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Do Women Get Hair Transplants? People do not want to lose their hair, whether it is due to thinning or regional hair loss. So, do women get hair transplants? Hair loss in both men and women can have a negative impact on one's mood. Women are more sen
Why do people age rapidly after weightloss surgery? One thing our patients tell us is that when they lose weight, they feel younger. Is this feeling of happiness just a "feeling," or does it have any scientific basis? Bariatric surgery does more than
do dental implants hurt and amount of pain they may suffer following the procedure and how long it will continue. It's helpful to know what happens after a patient receives an implant to get a sense of how uncomfortable the implant process can be. In
Cost of Afro Hair Transplant Every patient who will undergo hair transplant, often has the same question in mind. How much does a hair transplant cost me?  This question is, of course, quite understandable. Because the number of hair transplantation
Elon Musk Hair Transplant Elon Musk hair transplant nearly no one hasn’t heard of Elon Musk and the firms he founded, including PayPal, Space X, and TESLA. Musk, the brilliant and mischievous entrepreneur whose every move is anxiously anticipat
What Is a Gastric Sleeve? What is a gastric sleeve? Restrictive surgeries such as gastric surgery make the stomach smaller and help people lose weight.
Can You Die From Hair Transplant Infection is a possibility with any surgery, but it is quite rare with hair transplantation. So, can you die from hair transplant? No. If you do have an infection, antibiotics are a simple way to treat it. On the firs
Fue Hair Transplant Most people are bothered by hair loss. For this, people are wondering about the Fue hair transplant. The absence of new hair strands, especially after increased shedding, causes baldness. In this case, people who experience depres
How Successful Are Hair Transplants? When you think about having a hair transplant, the question of how successful are hair transplants is, comes to mind. Everyone will have a personal answer to this question. Because hair transplantation may differ
In transplantation, the right choice must be made for a natural appearance. Many questions such as how much is bosley hair transplant, post bosley hair transplant process should be investigated beforehand. The scalp of a healthy person has an average