Zirconium Crowns Turkey Today, when a restoration needs to be made to the crown part of a tooth, it is necessary to use biocompatible materials in the mouth, which are suitable for the human body. From the past to the present, metal supports have been used along with plastics and then porcelain has been used on metal supports. In the last thirty years, the use of porcelain dental crowns on metal props have spread around the world. The metal under porcelain causes allergic reactions in some people. One of the disadvantages of using metal-based porcelain dental crowns is that it causes non-aesthetic gingival problems in the anterior tooth area.

Therefore, for the last thirty years, dentists have started to work on porcelains reinforced with ceramic, but no matter how much the porcelain is strengthened, the use of ceramics has not been successful in the application of dental bridges without the substructure material. We will give you information about the zirconium crown which is commonly used in dentistry.

What Is Zirconium Crown?

Researchers have rolled up their sleeves to find a replacement for the metal substructure. And they found the zirconium material. In a short time, the features of the zirconium substructure have been developed. And the zirconium substructure has enabled the application of porcelain crowns, which has a more aesthetic appearance than metal-supported structures.

Zirconium is a component that is obtained from zircon mineral, has a hardness similar to copper, and is lighter than steel.

Zirconium is used in cosmetic dentistry and dental treatment. It is also used in therapeutic orthodontics dentistry. It is resistant to discoloration and stains. It is anti-allergic, fits perfectly on the gingival. Zirconium is a component that is very easy to be used in the treatment of broken and amorphous teeth.

Zirconium has started to be used in dental crowns that surround the upper part of the tooth and cover the damaged tooth. In applications, porcelain crowns can be attached to the teeth by using metal supports, while zirconium crowns can be attached to the teeth without metal props. And with zirconium, we can get durable and aesthetic looking dental crowns without

Zirconium does not cause any gingival diseases; it isolates the heat and eliminates the sensitivity caused by hot and cold things. Zirconium bridges are lighter than metal-supported bridges. With their ceramic structure, zirconium crowns do not cause metal taste like others.

Zirconium crowns are dental crowns made of zirconium material to repair damaged teeth and applied to the crown part of the teeth. Zirconium bridge is a prosthesis that supports the natural teeth and transmits the chewing pressures to the jawbone with the help of these abuttal teeth. It is placed into the tooth by cutting the abutment teeth which are on both sides of the missing tooth. While porcelain bridges need metal props to support them, zirconium bridges are preferred for aesthetic smile design as they allow bridges to be made without metal props.

Crown bridges made with zirconium are preferred because they kind of match with the natural tooth color and they are metal-free bridges. It is even used for teeth in the back of the mouth. It has a natural appearance not as a tooth color but structurally. It is difficult to distinguish between natural teeth and zirconium dental bridges. It makes it easier to have a natural appearance in single tooth deficiency. Zirconium bridges provide a more photogenic smile. When taking photos, opaqueness does not occur in teeth when the flash fires thanks to the zirconium crown bridges. Zirconium is a non-allergenic material.

Zirconium Oxide Dental Crowns

Application of Zirconium Crown

Temporary crowns are prepared after the necessary treatment and restoration procedures are completed for the tooth in the mouth. Before creating zirconium crowns, exact measurements are taken with oral silicone material for the zirconium crown to fully cover the tooth. And this measurement should be made without an error. The measurement taken by the dentist is transferred to the electronic environment by technicians in the laboratory.

With the system which is called CAD-CAM, the production of zirconium porcelain crowns starts with the computer-aided methods. This system is based on the principle of shaping zirconium blocks which are previously produced with the help of a computer-aided drill. The zirconium substructure design to be used is prepared. The space between the tooth and the new zirconium crown, the material thickness, and the spots where the crowns link with the gum are carefully calculated, and then technicians enter the data to the required places in the program.

Applications that are known as monolithic zirconium are well known today and the tooth shape is determined via using computer design. Unlike standard zirconium, monolithic zirconium is applied to teeth in blocks rather than applying one by one. It is more durable than classical zirconium coating. In monolithic zirconium, the zirconium coming out of the stripper machine is only polished and glued to the tooth. The reason why dentists do not prefer the monolithic zirconium technique for tooth coatings and bridges is that when a standard zirconium crown is applied better results are obtained. And it is more aesthetic.

Zirconium Crowning​

Zirconium material is used as a cylindrical zirconium block. Computer-aided machine tools are used to carve these blocks. Zirconium must have high physical qualities to increase the strength of the tooth coating. With a hardening process called zirconium base sintering, it reaches the desired durability. The material is soft and easy to process before sintering. Therefore, zirconium blocks are abraded before the dental crown curing process. Then, it is subjected to special heat treatment to achieve durability. The other name for this is sintering. After that, dentists work on the form and the color to give the substructure dental aesthetic features.

To summarize, zirconium is a widely used material in dentistry. It is highly preferred by dentists. It creates an aesthetic image and that is one of the features that make it very popular. It does not break the harmony of the teeth color and gives teeth a natural appearance. And at the same time, it helps the treatment to be successful.


FZirconium dental crowns are like little hats that go over your teeth. They are made from a special material called zirconium, which is super strong and tough.

Why Do People Choose Zirconium Dental Crowns?

People choose zirconium dental crowns for a few reasons:

  1. Strong Teeth: Zirconium is a powerful material that makes your teeth really strong. It protects them from getting hurt while eating and chewing.
  2. Pretty Smile: Zirconium dental crowns are made to match the color and shape of your natural teeth. That means they blend in and look just like the rest of your smile. It’s like having a secret disguise for your teeth!
  3. Safe and Friendly: Zirconium is a safe material that our bodies like. It doesn’t make us sick or cause any problems. So, it’s a great choice for making our teeth healthier and happier.

Getting Zirconium Dental Crowns

If you need zirconium dental crowns, you’ll need to visit a special dentist who knows all about them. The dentist will look at your teeth and decide how to make them better.Moreover,  They might need to remove a little bit of the outer part of your tooth to prepare it. Then, they’ll make custom crowns that fit perfectly on your teeth.

Taking Care of Zirconium Dental Crowns

Once you have your zirconium dental crowns, you need to take good care of them. Just like your own teeth, you have to brush them gently with a toothbrush and toothpaste.After that, Don’t forget to floss between them too! And remember, visiting the dentist regularly will help keep your crowns looking great.

In Conclusion, Zirconium dental crowns are special caps that make your teeth stronger and more beautiful.  By choosing zirconium dental crowns, you can have a superhero smile that looks natural and stays healthy.So, If you ever need them, visit a special dentist who will make your teeth shine like never before!