How long are you off work after bariatric surgery? After undergoing a weight loss procedure, many of you might wonder how long are you off work after bariatric surgery?

In summary, a bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure performed on obese patients. The procedure is performed by a team of professionals surgeons. The first step is to make small incisions onto the stomach, to improve the digestive tracts function. This procedure becomes an option when exercise and dieting is no longer an effective solution to losing weight.

Bariatric surgery can greatly improve the patients health. And in return individuals who lose a lot of weight after the procedure, might be motivated to maintain their new weight, by actively living a healthier lifestyle than before.

There are several advantages to the bariatric procedure but there can be some downsides to it as well. The hours it takes to complete the procedure along with the recovery time can possibly take up your entire schedule.

Every individual is different and the time it takes to go back to normal changes between each patient.

How Long Are You Off Work After Bariatric Surgery?

As with several other surgeries, patients are concerned for how long they have to wait before resuming back to their daily lives. There are many factors that contribute to the time length of remaining absent from work. An important factor to consider when discussing how long the recovery will take, would be the type of method the doctors will use during bariatric surgery.

For example an open bariatric surgery requires large incisions to be made on the stomach. Large incisions made on the digestive tract take a longer time to heal. And as a result patients have to take even more time off work fort he recovery.

Fortunately, there is a another method that reduces, not only the operation time but the recovery process as well.

Laparoscopic is a new and improved method for bariatric surgery. Surgeons create very little incisions on the stomach lining And as a result it takes a shorter time to recover from it.

Doctors recommend the Laparoscopic procedure the most to patients. This is because there is very little risk involved with undergoing laparoscopic compared to an open surgery.

If patients would like the procedure to complete sooner, than the laparoscopic method could be the ideal option.

After the procedure is complete, the patient will have to lay down for the rest of the day. At this stage, the anesthesia has not fully worn off, and this could leave you feeling groggy and delirious. Attempting to get up on your feet or moving too much right after surgery can cause certain complications. The doctors will monitor you closely to make sure you do not accidentally hurt yourself.

When can you go back to work after bariatric surgery?

Obese patients who are travelling from afar for the procedure might have to refrain from work much longer compared to those you live close to the clinic. This is because a hospital stay is mandatory for patients. After surgery patients must lay still on a hospital bed for 24 hours. After a single day has passed patients can get up and walk around the hospital if they wish. A hospital stay usually lasts 3 days. The days spent at the clinic can add up the time of recovery.

Patients can ask for more time off work if they want to properly recover. You can call in sick to further expand your recovery time.

A month later the incisions made on your stomach will have fully healed, that is when patients can once again join their workplace.

Patients should keep in mind that the benefits bariatric surgery has to offer will make the waiting period all the more worth it. You will be able to attend the workplace feeling happier than before, and do your job more productively now that you are at a healthier weight.

Is exercise possible after the procedure?

Since patients will take time off work for awhile ,exercising is a reliable pass time you can engage in while you wait for recovery. However, patients should avoid exercises such as climbing jogging and swimming or anything that tires out the body all together. Instead patients should engage in activities that require very minimal movements. A few passive activities would include reading and

Engaging in physical activity is usually safe the first few days after the surgery, However patients should start with lighter forms of exercise like walking. In fact it is recommended to take a walk everyday to improve blood circulation in the body. It is important to be cautious and take slow steps without speed walking. If you are not sure what workouts are safe your doctor can instruct on what exercise you can or cannot perform during recovery.

The recovery process

It is important to recognize that undergoing a major body altering surgery takes some time to heal from. According to the doctors specializing in bariatric surgery, patients on average have about 2 weeks of time to recover.

There is no way to speed up recovery time from any surgical procedure. It is best to follow your doctors advice and take the necessary steps needed to properly go through an easy recovery.

The doctor will explain to you what steps courses of action you should take when trying to recover more efficiently. Some of these crucial steps include drinking plenty of water. Patients are asked to refrain from drinking anything 12 hours before the surgery begins. The lack of water before and during the surgery can leave the patient feeling parched. That is why during recovery it is essential to consume at least 2,5 litre of water every single day.

Next step, is to get plenty of rest. The body heals itself quicker when asleep. Patients should not attempt to skip bedtime since a good nights sleep is crucial for recovery.

Lastly, you should avoid lifting heavy objects until 2-4 weeks post-op.

When you take the necessary measures that is essential for healing, the recovery process will go over much quickly and safely.

Are You Thinking About “How Long is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


For “how long is gastric sleeve surgery?”, you must understand a few things. Gastric sleeve surgery, or sleeve gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric surgery that reduces the size of the stomach and helps people lose weight. It works by making the stomach smaller so that less food can be eaten and absorbed, resulting in fewer calories consumed and weight loss. The gastric sleeve weight loss surgery is usually done laparoscopically and is considered a minimally invasive procedure. The length of time it takes to complete gastric sleeve surgery can vary depending on the individual, but generally, the entire process takes between two to three hours.


The actual surgery itself typically takes less than three hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon then makes several small incisions in the abdomen and removes part of the stomach using surgical tools to create a smaller stomach pouch. If you’re wondering, “how long is gastric sleeve surgery recovery?”, you will be happy to know that it only takes a few days. After the surgery for weight loss is complete, the patient will be moved to a recovery room for several hours for monitoring. After being discharged from the hospital, patients are typically able to return home within a couple of days.