Fue Hair Transplant

Most people are bothered by hair loss. For this, people are wondering about the Fue hair transplant. The absence of new hair strands, especially after increased shedding, causes baldness. In this case, people who experience depression and loss of self-confidence come to our center for hair transplantation. The transfer of healthy hair follicles to the bald area is called hair transplantation. Fue is short for Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method, our doctors select healthy hair follicles from the donor area without spoiling the appearance. They are then transferred to the bald area one by one. Fue hair transplant method is the most preferred hair transplant technique. People often ask us to do this method. Because in this method, suture marks are not seen. However, the operation takes longer than other methods. In the Fue hair transplant method, more attention and experience is required as we transplant the hair follicles one by one. However, the success rate is higher.

Today, this method is done with micromotors. Before the transplantation process, our nurses shave the scalp. Then our doctors open channels in the donor area. It selects healthy hair follicles from the opened channels and separates them from other tissues. Then they transplant the hair follicles from the donor to the shaved bald area. The direction and depth of the channels opened in the skin are important. Because hair should look natural and harmonious. The process usually takes 4or 6 hours.

Fue Hair Transplant Healing Process

Fue hair transplant recovery time usually varies from person to person. However, in an average of 1 year, all the hair follicles are removed. Hair transplantation is a method we usually apply for hair follicles that have lost their activity. The transfer process we make to the hairless area is permanent and effective. The part with healthy hair follicles is called the donor area. In men, the donor area is usually the nape. Because the roots here are resistant to shedding. After Fue hair transplantation, our doctors will give you information about the healing process.

At the end of the first week after sowing, swelling, bleeding and crusting usually begin to heal. However, in this process, you need to protect the hair follicles. Because unhealed and not fully grown hair loses its activity if it is hit. For this, sleep upright so that your head does not touch the pillow for the first week. Your hair will fall out within 2 or 3 weeks after transplantation. But you don’t need to be afraid. This process is normal. We call this shock shedding. It returns to the growth stage in a few weeks. 2-3 months after the operation, the hair enters the resting phase. And the elongation stops. After the sixth month, your hair becomes more prominent. However, it takes 1 year to fully settle. This is briefly the Fue hair transplant recovery timeline.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplantation is a variant of the Fue hair transplant technique. And it is a more advanced procedure. In this method, healthy hair follicles in the donor area are collected by robotic surgery. As in the Fue method, we transfer the healthy roots that we collect to the hairless area one by one. And we insert it into the opened slots. It is a painless procedure as we do it under local anesthesia. In addition, the margin of error in robotic hair transplantation is minimal. It gives more natural results than other methods. The hair transplant robot has a special magnifying glass that provides a growth of 10,000 times. Thus, the process is easier for both our patients and our doctors.

In addition, the robot automatically determines how many roots will be planted in which region. It even plans three dimensionally how many degrees the roots will open. It provides convenience thanks to its computer based planning system. Moreover, there is no scar after the procedure. In robotic hair transplantation, we determine the healthiest roots in the donor area thanks to the robot’s optical readers. In this way, our patients achieve high efficiency after planting. Moreover, the hair roots adapt more.

Fut And Fue Method

Hair loss has become a very common problem nowadays. There are many reasons for this situation. Due to environmental and genetic factors, our hair follicles lose their activity over time. Hair transplantation is the most effective and permanent treatment of this problem. Fut and Fue methods are generally applied in hair transplantation. The fut method is an older method. And the sowing time is shorter than the Fue method. The reason for this is that we take the hair follicles one by one in the Fue hair transplant method. At the same time, more hair follicles are planted in the Fut method.

For this reason, we recommend Fut to people with excessive hair loss. However, if an additional session is required for our patient in the Fut planting method, we have to wait a few months. In addition, suture scars occur in the Fut planting method. For his reason, our patients usually want us to apply the Fue hair transplant method. The Fut method is generally a more ideal method for eyebrow transplantation. However, today, the FUE method is more preferred. Because the Fut method is a more painful and surgical operation.

Hair Loss Causes

It is normal for a healthy person to shed 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. However, excessive hair loss causes baldness. There are many reasons for hair loss. In some people, the condition is genetic, while in others it occurs later. For this, the examination of our doctors is essential. One of the main problems of hair loss is insufficient care. Skin problems due to infection, male pattern exfoliation also cause hair loss. In addition, chemicals in shampoos damage hair follicles. Thus, the hair follicle loses its activity. In addition, nutritional disorders, hypothyroidism and protein metabolism disorders are other serious problems. Apart from these situations, we recommend that people who experience severe hair loss and baldness consult our doctors. Thus, you can find a permanent solution thanks to Fue hair transplant.

FUE Hair Transplant Before and After Reviews as a Guide


FUE hair transplant before and after reviews provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of the procedure. Beyond confirming how successful are hair transplants when it comes to FUE, these reviews can also offer practical tips on how to care for hair post-surgery. Those unfamiliar with hair transplantation can discover how easy it is to style their new locks and learn from others who have undergone a successful FUE hair transplant. It is also important to look for reviews that discuss any potential side effects that were experienced after surgery.

These insights will help individuals make an informed decision about whether or not this hair loss treatment is right for them. By reading through FUE hair transplant before and after reviews, those considering this type of hair transplant can feel confident in their decision before proceeding with the procedure. Knowing what to expect before and after a FUE hair transplant will ensure that you receive satisfactory results and get the best possible outcome from your surgery. In addition to these reviews, it is important to consult with a qualified surgeon in order to determine if an FUE hair transplantation is right for your particular case.