Otoplasty, also known as ear shaping, is a cosmetic surgery that corrects the shape and size of the outer ear. It focuses on solving the auricle problems that protrude on both sides of the head. In some cases, the auricle appears larger than normal. This caused by birth defect or misalignment caused by traumatic injuries.

Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure and has no effect on the function of the ears. Surgery can be performed for anyone over 5 years of age. Because the ears are fully developed at this time. During surgical consultation, the surgeon examines the condition shape and size of the ears. Thus, the doctor can design the best technique to achieve the purpose of the surgery.

The operation last for at least 2 hours. When the effects of anesthesia are exceeded, the patient is allowed to go home. However, the doctor may adivse you not to participate in compelling physical activities fort he next 2 months.

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