How many hair transplants can you get is a question whose answer is not fully known. And many people wonder the answer to this question. We researched and found the answer to your question. First of all, let’s talk about the problems of people who ask how many hair transplants can you get. Having healthy and well-groomed hair is a very important factor for our appearance. Because our hair is an important part of our appearance. For this reason, many people apply extra care to their hair. Because healthy and well-groomed hair is a good way to impress the people around us.

If your hair is well-groomed and healthy when you enter a community, people will admire your hair, and therefore you. But if your hair looks unkempt and dirty, it is very normal to encounter disapproving looks. There is a situation that many people do not have the opportunity to care for their hair. Because these people face the problem of hair loss and lose their hair. Hair loss problem can occur for many reasons.

The main reasons for this may be weather conditions, seasonal changes, use of wrong hair care products, compulsory drug treatment or psychologically difficult processes such as depression. However, it is not difficult to regain the hair that has been lost for these reasons. In this regard, there are many hair care products produced by brands to prevent hair loss. But there is a type of hair loss that cannot be prevented. This hair loss is of course genetic hair loss. Many people have heard about genetic hair loss. Because 6 out of 10 men suffer from genetic hair loss.

This is a number that cannot be underestimated. There is a logical reason why genetic hair loss mostly affects men. Genetic hair loss mostly affects men because it is related to the testosterone hormone. The testosterone hormone contains DHT. DHT also weakens some hair follicles and causes hair loss. Having hair follicles that are not resistant to DHT is a genetic feature. In other words, if there is a person whose hair follicles are sensitive to DHT in a family, it is possible to see this problem in the next members of the family.

It is never possible to prevent genetic hair loss with any cosmetic product. Genetic hair loss is something that people cannot avoid. But this does not mean that people struggling with genetic hair loss are doomed to be bald for the rest of their lives. This is quite a misconception. Many people regain their lost hair thanks to hair transplant operations. This is quite a big deal because people can even have healthier and more beautiful-looking hair than before, thanks to hair transplant operations. Moreover, these new hairs are more resistant to DHT.

The hair on the nape of the head of people’s hair is much more resistant. In hair transplantation operations, the probability of losing new hair is zero since the doctor transplants the hair from that area. In fact, here we are giving a clue to people who ask the question how many hair transplants can you get. It will be enough to have a hair transplant once in your life. So, the answer to the question of how many hair transplants can you get is what you need.

Details of Hair Transplant Operation

Before answer to the question of how many hair transplants can you get, let us talk about the details of hair transplant operation. Hair transplant operation is an operation whose popularity has increased in recent years. The reason why the popularity of this operation has increased in recent years is that people now have easier access to information. Hair transplant operation is an operation that gives definite results. In other words, there is no one who does not regain their hair after having this operation. For this reason, the operation has proven its success very well. You may have seen that the hair transplant operation is has more than one technique.

The most known hair transplantation techniques are DHI hair transplantation technique, FUE hair transplantation technique and ice graft hair transplantation technique. And there are many more hair transplant techniques. In fact, almost all these hair transplant techniques are basically based on the same logic. Now we will explain this logic to you. In order to have a hair transplant operation, the person must not be completely bald. The number of people who are already completely bald is almost none. People also cut the remaining hair after some of their hair has been shed. The hair in the nape area is more durable.

People who want to have a hair transplant operation should have a little hair. In the hair transplant operation, the doctor collects the hair follicles in the nape of the patient. And it transfers the collected hair follicles to the bald area on the patient’s head. Doctor not apply general anesthesia while performing this operation. Because local anesthesia is quite sufficient for this operation. Every hair transplant technique is very successful. So, it is quite difficult to compare. All of them have their own advantages. For this reason, you can choose the hair transplant technique you want. Now let’s answer the question how many hair transplants can you get.

How Many Hair Transplants Can You Get?

Now it is time to give the answer to the question of how many hair transplants can you get. This is a very difficult question to answer. Because after the hair transplant operation, one does not have to have a hair transplant for the rest of his life. But there are still people who wonder about this period. Hair transplantation is an operation based on the number of grafts. For this reason, although the experts do not set a certain limit on the hair transplant operation, they set a certain limit on the number of grafts. According to experts, a person can have a maximum of 6000-7000 grafts transplanted throughout his life. Of course, since doctors transplants 3000 grafts in a hair transplant operation, a person can have a hair transplant operation twice in his life.