Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is known for providing high-quality and reasonably priced hair restoration services, which has led to an increase in the popularity of hair transplant Turkey procedures there in recent years. Turkey has developed into a major destination for medical tourists seeking hair transplant Turkey procedures from all around the world. The following details pertain to hair transplants performed in Turkey:

Cost: Compared to many Western nations, hair transplant Turkey are frequently less expensive. Turkey boasts a large number of highly qualified and experienced surgeons, thus cheaper does not always translate to lower quality.

Medical Tourism: Turkey is home to a large number of hair transplant Turkey clinics and hospitals, especially in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Antalya. Many of these clinics provide multilingual services and accept patients from other countries.

Surgeons with Experience: Turkey is home to many highly qualified hair transplant Turkey surgeons with thousands of procedures under their belts. It’s critical to do your homework and pick a reliable clinic with qualified medical staff.

Treatments: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the two main hair restoration treatments that hair transplant Turkey clinics usually provide. FUE has gained significant traction because of its shorter recovery periods and minimally invasive nature.

Technology and Facilities: To ensure high success rates and patient satisfaction, numerous hair transplant Istanbul employ cutting-edge technology and contemporary facilities.

Consultation: To go over your expectations, look over your hair loss pattern, and decide on the best course of action, you will usually have a consultation with the surgeon prior to the procedure.

Duration: Depending on the quantity of grafts required, hair transplant Istanbul procedures may take several hours to finish.

Rehabilitation: Following the operation, the treated region may swell, hurt, and scab over. Most patients are able to return to their regular activities in a matter of days to a week.

Outcomes: Since the transplanted hair grows in gradually, it may take several months to see the full effects of a hair transplant Turkey. Over time, you’ll probably notice a noticeable improvement in the way your hairline and density seem.

Follow-up Care: Reputable clinics keep track of your progress and take care of any issues by scheduling follow-up appointments and providing post-operative care instructions.

Selecting a reliable clinic or surgeon with a track record of successful surgeries is essential when thinking about getting a hair transplant Turkey or anywhere else. You may make an informed choice regarding your hair restoration journey by reading reviews, looking at before-and-after pictures, and getting advice. To better understand your alternatives and costs, it’s also a good idea to speak with many clinics and doctors.

In this article, we will talk about the hair transplant Turkey cost a lot of numbers in other countries of the world. The price in Turkey is lower compared to other countries. Turkey is one of the countries that tourists prefer, especially when it comes to hair transplantation. Now we can start giving information about techniques and average fees.

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost 2024

Types Of Hair Transplant    Price Range in Turkey   Price Range in the UK   Price Range in Europe    Price Range in America 
Fue Hair Transplant € 1900 – € 3500 £ 8690 – £ 11090 € 5450 – € 5850 $ 13400 – $ 16900
DHI Hair Transplant € 4490 – € 7000 £ 12600  – £ 14090 € 6550 – € 41190 $ 14800 – $ 15300
Manuel Fue Transplant € 4990 – € 7990 £ 43750 – £ 50090 13800 € – 42390 € $ 13900 – $ 13500
Sapphire Fue Transplant € 2390 – € 8990 £ 23750 – £ 14090 5770 € – 7300 € $ 15900 – $ 15590

Is it safe to go to Turkey for a hair transplant?

Hair transplant Turkey is among the medical tourism treatments offered in Turkey. Turkey has a large number of facilities that are renowned for providing hair transplant Turkey services at affordable costs. But there are a lot of variables that might affect how safe a trip is, even for medical treatments, and things might have changed since I last wrote.

Take into account the following while deciding if traveling for a hair transplant Turkey is safe:

  1. Clinic Reputation: Find out about the qualifications and track record of the clinic you are thinking about. Verify the credentials of the medical staff, look for evaluations from prior patients, and see if the facility is accredited.
  2. Travel Advisories: For information on the most recent warnings and updates from your government about visiting Turkey, go here. Information about health and safety issues in the area can be found in these advisories.
  3. COVID-19 Precautions: Take into account any applicable travel limitations or requirements, as well as the current COVID-19 situation. Verify the most recent details regarding vaccination needs, quarantine regulations, and entrance procedures.
  4. Consultation with a Professional: It is recommended that you speak with a hair transplant Turkey specialist or a medical professional before making any decisions. Based on the particulars of the treatment and your health, they can offer tailored recommendations.
  5. Communication with the Clinic: Make direct contact with the clinic to inquire about any safety procedures, hygienic requirements, or other issues you may be worried about. Make sure they can answer your questions and are open and honest throughout the entire procedure.
  6. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Make sure the clinic complies with all applicable laws and ethical guidelines. Verify whether they offer comprehensive documentation, such as a thorough treatment plan, a breakdown of costs, and information on any possible hazards.
  7. Follow-up Care: Think about the administration of follow-up care. Make sure the clinic has a post-operative care plan in place and that you can get in touch with them quickly if there are any issues or complications.

Keep in mind that every person’s circumstances are unique, so it’s important to make an informed choice based on your own circumstances. Furthermore, keep abreast of the most recent developments because situations might alter at any time. When in doubt, get the most precise and recent advice by speaking with authorities and medical professionals.

How much does 3500 graft hair cost?

A 3500 graft hair transplant Istanbul can cost different amounts depending on a number of variables, such as the clinic’s location, reputation among doctors and patients, transplant technique, and inclusions or exclusions of other services like lodging, transportation, or post-operative care.

Hair transplant Istanbul can cost anywhere from $1 to $4 USD per graft in Turkey, where prices are frequently lower than in many Western nations. Consequently, the approximate cost of a 3500 graft hair transplant Turkey might be between $3500 and $14,000 USD.

It’s important to remember that real costs may differ from these broad estimates. When thinking about getting a hair transplant Istanbul, it’s important to do your homework and pick a reliable facility with qualified staff. Make sure the price quote covers all required services as well, and find out if there are any other costs involved.

To get the most current and accurate information on hair transplant Istanbul cost, get in touch with individual clinics, ask for comprehensive quotes, and find out what services are included in the package.

Is Turkey worth it for hair transplant?

Turkey has grown in popularity as a hair transplant destination since it is comparatively less expensive than many Western nations and has a large number of professional and knowledgeable hair transplant Turkey facilities. The nation’s medical tourism sector is expanding, and Istanbul in particular has made a name for itself as a center for hair transplant Istanbul operations.

When determining whether getting a hair transplant Turkey is worthwhile, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Cost: Compared to many Western countries, hair transplant turkey procedures are typically less expensive in Turkey. For those considering a hair transplant Turkey, this cost benefit may make it a desirable choice.
  2. Turkey offers a mixed bag of excellent clinics and highly qualified surgeons, but it also has some less respectable ones. Doing extensive research, reading reviews, and selecting a reputable clinic with skilled doctors are essential to guaranteeing a safe and successful treatment.
  3. Infrastructure for Medical Tourism: In order to accommodate patients from outside, Turkey has built a strong infrastructure for medical tourism. This entails special resources, interpreters, and additional conveniences to make the procedure easier for guests from overseas.
  4. Travel Considerations: It will need time and preparation to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant Istanbul. It’s important to budget for travel expenses, lodging, and any recuperation time needed before going back home.
  5. Communication: Make sure you are able to interact with the medical personnel and the clinic in an effective manner. It can be difficult to communicate in different languages, therefore it’s crucial to choose a clinic with staff who speak English or to hire a translation.
  6. Consultation and Aftercare: Take into account the procedures for handling consultation and aftercare. Prior to your visit, certain clinics provide remote consultations; follow-up visits or remote consultations may be part of the aftercare process.

Turkey may or may not be worth it for a hair transplant Turkey depending on your preferences and unique situation. Turkey can be an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a reasonably priced solution and are prepared to conduct extensive research before selecting a reliable clinic. When making your choice, you must, however, put safety and quality above financial considerations. Whether in Turkey or elsewhere, you should always speak with a trained and experienced hair transplant Istanbul surgeon about your unique requirements and possibilities.

How much does hair transplant Istanbul cost?

The price of a hair transplant Istanbul, Turkey, can differ significantly based on a variety of variables, such as the clinic, the skill level of the surgeon, the method (FUT or FUE), and the quantity of grafts required. In Istanbul, the price of a hair transplant Istanbul for a basic surgery involving 1,000–3,000 grafts typically ranged from $1,500 to $5,000 or more.

It’s crucial to remember that costs might differ greatly between clinics and can have altered since then. The surgeon’s experience, the clinic’s standing, and the treatments rendered could all have an impact on the cost.

Selecting a trustworthy facility with a history of successful treatments and patient satisfaction is essential before moving forward with a hair transplant Istanbul or any other location. To find out how many grafts you’ll need and to receive a precise cost estimate, you need also schedule a consultation with the clinic. In addition, when calculating your budget, take into account any extra costs for things like travel, lodging, and post-operative care.


It’s crucial to remember that this is only an approximate figure and that costs might have altered since then. The precise cost of a hair transplant Istanbul will vary depending on a number of variables, such as:

Graft Count: The total number of grafts required, contingent on the degree of hair loss and the intended result.

The technique utilized for the hair transplant Istanbul such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). FUE is often more prevalent and could cost a little bit more.

Experience of Surgeon: Reputable and highly experienced surgeons may bill more.

Clinic or Hospital: The final cost may vary depending on the clinic or hospital selected. Fees for upscale facilities with cutting-edge equipment could be more.

Post-Operative Care: The price should cover not just the procedure but also any necessary follow-up appointments and post-operative care.

Extra Costs: Take into account any supplementary expenses, like airfare, lodging, and prescription drugs.

In Istanbul or anyplace else, when thinking about getting a hair transplant Istanbul, it’s important to:

Look into and select a reputable, skilled, and experienced hair transplant Istanbul surgeon.

Consult the surgeon to go over the recommended course of action, your unique needs, and the anticipated results.

Ask how much it will cost; it should include the surgeon’s fees, any follow-up appointments, anesthesia, clinic or hospital expenses, and post-operative care.

Recognize any potential extra expenses that might occur along the procedure.

It’s a good idea to get quotes from several clinics or surgeons, and you should base your choice more on the quality of care and the surgeon’s reputation than just price. Because getting hair transplant Istanbul is a big decision, put your safety and wellbeing first.

Turkey’s Finest Hair Transplants: FUE, Sapphire & DHI

Techniques  Advantages Duration
FUE (Follicular unit extraction)  The lack of obvious scars.

The use of a tiny punch makes this process less intrusive.

Following the intervention, some discomfort is experienced.

2 to 4 hours
FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) It’s a great choice that’s required for a technical transplant.

It costs less than FUE.

Compared to other approaches, the recuperation time is shorter.

4 to 12 hours
DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) The donor or recipient region is not shaved during the follicle application process.

Using this approach, no stitches are needed.

You can achieve more organic results.

8 Hours
FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) Hair bulbs in larger quantities can be taken.

Large alopecic zones are more suited for this method.

It is nearly impossible to harm the micrografts when they are in the subdivision stage.

2 to 5 hours Sapphire
Sapphire FUE On the scalp, there is less scarring.

Following the procedure, there were no complications.

This process can result in grafted hair that is thicker than before.

6 to 8 hou

What is the Average Cost Per Graft in Turkey?

The average cost per graft in Turkey ranges from $0,8 to $1,2. On the other hand, package rates covering up to 4,500 grafts are offered by the majority of Turkish clinics. That suggests that the expense of two or four thousand grafts will be the same. A hair transplant Istanbul including 3000 grafts might cost anywhere from $1,900 to $2,900 in Turkey.

How much does a good hair transplant Turkey price?

A hair transplant with 3000 grafts might cost anything from $1,900 to $2,900 in Turkey. It should be mentioned that the treatment option selected will affect the cost of a hair transplant Istanbul. However, the cost of a hair transplant with 5000 grafts might range from $2,500 to $4,300.

Does The Cost Vary Depending On The Type Of Hair Transplant Turkey?

Average price of hair transplant Turkey FUE technique; fue method is the process of collecting and planting grafts taken from the donor area one by one with the help of a micro-motor device. It is the most widely used method today and in our country. Compared to other methods, the fue method is much more economical.

The cost of hair transplantation by FUE method varies according to the number of grafts planted. The average price of plants with less than 3,500 units is about 5000 $, while for patients who need more intensive hair transplant Istanbul, the price is about 7500 $. The quality of the material used in the FUE technique can increase prices. Currently, the FUE technique is applied in the form of a micromotor, not a manual one.

DHI technique and hair transplant Istanbul price; In the DHI method, the channel is opened with the help of a medical pen and the graft is placed simultaneously. The DHI method has many advantages over other methods, but the DHI method is not a suitable method for every hair type. Because of the medical materials used, DHI technique is higher than other methods. Disposable medical pen used in DHI method reduces operation time and increases operation cost. The cost of hair transplantation with DHI technique can vary between 8500-12500 $.

Unshaven, hair transplantation and hair restoration Prices; Hair transplantation without hair cutting is done without extra charge in some clinics, while some clinics are done with a fee in accordance with the fee policy. It is not a different technique, so it is used in FUE and DHI techniques. Women usually prefer unshaven hair transplant turkey.

Technological Hair Transplantation: Robotic Hair Transplant Turkey

In robotic hair transplantation, the collection of grafts is performed by a computer with the control of a doctor. The Robot is used to collect grafts. The collected graft is placed in channels opened by the doctor and doctor’s assistants. Robotic surgery is based on the fue method, but costs twice as much as fue.

Due to the high price of computer-aided robotic equipment and the fact that the materials currently only come from abroad, the cost of robotic hair transplantation can rise according to exchange rates. The cost of a hair transplant operation using robotic surgery starts at least 25,000 $.

Average price of hair transplant Turkey is based on Istanbul clinics and the quality of the equipment used can vary with the team experience and the quality of service provided. You can go to a clinic where you do good research for the most appropriate hair transplant technique for yourself and find out with your doctor’s help after the examination. The professionalism of the clinic in which you insist on performing the operation is very important.

Regardless of FUE, fue Sapphire, DHI or robotic hair transplantation, the most important thing is not technique, but the professionalism of the team. The technique with the highest cost of the techniques is robotic hair transplantation.

Even if you apply the most expensive technique in a team that does not do its job with good quality, does not comply with hygiene rules, you can get terrible results. A good research, examination is very important to avoid putting yourself at risk, but also do not forget to get a preliminary examination and Price Information at the clinic you are investigating.


How much is 5000 hair grafts?

from $9,000 to $12,000

It might be essential to do a hair transplant with 5000 hair grafts for people looking for a more extensive hair restoration. But be ready to spend a lot of money—at a mediocre facility, this operation might run you between $9,000 and $12,000.

How much hair is 3000 grafts?

6,600–5,400 hairs 
Every person has a distinct amount of hair in a single transplant. On the other hand, one graft often contains one to five hairs for many people. A hair-to-graft ratio of 1.8 to 2.2 is typical. This implies that 5,400–6,600 hairs would be included in a 3,000-graft hair transplant.

How much does a full hair transplant Turkey cost?

Full hair transplant Istanbul price can vary significantly based on a number of variables, including the clinic you select, the expertise of the medical staff, the technique employed, the severity of the hair loss, and the quantity of grafts necessary.

In Turkey, a full hair transplant turkey typically cost between $1,000 and $4,000 USD, while some clinics charge considerably more for luxury services or cutting-edge methods.

It’s crucial to remember that, even while cost is a major aspect, you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on it when choosing a clinic for your hair transplant Istanbul. Furthermore important variables to take into account are the skill and reputation of the medical staff, the caliber of the facilities, and the general patient experience.

Remember that pricing might fluctuate over time, so it is advised to do some research and speak with various clinics directly to get the most recent details on costs and what is included in the package. Be wary of unusually low costs as well because they could be a sign of poor quality or unscrupulous business practices. When making a choice, always put the procedure’s safety and efficacy first.

How much does 6000 hair grafts cost?

Depending on a number of variables, such as the clinic or hospital, the location, the surgical technique utilized, the surgeon’s experience, and any other services provided, the price of 6,000 hair grafts for a hair transplant Istanbul can vary greatly. You’ll need to request quotes from specific clinics or surgeons to receive a precise estimate for 6,000 grafts.

The price per graft for follicular unit extraction (FUE) might be as high as $3. Depending on the previously indicated criteria, you may anticipate paying between $9,000 and $18,000 or even more for 6,000 grafts.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): Compared to FUE, FUT is frequently a little less expensive. The price per graft could be as high as $2.5 or more. You might spend anywhere between $6,000 and $15,000 or more on 6,000 grafts with FUT.

Remember that these are only tentative estimates and that final costs may differ significantly. The ultimate price may vary depending on the reputation of the clinic, the surgeon’s qualifications, and any additional services included in the package. In order to get current rates that are catered to your particular needs and circumstances, I advise getting in touch with a number of clinics or surgeons.

How much does 5000 hair grafts cover?

Several variables, including the degree of your hair loss, the thickness of your hair, the size of the recipient area (bald or thinning area), and your desired hair density, will determine the number of grafts required to give appropriate covering. For people with moderate to advanced hair loss, 5000 hair transplant Istanbul can typically offer substantial coverage.

The approximate area that 5000 hair grafts might cover is as follows:

Frontal Hairline and Forelock: You can regain hair in the forelock region and develop a clearly defined frontal hairline. The most prominent and significant location for achieving a natural appearance is here.

Mid-Scalp and Crown: You may be able to conceal a sizable percentage of the mid-scalp and crown areas, depending on the degree of your hair loss. However, particularly if you have widespread balding, it might not produce extraordinarily high hair density in certain regions.

Improvement in Overall Density: Although 5000 grafts can cover a big area, they might not offer exceptionally dense coverage throughout the entire scalp. Often, the objective is to achieve a balanced and natural appearance while concentrating on the most noticeable regions of hair loss.

The right quantity of grafts for your unique needs and goals must be determined after a thorough consultation with a licensed hair transplant surgeon. To develop a customized treatment plan, the surgeon will evaluate your hair’s qualities, hair loss pattern, and desired results. Remember that every person’s case is different, and the quantity of grafts needed may change.

Also keep in mind that in addition to the quantity of grafts, a natural-looking result also depends on the surgeon’s ability, the technique they employ, and the post-operative care they receive.

How Is Graft Calculation Done for Hair Transplant Turkey?

Graft calculation is performed by a specialist who will perform the operation in the clinic according to the structure of the hair and the size of the area to be planted. This is the most accurate calculation method, even if there are grift calculation sites online. Hair is divided into three groups according to its frequency.

It can be listed as thin hair, medium dense hair and dense hair. At the same time, a calculation can be made according to the density of hair as follows. Let’s sort the hair from the middle of the side eyebrows according to the middle part of the back. So let’s define 4 regions in this order. By this region;

  1. 1 graft in the area (above the eyebrow, side and front) = 1.75 strands of hair
  2. 1 graft in the area (upper and lower middle) = 2.5 strands of hair
  3. Region (middle section) 1 graft = 2.45 strands of hair
  4. Region (back part) 1 graft = 2.25 strands of hair

Now that we’ve determined the regions and the amount of graft, we can do the following calculation. Let’s say a patient who wants a hair transplant is 1. it needs 300 strands of hair in the area. In this case

300 / 1.75 = 171 grafts. Accordingly, 171 grafts will have to be taken from this person. If the area in which the person’s hair will be planted is 3 regions, and the hair density found here is equal to 2.45 hair per 1 graft, this time;

300 / 2.45 = 122 grafts will suffice.

Is Turkey good for hair transplant?

Yes, Turkey has established a reputation as a well-liked location for hair transplant surgeries, and several people visit there for this reason from all over the world. Turkey is regarded as a good option for hair transplants for a number of reasons, including the following:

Surgeons with experience: Many hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have training and experience in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), among other hair restoration treatments.

Modern Clinics: Turkey is home to many cutting-edge medical facilities and cutting-edge technology for hair transplant treatments.

Affordability: Hair transplant treatments in Turkey are frequently less expensive than in many Western nations, making it a desirable alternative for anyone looking for high-quality outcomes without paying exorbitant prices.

Medical Tourism Infrastructure: The nation has a well-established medical tourism business that offers a variety of services to foreign patients, such as travel, lodging, and translation.

Providing natural-looking outcomes that complement the patient’s hairline and appearance is a major focus of many Turkish clinics.

Vast Experience: Turkey has a high rate of hair transplant surgeries, which has helped to improve the field’s competence.

Although Turkey has many renowned hospitals and accomplished doctors, it is crucial to conduct careful research before choosing a treatment option. Make sure the hospital and surgeon you select uphold medical standards, place a priority on patient safety, and deliver positive results. When selecting a hair transplant Turkey or anywhere else, always give the clinic’s reputation for excellence and professionalism more weight than just the price.

 Calculating The Average Fee Per Graft

This calculation that we have made is the average.  According to the patient’s hair needs, hair density should be decided only by hair transplant specialists. This calculation that we have made is not a valid calculation method, it is intended only for you to understand the average price of hair transplant Turkey.

The number of grafts is very important, so if the graft is taken less, the area without hair cannot be closed. Hair transplantation may be needed again, as an artificial appearance will occur. Both less removal of the graft and more removal cause aesthetic problems. Again, the average price of hair transplant Turkey given by companies in the internet environment is as follows.

  • 500 graft price: £ 1,000
  • Price of 1,000 grafts: £ 2,000
  • Price of 2,000 grafts: £ 3,500
  • 4,000 Grft price: £ 7,500
  • 5,000 graft price: £ 9,000
  • 6,000 graft price: £ 10,000
  • 7,000 graft price: £ 12,000

The most accurate cost of hair transplantation will be determined after the examination

The Cost of Hair Transplant Turkey for Women: Get the Specifics

The cost of hair transplant Turkey for women is one of the most attractive aspects of the country, with prices typically much lower than in other countries. The exact cost of a procedure will depend on factors such as the amount of work needed, and the type of transplant being done.

Are you considering a hair transplant to restore your hairline and boost your confidence?  If so, you may have considered Turkey as a destination for the procedure. When compared to the US, where hair transplants can cost a lot, it’s clear why people are choosing Turkey as their destination.

However, it’s important to note that price shouldn’t be the only factor when selecting a clinic. Make sure you research each clinic thoroughly and look at factors such as the qualifications of the staff and reviews from previous patients. Turkey is also a great destination if you’re looking for high-quality results.

Many hair transplant clinics in the country use advanced techniques such as FUE (follicular unit extraction) to provide patients with natural-looking results. When it comes to the cost of a hair transplant Turkey for women you need low costs and high-quality results.

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