Turkey hairline surgery, like all other medical procedures, are crucial. The procedure carries out with the health and looks of the individual undergoing hair transplantation in mind. You may claim that naturalness is an important criterion from this perspective. Three elements are directly relevant to ensuring naturalness in hair transplantation. The thickness and density of the transplanted hair, the direction and angle of the transplant, and the front hairline planning are the three criteria.

Turkey Hairline Surgery

The front hairline (front forehead line) is the place at the front of the head where the forehead and hair meet. The position of the front hairline and, as a result, the breadth of the forehead, varies depending on the facial characteristics. Despite the fact that each person’s front hairline is unique, the front hairline has some traits. The front hairline, which varies with age, gender, and facial shape, can make a person appear younger or older. Even in those who do not have hair loss, the front hairline may be lower than it should be. This opening in the forehead may cause discomfort in some people.

To achieve these three goals, the hair transplant surgeon works meticulously during the lengthy procedure, placing grafts one by one in the correct locations and at the correct angles. Before the hair transplant procedure, the doctor determines the amount of hair in the donor region. Additionally, the number and quality of grafts, the distribution of the hair to places where hair is shed, and the anterior hairline area. The “golden ratio” comes into play at this stage, where what is and what should be divided.

When it comes to determining one’s age, studies reveal that people look at their hair and forehead opening right after the number of wrinkles on their skin. When the front hairline is behind the ears, the individual may appear older. The fact that the front hairline is ahead can also result in the loss of facial aesthetic features, which detracts from the naturalness of the look. When selecting the front hairline, the age factor is taken into account, ensuring that these issues are avoided. The “golden ratio,” the second criterion, is the most significant criterion in today’s aesthetic processes.

How To Do The Measurements For Turkey Hairline Surgery?

The “must-have” is planned here. The most visually suitable front hairline is chosen as a result of a comprehensive examination of the person’s face form. But without neglecting the original forehead line. The front hairline, which has such an impact on our look, is decided during the hair transplant procedure. Only a doctor should do the measurement and determination. The needed forehead opening area is calculated by measuring the front hairline, which begins between the two brows. From the point where the hairy region begins to the skin border, a 7 cm middle area is measured. So, this is where the front hairline begins.

Hair clearance assess during the measurement based on the donor site’s efficiency. Requests from the person who will have hair transplantation. It is including whether or not the person’s hair loss is continuing, and the person’s age. It’s important to consider the person’s head and facial structure. Pulling the brow line a bit higher will improve the naturalness in persons with severe hair loss and those who are older. The measurement is slightly altered and a new V-shaped front hairline is produced. Also, it is taking into account the face and head structure, for those with existing hair less than 7 cm. The natural contour of the front hairline resembles the letter V in shape. Each person’s hair is styled and arranged differently inside this hairline.

Performing The Turkish Hairline Surgery

This location is significantly more essential than other planting sites since it is at eye level and in the front. In a hair transplantation procedure, the angle and direction of the grafts placed in the anterior hair area are critical. Hair strands cannot arrange in a single row in this location. The hair strands organize in a mixed and natural method to avoid this circumstance, which would damage the aesthetics. The presence of certain asymmetric in the front hairline sequence gives it a more appealing aspect.

Hair transplant operations make use of customized equipment. The hairline generates in a computer environment during the examination. The user instructed on how to do a hair transplant. Because everyone’s head shape and structure differ, the hairline that should construct establish on an individual basis. Because the hairline is the most visible region of the head. It must be well-suited to the person’s face in order to produce a natural appearance in hair transplantation.
Every aspect, positive or negative, that will occur following the operation should clearly explain to the patient.

Using the micro-motor FUE method to extract grafts containing the single hair follicle necessary for the front line of the forehead is highly helpful. With grafts with tips of roughly 0.7–0.8 mm, it is considerably easier to create more natural-looking hair transplant outcomes. The channels where the hair follicles will transplant must have the same diameter as the grafts to transplant. In order for the hair follicles to feed in a healthy fashion. The angles of the channels where the hair follicles will put. Hence, it should be the same as the hair before the hair loss problem or the existing hair.

Female Hairline Surgery

The front hairline of women is more oval, round, and sometimes straight. In contrast to men, there is no indentation in the temple. Iatrogenic effects, hereditary features, and androgenetic female pattern hair loss are all reasons why the front hairline is too far behind in women. It is important to ensure that the current anterior hairline is not regressing before undergoing hair transplantation. If hair loss continues, hair transplantation will not produce the desired results.

Women with broad foreheads and hairline that extends far past the hairline. So that it can treat using one of two surgical procedures. Pulling the front hairline down is the most recommended method throughout the hair transplantation procedure.

Turkey Hairline Surgery: Will it Make Me Look Better?


Turkey hairline surgery is a cost-effective and minimally invasive procedure that can correct receding hairlines. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can help restore your natural hairline. It is often used to create a more youthful, refreshed look. After the surgery, most patients experience minimal downtime and see results within weeks.

Turkey hairline surgery is highly customizable for each patient’s individual goals and needs, making it an ideal option for improving their appearance. The results of this procedure are often quite dramatic, with patients experiencing better hairline contouring and improved scalp aesthetics. The short recovery time allows the patient to return to their everyday life in no time while having the confidence to know they look their best.

With continued maintenance, the results achieved with Turkey hairline surgery are usually long-lasting and require minimal ongoing care. If you’re interested in this procedure, it’s best to consult a qualified and experienced surgeon who can guide you through the entire process from start to finish. With proper care and preparation, you should be able to achieve your desired outcome without any complications or adverse side effects. If you have any concerns about the procedure or would like to learn about other procedures such as hair implant surgery, do not hesitate to contact our clinic to book your free consultation.