Together with aging, some changes occur in our body as well. This circumstance becomes more evident on our face as a result of the factors such as gravitation, exposure to sun lights, use of mimics and so on. Furthermore, the use of harmful substances such as alcohol, smoking and so on increases this negative effect more.

Face lifting/rejuvenation operations are carried out on our patients in the most favourable manner for them in order to eliminate the changes occurring subject to aging as is indicated hereinabove.

In the face lifting operation, the excessive skin is removed, tightened and if necessary, the fatty (adipose) tissues are placed under the skin and thus, a fullness s created in order to create stretchiness  on the face lifting process, and it is sutured by special aesthetic sutures.

The operation is made under the general anaesthesia and there will be 1 night stay at the hospital after the operation. The traces of incision begin within the scalp at the temple area and turn backward under the earlobe and completed at the scalp.

By this means, the appearance of the traces of the suture becomes unseen.  Notwithstanding that the post-operation recovery shows changes from person to person, but it is possible for the patients to return to their social lives generally within a period of 2-3 weeks.

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