Average Price Of Hair Transplant Turkey

In this article, we will talk about the average price of hair transplant Turkey. Hair transplantation costs a lot of numbers in other countries of the world. The price in Turkey is lower compared to other countries. Turkey is one of the countries that tourists prefer, especially when it comes to hair transplantation. Now we can start giving information about techniques and average fees.

Does The Cost Vary Depending On The Type Of Hair Transplant?

Average price of hair transplant Turkey FUE technique; fue method is the process of collecting and planting grafts taken from the donor area one by one with the help of a micro-motor device. It is the most widely used method today and in our country. Compared to other methods, the fue method is much more economical. The cost of hair transplantation by FUE method varies according to the number of grafts planted. The average price of plants with less than 3,500 units is about 5000 TL, while for patients who need more intensive hair transplantation, the price is about 7500 TL. The quality of the material used in the FUE technique can increase prices. Currently, the FUE technique is applied in the form of a micromotor, not a manual one.

DHI technique and hair transplantation prices; In the DHI method, the channel is opened with the help of a medical pen and the graft is placed simultaneously. The DHI method has many advantages over other methods, but the DHI method is not a suitable method for every hair type. Because of the medical materials used, DHI technique is higher than other methods. Disposable medical pen used in DHI method reduces operation time and increases operation cost. The cost of hair transplantation with DHI technique can vary between 8500-12500 TL.

Unshaven, hair transplantation and hair restoration Prices; Hair transplantation without hair cutting is done without extra charge in some clinics, while some clinics are done with a fee in accordance with the fee policy. It is not a different technique, so it is used in FUE and DHI techniques. Women usually prefer unshaven hair transplantation.

Technological Hair Transplantation: Robotic Hair Transplantation

In robotic hair transplantation, the collection of grafts is performed by a computer with the control of a doctor. The Robot is used to collect grafts. The collected graft is placed in channels opened by the doctor and doctor’s assistants. Robotic surgery is based on the fue method, but costs twice as much as fue. Due to the high price of computer-aided robotic equipment and the fact that the materials currently only come from abroad, the cost of robotic hair transplantation can rise according to exchange rates. The cost of a hair transplant operation using robotic surgery starts at least 25,000 TL.

Average price of hair transplant Turkey is based on Istanbul clinics and the quality of the equipment used can vary with the team experience and the quality of service provided. You can go to a clinic where you do good research for the most appropriate hair transplant technique for yourself and find out with your doctor’s help after the examination. The professionalism of the clinic in which you insist on performing the operation is very important.

Regardless of FUE, fue Sapphire, DHI or robotic hair transplantation, the most important thing is not technique, but the professionalism of the team. The technique with the highest cost of the techniques is robotic hair transplantation. Even if you apply the most expensive technique in a team that does not do its job with good quality, does not comply with hygiene rules, you can get terrible results. A good research, examination is very important to avoid putting yourself at risk, but also do not forget to get a preliminary examination and Price Information at the clinic you are investigating.

How Is Graft Calculation Done?

Graft calculation is performed by a specialist who will perform the operation in the clinic according to the structure of the hair and the size of the area to be planted. This is the most accurate calculation method, even if there are grift calculation sites online. Hair is divided into three groups according to its frequency. It can be listed as thin hair, medium dense hair and dense hair. At the same time, a calculation can be made according to the density of hair as follows. Let’s sort the hair from the middle of the side eyebrows according to the middle part of the back. So let’s define 4 regions in this order. By this region;

  1. 1 graft in the area (above the eyebrow, side and front) = 1.75 strands of hair
  2. 1 graft in the area (upper and lower middle) = 2.5 strands of hair
  3. Region (middle section) 1 graft = 2.45 strands of hair
  4. Region (back part) 1 graft = 2.25 strands of hair

Now that we’ve determined the regions and the amount of graft, we can do the following calculation. Let’s say a patient who wants a hair transplant is 1. it needs 300 strands of hair in the area. In this case

300 / 1.75 = 171 grafts. Accordingly, 171 grafts will have to be taken from this person. If the area in which the person’s hair will be planted is 3 regions, and the hair density found here is equal to 2.45 hair per 1 graft, this time;

300 / 2.45 = 122 grafts will suffice.

 Calculating The Average Fee Per Graft

This calculation that we have made is the average.  According to the patient’s hair needs, hair density should be decided only by hair transplant specialists. This calculation that we have made is not a valid calculation method, it is intended only for you to understand the average price of hair transplant Turkey. The number of grafts is very important, so if the graft is taken less, the area without hair cannot be closed. Hair transplantation may be needed again, as an artificial appearance will occur. Both less removal of the graft and more removal cause aesthetic problems. Again, the average price of hair transplant Turkey given by companies in the internet environment is as follows.

500 graft price: £ 1,000

Price of 1,000 grafts: £ 2,000

Price of 2,000 grafts: £ 3,500

4,000 Grft price: £ 7,500

5,000 graft price: £ 9,000

6,000 graft price: £ 10,000

7,000 graft price: £ 12,000

The most accurate cost of hair transplantation will be determined after the examination