Did Blake Have A Hair Transplant? Everybody’s asking “did Blake have a hair transplant” constantly and Blake never confirms it as wanting it to be mysterious secret. The front hairline in Blake’s photos from years ago is not straight it is like “M” shape. But in his current photos (after his hair transplant surgery) he had order of a straighter front hairline. Everyone is commenting if the scar on the back of his head is the donor area or a brain surgery. In other words, everybody is curious which of the natural techniques used in hair restoration. Guessing, Blake likes his fans to be curious and talk about him all the time.

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Blake Horstsmann has a thick, healthy and stylish hair. We wondered if Blake’s gorgeous hair had always been like this, and we start perusing his old photos. Blake is already the target of a lot of gossip and does not go down with his hair style as much as his muscular body. Apart from the change in his hairline, we also saw that he has sparse hair in his old photos. This shows that he is having different treatments in addition to the hair transplant. We really like and appreciate Blake’s new hair style. But we are very curious about which type of hair restoration he had.

Hair Transplant Type of Blake

It’s obviously yes to did Blake have a hair transplant treatment. There are many techniques in hair restoration and we do not know the doctor of Bachelor in Paradise actor Blake. When we follow the clues, we are sure that the scar on the back of Blake’s head is a donor hair collection technique. Blake’s scar is clearly visible from the short haircut. We keep investigating the long cross-shaped scar and now we know it is the FUT hair transplant technique.

In the FUT hair transplant, surgeons harvest follicular units as thin strip shaped living hair cells from back of head. By the FUT method, the person still uses his/her own hair; it just changes places of hair cells basically. For this reason, it is difficult to understand and patients have a natural appearance. Strip hair transplant has both pros and cons.

It is obvious that Blake has very bushy and healthy hair. But the scar seen when he cuts his hair short is one of the disadvantages of the FUT method. The FUT method is usually for people who need mass hair grafts. In the FUE method, surgeons harvest hair from the donor area one by one. This method is generally suitable for patients who require a small number of hair grafts. But it looks more natural and doesn’t have a scar on the back of the head like Blake.

Hair Transplant Scar of Blake

We wouldn’t be asking “did Blake have a hair transplant”, If Blake didn’t have a scar on the back of his head. Since, Blake’s hair looks harmonic, energetic and so natural. But the devil is in the details, Blake’s own hairline and scar proves he had a hair transplant. Patients with FUT method hair restoration have a fine line in the donor area.

As soon as Blake noticed hair loss, he had hair restoration surgery. Postponing treatment always has a negative consequence. Blake made the right decision and got a hair transplant by getting the appropriate treatment. He received other alternative treatments besides hair transplantation. Since, Blake’s hair is thicker and bushy than before. It is enough to check his pictures to understand “when did Blake have a hair transplant”. In the photos from 2 years ago, the front hairline is not straight. In the next photos, Blake’s hair is not thick, but the hairline is straight. This shows us that Blake had a hair transplant 2 years ago. There is no immediate effect after hair restoration. Cause, hair follicles renew themselves within 3 to 6 month cycles. That’s why Blake’s hair didn’t catch our attention after the hair restoration.

The long line on the back of his head is definitely a hair restoration scar, if not brain surgery. We think Blake got treatment as soon as the hair loss started. For this reason, he looks more handsome than ever by getting a very good result from the treatment. It is a very advantageous situation that he does not make any explanations about hair transplantation and has an 18-year-old appearance instead of 33 years old. If Blake keeps going like this, he’s never going to age.

Blake’s Hair Restoration

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise keep asking “Did Blake have a hair transplant?” Fans ask if the handsome actor has a temporary hair transplant or hair loss. Fans also worry about how often Blake gets hair restoration or if Blake will go bald. We asked all these questions to the hair transplant surgeon for you, and we have news that will delight Blake fans.

Blake had a healthy surgery, as hair restoration is a completely natural procedure. Hair transplant is a life-long permanent treatment as it takes place with living hair cells. The better Blake’s overall health, the better his hair will be. The less chemical treatments Blake applies to his hair, the less damage his hair will be. In addition, hair dryers and hair styling devices damage everyone’s hair as in Blake’s. The hair transplant surgeon said that the lifespan of hair grafts is as long as human life. The health of the hair develops in proportion to the health of the body and it is necessary to stay away from chemicals to protect it.

We asked the expert surgeons “why did Black have a hair transplant”. Doctors said that the earlier the hair loss treatment is started, the more effective it will be. In addition, some patients do not have enough donor hair when they come to treatment too late. The later the treatment starts, the more difficult and costly hair grafting is. Surgeons state that Blake’s hair transplant is for life-long. However, they added that if he experiences hormone imbalance when he gets older, he will need a new hair restoration surgery.