We serve as gastric sleeve Istanbul clinic. By performing various weight loss surgeries in our center, we make people look the way they want. We perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery on people between the ages of 18 and 65 who are in good health. First of all, we determine the suitability of our patients for this surgery. While doing this, we do some analysis, examination and analysis. We act together with our specialist doctors and surgeons. We plan a treatment process by sharing the results of our evaluations with our patients.

If we find it suitable for surgery, we undergo a detailed examination of our patient. Afterwards, we determine the day of surgery and advance the process. We explain the rules that our patients should follow before and after the surgery. We prefer to act together in this process. Because we know that the most important people in the treatment process are our patients. We achieve successful results at the request of our patients.

Gastric Sleeve Istanbul Applications

As gastric sleeve Istanbul, we perform this surgery in our center. We provide all the conditions necessary for surgery. We do not allow any situation that will put the health of our patients at risk. In addition, we offer a very comfortable and hygienic environment. We prefer our technical materials as disposable. We prefer all the equipment and devices we use during the surgery as technologically equipped. Thus, we allow our patients to have a very high quality and healthy treatment process. We rely on the experience of our doctors and team. We do not hesitate to share all the results we have obtained so far with our patients in all transparency.

Before you come to our hospital, you can do a research about our doctors. You can also search in detail about the treatment methods we perform in our hospital. You can review our previous surgeries. In addition, you can have information by reading all the comments about our hospital. Afterwards, you can make an appointment with our center and come to the meeting. You should not forget that you will conduct your interviews with our specialist doctors one-on-one. In addition, you can direct all your questions to our doctors. You can also benefit from all the advantages that our hospital offers you.

Gastric Sleeve Istanbul and Gastric Sleeve Surgery Details

As gastric sleeve Istanbul, we apply meticulous and sensitive treatment methods. With sleeve gastrectomy, we take part of the stomach of our patients. Thus, by shrinking your stomach, we enable you to consume less food. In addition, we prevent you from eating too much by cutting your appetite. In this process, we want you to consume liquid foods first. Afterwards, we want you to consume foods in puree form and then return to normal.

Throughout this process, we are constantly making applications that will make your stomach smaller. The operation is quite simple and easy. But the important thing is your lifestyle after the operation. We want you to completely change your lifestyle after this process. Thus, we guarantee that there will be permanent weight loss. If you pay attention to what you eat throughout your life, if you exercise and sleep regularly, you can gain the weight you want.

The most important point of permanent weight loss is to consume plenty of water. In this process, you should take care to consume plenty of water and to eat frequently but less. You should be eating a protein-rich diet. So you can keep your fat loss superior. In this process, it is important to get psychological support from your family and friends. You should never lose hope in the weight loss process.

You should be patient and not give up until you reach your desired weight. In addition, you should not neglect dietitian support until you reach your ideal weight. From time to time, you should analyze your weight and evaluate whether your course is correct. Thus, you can lose weight quickly and continue your life more happily.

Gastric Sleeve Istanbul Price Options

Gastric sleeve Istanbul, we do not apply this surgery to everyone. We perform this surgery according to the wishes, expectations, health status and excess weight of the person. Therefore, we can say that we apply a personalized price policy. However, we take care not to strain the budget of our patients. We aim for everyone to benefit from this surgery and to have the look they want. To get a gastric sleeve surgery price, you must come to our hospital and undergo a preliminary examination. Then, if you want, we start your treatment process by notifying the price.

We perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery for men and women, regardless of gender and age. We take all our precautions before and after the operation. In addition, we can say that we finished this surgery in a short time like 1.5 hours. Thus, we allow you to save time. We do our best to ensure that your daily life is not disrupted. In addition, we are discharged after a few hours after the operation. We recommend that you rest at home for a while.

In this process, you should act in accordance with everything your doctor tells you. You should immediately ask your doctor any question that comes to your mind. In addition, in this process, you should act in accordance with the list given by your dietitian. You should get approval from your doctor when using medication. Also, you should contact your doctor in case of any side effects and complications.

You should not neglect to exercise. However, you should not do exercises involving heavy conditions immediately after the surgery. You should walk without tiring yourself too much. Also, you can get rid of your diseases that occur due to excess weight after the surgery. You should not forget that your diseases will disappear as you lose weight. In this process, you should encourage yourself as you lose weight. You should be careful not to chew a lot while eating. In addition, you should not continue eating after you are full. You should know that this operation does not have any significant risks.

DHI Hair Transplant Istanbul Services

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