Dolly Parton And Her Plastic Surgery For those of you who don’t know Dolly Parton is an infamous country singer. She might be 74 but she does not look a day older than 50. So how is she this young and beautiful? Are these thanks to her genetics or did she get any plastic surgery? Your answers are yes and yes. Even when she was young, she looked like a country girl Barbie doll. Over time she got many plastic surgeries, and she admits it proudly. She does not think it is necessary to hide this fact. Her plastic surgeries include a brow and facelift, breast implants, eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, and rhinoplasty.

The secret to her beauty

Dolly Parton is a beautiful woman both on the inside and outside. Many fans think that way but she thinks that she owes her beauty to makeup and plastic surgery. Ever since she was a little girl she was interested in makeup. We can’t deny the fact that she has her own style in makeup, and she rocks it. Her makeup style is bold and frosty. Dolly Parton is an icon, she is a character. She is that trashy country girl everyone adores. To portray this character she uses clothes, makeup, and unrealistic breasts. She can’t stand the idea of being seen without makeup therefore she sleeps with makeup on. In the mornings she washes her face and applies her full glam makeup once more. There is more to her beauty than makeup. She had some work done on her face. For example a facelift.

As we grow older our faces starts sagging and we get wrinkles. The changes that happen to our face are inevitable. When we look at the pictures of Dolly Parton, her face looks pretty intact considering her age. The secret to this is a facelift and her plastic surgeon also confirms this theory. Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is plastic surgery that will erase the sagging of the face and make you look younger. It elevates the skin and makes your face folds disappear. This surgery can take two to four hours and you can go home the same day. Recovery time is approximately four weeks, after the swelling is gone you can see the results. However, this surgery is not permanent. Your face might start sagging again after 10 years, so you might have to get this surgery done again.

Changing the facial structure with plastic surgery

Brows are the frame of our faces and the right eyebrow shape can enhance your beauty. Therefore, it is not surprising that Dolly Parton got plastic surgery on her eyebrows. She got her eyebrows lifted to get a snatched and surprised look. Also, it is proven that with age eyebrows start sagging and covers the eyelid area. Speaking of eyelids, she mentioned that she had eyelid surgery in one of her interviews. She got her eyelids lifted and this makes her eyelids to appear bigger. With that, she has more places to put eye makeup on. For a makeup enthusiast like Dolly Parton, this surgery makes so much sense. It also makes her eyes appear bigger and give her doll-like eyes. You can see the difference when you compare old and new photos of her.

Dolly Parton had almost every plastic surgery possible including lip filler, skin smoothing, cheek fillers botox. Even her signature smile is thanks to these surgeries. Not just her smile her whole brand is based on being this ideal country girl. There is one surgery that is hard to guess and that is chin augmentation. Chin augmentation changes the shape of your face completely. With a surgical procedure, the doctor puts an implant in your chin. It defines the jawline and changes your side profile. After this surgery, Dolly Parton’s jawline became more defined. It gave her a natural contoured look. Her jaw is more pointy compared to her old one. new chin makes her dimples show up more and add definition to her smile. Her smile is definitely a part of the Dolly Parton brand. She had a lot of surgeries done, to highlight her smile.

Rhinoplasty and Breast Implants

Your nose defines your face more than you think. It is in the middle of your face and attracts attention from others. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries. The reason for that is many people are not happy with their noses. Dolly Parton is also one of those people who has had a nose job. If you compare her old pictures to the new one you can clearly see the changes on her nose. Her nose is smaller, thinner and the tip of her nose is more raised. This surgery could be due to a breathing problem, but Dolly Parton did say anything about this topic. Considering her other surgical procedures this could be done just because she wanted to look a certain way. Either way, her nose looks very natural. Without old pictures, you would not notice the difference.

We can all agree that Dolly Parton’s body looks like a doll’s. It is beautiful yet unrealistic. One of the reasons for this exaggerated look is the size of her breasts. It would be impossible to have such big breasts without any plastic surgery. Dolly Parton does not deny this surgery either. She openly talks about getting her breasts lifted and having breast implants. At the beginning of her carrier, she was overweight due to her weight she had big breasts. When her weight loss journey began her breasts got smaller too. In order to go back to her old cup size, she first had silicone implants. She then got them removed and switched to a safer implant. These surgeries, makeup, and hair are a part of the Dolly Parton brand. They all played a significant role in her journey of becoming one of the most famous country singers.

Like Dolly Parton, Plastic Surgery Will Change the Game


As a result of the influence of famous figures such as Dolly Parton, plastic surgery has become increasingly sought after. Celebrities have proven that age should not be a barrier to looking and feeling your best. Over the years, plastic surgery has become more accepted in society, allowing many people to finally feel comfortable going ahead with it. After all, look at Kris Jenner. Plastic surgery enables her to look more youthful and very confident. Nonetheless, there are many advantages to undergoing plastic surgery. In addition to helping individuals achieve their desired look, this procedure may also boosts self-confidence and encourage them to embrace themselves.

For women like Dolly Parton, plastic surgery has become a way for people, particularly those with high public visibility and probably to enhance their self-esteem. You can gain numerous advantages from undergoing various types of plastic surgery. Similarly, thanks to celebrities like Kathy Griffith, plastic surgery has demonstrated that it can help you look and feel your best. You should not allow yourself to accept the idea that you are too old due to societal standards. In the end, you can get surgery if you don’t have any health conditions that complicate the procedure.