Breast Augmentation

The breast has been a symbol of fertility and beauty since existence. Breast is the most important visual and sexual organ of women. For this reason, breast aesthetic surgeries are one of the most demanding operations in the world and in our country especially in recent years.

Breast augmentation; is the operation of increasing the size of the breast by using silicone and prosthesis. Breast augmentation operation, which is carried out considering the size desired by our patients, is also planned according to the person’s weight, height and rib cage structure. Thanks to the renewed technology, a completely natural appearance can be achieved with the prosthesis and techniques we use.

In breast augmentation operations, we acquire the golden ratio in the chest with the methods and we minimize the scars that may occur after the operation.

Types of Silicones

Two different prostheses are used in terms of model and shape. One of them is round breast implant, which is in the shape of a semi-sphere moon, and the other one is teardrop implant which is in the shape of water droplets. The operation is made by deciding together in accordance with the request of our patients, body proporsion and the decisions of our specialist doctors.


Breast implants are placed under muscle or over the muscle according to our patient’s breast tissue and current condition. Although the operations aren’t different from each other, method which is applied depends entirely on the condition of our patient.

Operation Duration

Breast augmentation operation takes 45 minutes – 1 hour approximately and patient can be discharged on the same day depending on the condition after the operation.


A special bra is worn for 2-4 weeks depending on the condition of the patient after breast augmentation surgery. 3. Day* after the operation, patients can get back to their social life. It is only important to note that you can’t do heavy exercise (such as body, weight) for 10 days.
*3 days may vary depending on the person.

Breast feeding after the operation

During the operation, the milk ducts are not damaged when silicone is placed in the breast. No tissue is removed from this area.

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