Zirconium Dental Crowns The development levels of societies are evaluated not only with their economies or per capita income rates, but also by considering the criteria of education and health. In our country, not paying enough attention to oral and dental health is observed as an important social problem. Along with the health problems that are given priority, many diseases come with it when the oral and dental health, which is a part of the body health, is not protected.

The full physical health and psychological health of individuals is possible with the health of all organs. However, oral and dental health is an issue that is not taken seriously by individuals considering that it is not life-threatening. When mouth and teeth are unhealthy, many parts of the body are negatively affected. A simple bruise leads to infection in other parts of the body and thus to various diseases. Tooth decay can settle in the blood with dental infection and in various parts of the body through the blood. Due to the tooth, various disorders occur in the heart, digestive system, and circulatory system.

In order to create oral and dental health awareness in societies, we, as parents, need to make our children gain the habit of brushing teeth from an early age. It should not be forgotten that our children are our future. Our children, who have gained a culture of using the brush and dental floss at an early age, can continue these behaviors by making them a habit. Unconscious parents make a big mistake by doing dental care alone in the bathroom and going out.

It is not very convincing to expect a child who cannot see that his parents brushing his teeth to acquire this habit just by hearing “brush your teeth”, “do not forget to brush your teeth” sentences… Hearing these words and seeing that their parents do not brush their teeth, we can’t expect children to adopt and implement this habit. Whatever the mother and father do, the child does what he sees from them. Especially parents with small children should not forget this fact.

In addition to body health, oral and dental health also have aesthetic effects. Many people in the society cannot smile comfortably. She shies while smiling. However, a beautiful smile leaves a positive effect on people. At the first meeting, in business and social life, in communication between people, smiling is always the first image and remains in the memory. That is the main reason why people prefer zirconium dental crowns treatment.

What is Zirconium Exactly?

Zirconium oxide is a highly resistant porcelain. It is used in patients with high aesthetic expectations because it provides a more natural appearance than traditional metal-supported porcelain systems. It is preferred in dental supported crown bridge prostheses and over implant crown bridge prostheses. Zirconium dental crowns have advantages for the patient. Metal alloys used in other metal-supported porcelains negatively affect light transmission. Zirconium is similar to tooth color and gives a more natural appearance. It is a durable and corrosion-resistant material.

Zirconium Crowns Turkey

The zirconium crown   process takes 3-5 sessions for the construction of prostheses and is completed within 7-10 days. However, sessions can be extended depending on the patient’s wishes. Zirconium crowns are more similar to natural teeth than traditional metal-supported crowns. With these materials, many different color options emerge, and preparing crowns suitable for the natural teeth of the patients gets easier.

In addition, zirconium can be used in crowns over implants. Even more, aesthetic results can be achieved by using the abutment parts on the implant from zirconium material. Satisfactory treatments can be done especially in the front teeth. Zirconium is a tissue-friendly material. Corrosion seen in some metal alloys and black-gray reflections in dental tissues are eliminated in zirconium.

In all types of crowns, namely the teeth to be coated, it is necessary to wear the teeth a little and to make room for the prosthetic tooth to be made. Therefore, a small amount of abrasion is made on teeth for zirconium prostheses, but this amount is not more than the abrasion for metal-supported coatings.

Zirconium has a high fracture resistance and durability. However, it is not correct to give a definite service life for the prostheses made. Because the muscle activation, abnormal habits and eating habits of the user as well as the material used affect the life of the prosthesis.

Use of Antibiotics

If the patient does not have a general health problem or a systemic disease, antibiotics are not required before treatment. However, if the patient uses immune system deficiency drugs due to reasons such as the presence of a heart valve problem or organ transplantation, he/she may use antibiotics for protection before treatment. This decision is made by the dentist.

After the Treatment

You should see a doctor every 6 months after zirconium crown treatment.

Zirconium does not show serious coloration as long as oral care is taken care of. However, in patients with excessive smoking, tea, and coffee consumption who do not pay attention to oral hygiene, stains that can also be seen on natural teeth may occur.

The cleaning procedure applied to natural teeth also applies to zirconium. The correct brushing technique and the use of dental floss 2-3 times a day will be sufficient for the maintenance and long-term use of zirconium prostheses.

Zirconium Porcelain Crowns

Is treatment painful?

You may feel pain after zirconium crown treatment. There are many reasons why the crowned tooth causes pain. There may be situations such as the underlying person’s teeth being decayed, people experiencing gum recessions, not being able to adhere to the crown teeth completely, the teeth are not suitable for the person, and the teeth or gums are pressed.

Even if the crowned teeth do not show decay feature, decay can be seen in the teeth underneath. In this case, there will be a pain in the crowned teeth again. Crowned teeth can cause pain due to gum and tooth-related problems. In this case, a dentist’s intervention will be an appropriate treatment method.