Forehead and brows may sag due to stress or mimics along with increasing age. As a result, forehead lines and wrinkles are formed. In addition, the effects of gravity on physiology over the years and excessive contractions of the mimic muscles cause some deformations in the forehead and brows. Person can be look tired, unhappy and old because of that. The appearance is removed by lifting the forehead skin and brows and eliminating wrinkles.

The operation is carried out in two ways. In the classic forehead lifting operation; forehead skin is lifted by an incision inside the scalp. The operation is carried out in the hospital environment under the general anesthesia.

Endoscopic forehead lifting operation is one of the important developments in plastic surgery used in facial rejuvenation. Its advantage is that operations are carried out with smaller incisions. Thus the operation leaves less trace and enables quick recovery.

After the Operation

After surgery, the patient does not experience pain, however after 24 hours small oedema or bruises may occur around the eyes. These problems usually disappear within a week and do not affect daily life.

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