Zirconium Porcelain Crowns Zirconium porcelains are porcelain teeth made on white zirconium metal. Recently, zirconium teeth are among the most preferred treatments. The porcelain used is crowned on a metal called zirconium. The most important feature of this metal is that it has a light-permeable structure that allows it to blend with natural teeth. Zirconium, a solid metal, also adds high durability to the porcelain coated on it. It has aesthetic advantages over metal-based porcelains. Because the paint called opaquer used to cover the gray of the metal in metal-based porcelain makes the porcelain appear more opaque and matte, while also causing the depth of light to disappear.

It can be used in all teeth in which metal-based porcelain teeth are used. It is easier to resemble natural teeth because of its high light transmittance. Compared to other aesthetic porcelains, it does not reflect the darkness of the dark and colored teeth underneath. It does not create a change in taste and smell.

Especially, the preference of zirconium in porcelain crowns to be made on the anterior region makes patients happier in terms of aesthetics. In terms of price, it is a little more expensive than metal-based porcelain. Permanent teeth that come out after zirconium deciduous teeth can be done after they are completed in the mouth. But it is preferable to wait for the jaw development to end in young people.

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Why Do We Need Zirconium Porcelain Crowns?

Good dental health practice is important for a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. It also helps your appearance and quality of life. Healthy mouth, absence of infections, wounds and other problems with teeth and gums; important in maintaining your general health. Although different medical practitioners focus on dental health, they are still part of your regular healthcare team. Disease and other conditions; Your dental health and problems can also affect other parts of your body. Failure to take proper care of your oral health can lead to other health problems. You can help prevent or minimize many oral health problems by taking regular preventive steps (brushing twice a day, flossing) and visiting your dentist regularly. Oral health begins shortly after birth and continues for the rest of life. Constant and consistent oral health habits come from habits and patterns created as a child under the guidance of a parent. Good oral health practices and regular dental visits will help you enjoy a bright smile and a painless mouth.

Your general health and dental health are related. Poor oral health habits increase your risk of illness or conditions, and some illnesses or conditions can affect your mouth. The inside of your mouth (your oral health) can and affect other parts of your body. Therefore, good dental health habits are important for your overall health. There are many types of bacteria in your mouth. While some are harmless, others can cause problems with your mouth or other parts of your body. Bad dental health habits lead to harmful bacteria attacking your gums and teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay. Good dental health habits prevent the most harmful bacteria from causing problems in your mouth and other parts of your body. In various cases, harmful bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the mouth or spread to other parts of your body. When this happens, there is a possibility of serious health problems. Similarly, health problems and conditions can cause problems with your mouth.

Healing Process

Especially if an application is made to the front teeth during the treatment period, the temporary crown is applied. These are made similar in shape to zirconium crowns to be made. Until permanent zirconium crowns are made, the patient will not have any problems. Temporary coatings are made of acrylic material and are not resistant to force. For this reason, care should be taken when chewing something until the actual crowns are made.

As a result of the examinations, the procedures of the patients who have no problem in the gums are completed within approximately 1 week. The duration of treatment may also vary depending on the number of teeth to be made. The crown can be changed according to the patient’s taste. A few extra rehearsals can be done until the doctor and the patient are satisfied. Quick recovery is seen with smooth teeth. If there is a problem, the patient should consult to dentist again.

After the zirconium crown treatment, it is necessary not to chew anything for at least half an hour. Besides, the doctor will give information about what the patient has to do. After the treatment, a schedule is prepared for doctor’s check-ups. In line with this control plan, the patient should be examined on the determined days and his condition should be evaluated. The first time will be dated close to each other control times. Monthly and annual controls are made over time.

Pain after Surgery

People who have both aesthetic and health problems prefer crown teeth. It is a method recommended by doctors and can be used for a long time and because of its health, the preferred coating teeth can cause pain after a while. Although this situation is known as normal, the severity and duration of the pain also determines whether to go to the doctor.

Pain may occur if the crown puts pressure on the small teeth or gums after the tooth is inserted. This situation may be related to the patient himself or the dentist. If it is planned to put too much pressure on the gum, the coating may cause pain after the tooth is inserted. Only the dentist can correct such a situation. Those who experience such difficulties should be examined by a dentist.

Are There Disadvantages?

Zirconium coating has many advantages as well as some disadvantages. It is an expensive procedure as a primary disadvantage. Zirconium porcelain crowns are more expensive than other coatings. If the zirconium crowns are properly taken care of, they can be used for many years and the disadvantage turns into an advantage. Another case is that zirconium can wear out opposing teeth over time. Since zirconium crowns made are a very hard material, there is a possibility of damaging natural teeth. Another disadvantage is the possibility of a secondary caries formation. Zirconium made of hard material can erode natural teeth, resulting in decay.

Zirconium Crowning​


Firstly, Zirconium porcelain crowns are special caps that dentists use to protect and strengthen weak or damaged teeth. They are like strong superhero armor for your teeth!

How Zirconium Porcelain Crowns Are Made

To make these cool crowns, dentists use special materials called zirconium. It’s super strong, just like the shields superheroes use! The dentist will custom-make the crown to fit your tooth perfectly, making it look and feel natural.

Why People Get Zirconium Porcelain Crowns

People get these crowns to help their teeth if they have a crack, a big cavity, or if their tooth is weak. The crown protects the tooth, just like a cozy blanket keeps you warm at night!

The Crown Process

Getting a zirconium porcelain crown is like visiting a dental wizard! First, the dentist will fix your tooth by taking away any damaged parts. Then, they will make a special mold of your tooth to create the perfect crown. While waiting for the crown, you might wear a temporary one to keep your tooth safe.

When the crown is ready, the dentist will put it on your tooth with a magic glue. Now, your tooth is safe and looks better than ever!

Taking Care of Your Crown

Your crown needs some tender love and care, just like a superhero! Brush your teeth gently and floss every day to keep your crown and natural teeth healthy. Also, try not to chew on really hard things like ice or candies, so your crown stays strong.

In Conclusion, Zirconium porcelain crowns are like superhero caps for your teeth! They are made to protect and strengthen your damaged teeth, giving you a beautiful smile.So,  If your dentist says you need one, don’t worry! It’s easy and helps keep your teeth super strong.