienced by women today is one of them. But there is also a hair loss that causes people to go bald. You can hear this in public as male pattern hair loss. However, the name of this hair loss in the literature is genetic hair loss. The reason why genetic hair loss is also known as male pattern hair loss is that it is directly related to the testosterone hormone. Testosterone contains a substance called DHT. This substance is a substance that can weaken hair follicles in some families.

From the age of 20-25, there is a great increase in the testosterone ratio in the body of men. And after this increase, genetic hair loss begins. Genetic hair loss, which starts at the age of 20-25 and can continue until the age of 40, is a problem faced by 6 out of 10 men. You cannot regain the hair you lost with genetic hair loss. Or it is not possible to stop genetic hair loss with any cosmetic product. However, genetic hair loss is not an incurable problem.

Technology finds solutions to people’s problems in every field. This is also true for genetic hair loss. Thanks to the developing hair transplantation techniques, people have been able to gain healthier hair to replace the hair they have lost for years. Thanks to the developing hair transplantation techniques, hair transplantation operations have become much more comfortable over the years. Manual hair transplantation is divided into different techniques due to the procedures applied to the hair follicles and the different instruments used by the doctors. Each technique has its own advantages.

However, it is not possible to separate the techniques and classify them as better or worse. Because every hair transplant technique gives precise results. Until now, there is no one who has had a hair transplant operation and has not regained their hair. There are hair transplant centers in almost every country in the world. However, some countries stand out with their hair transplant services. Turkey is one of these countries. In fact, Turkey is currently the country where the most expert doctors in hair transplantation work in the world.

Every day, about 2000 tourists go to Turkey to have a hair transplant. At the same time, Turkish hair transplant specialists go to different countries to inform people about hair transplant. When this is the case, many people who want to have a hair transplant are wondering about hair transplant cost in Turkey 2020. We will also inform you about hair transplant cost in Turkey 2020. But before the bride, let’s give you some information about the hair transplant operation.

Hair Transplantation Operation and Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2020

Hair transplant operation is an operation with more than one technique. But they are all basically the same. The reasons for the separation of hair transplant operations into different techniques are the small differences between different instruments and the procedures performed by the doctors on the follicles. First of all, we will tell you the basic logic of the hair transplant operation. Then we will give some information about the different techniques that stand out. The first condition in a hair transplant operation is the presence of non-shedding hair in the nape of the patient.

Almost all people who want to have a hair transplant have hair that does not fall out in the nape area. Because the hair in this area is more resistant to genetic hair loss. Before the operation, the doctor shortens the hair on the nape of the patient to 1 millimeter. Then it starts to collect the structures called grafts that contain the hair follicles.

The doctor transplants the grafts he collects into the patient’s bald area. The patient does not feel pain during this procedure. In addition, the doctor does not need general anesthesia for the operation. Local anesthesia is quite sufficient for these operations. We said that the things that distinguish the hair transplantation operations, which are basically the same, are the tools used by the doctor and the procedures applied to the follicles. Let us explain these differences to you by giving an example of hair transplantation techniques.

The first technique we will talk about is DHI hair transplantation. The DHI technique is very close to the manual hair transplant technique. But in this technique, the doctor uses a pen-like needle. The advantage of this hair transplant technique is that the doctor has to directly direct the graft taken. Due to the needle used by the doctor, the doctor transfers the graft directly to the bald area. This shortens the time the graft spends outside the skin. And it makes the hair transplant operation more efficient. Another technique is the FUE hair transplant technique. In this technique, the doctor uses a micromotor-tipped needle. The doctor’s use of a micromotor-tipped needle shortens the operation time. In addition, this technique is a hair transplant technique using the latest technology.

To give a different example, the ice graft hair transplantation technique will be a very good example. In this technique, the doctor collects the grafts manually. But before planting the grafts he collects, he puts them in a solution. It then freezes this solution. What the doctor wants to do here is to increase the efficiency of the grafts. All these hair transplantation techniques are very successful techniques. For this reason, it is very difficult to separate these techniques from each other. If you want to have a hair transplant, you should research these techniques thoroughly and find the most suitable technique for yourself. Now that we have given enough information about hair transplantation operations, we can now inform you about hair transplant cost in Turkey 2020.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey 2020 is calculated per graft. A hair transplant in Turkey costs between 2 dollars and 5 dollars. But it is not possible to give an exact price. If you want to have a hair transplant operation, you must first conduct a doctor and clinical research. You can then contact the clinic to find out the exact price.