The most important troubles of women that may have arisen either from menopause or birth or stress may be the problems such as frigidness, loss of sensitivity, dryness, pain during the intercourse, urinary incontinence and so on. Well then, the O-shot application that is defined as a kind of orgasm vaccine that will eliminate all these problems is a reliable and effective non-surgical method.

Medically approved Platelet – Rich Plasma therapy is used in practice. A PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy)is applied on the inner genital and clitoral area of women at the O-Shot method and by doing so, the stimulation of the area is achieved. The most important advantage of the PRP application is that it is natural and does not have any side effect(s).

In brief, the problem of not reaching orgasm is brought to an end; and the problem of urinary incontinence is settled down satisfactorily and the trouble of vaginal dryness is eliminated.

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