How much weight can I lose with a gastric balloon? The uses of an intragastric balloon has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s an endoscopically implanted balloon that can withstand being filled with 400-700 cc liquid. The application is expected to take between 25 and 30 minutes to complete. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital; after 5-6 hours of monitoring following the surgery, the patient can be discharged. The stomach capacity is constricted by the balloon, preventing excessive food intake. The stomach balloon will be in place for six months, with an average weight loss of 12 to 30 kilos expected over that time.

The balloon must be removed once this period has passed. Endoscopic removal is also possible, and the patient can resume normal activity after 2 hours. It is critical for patients to modify their food and lifestyle habits in order to achieve long-term weight loss. It’s a good option for individuals who don’t want to have surgery but can’t drop enough weight with diet and exercise alone. Patients between the ages of 18 and 60 with a BMI of >35 or 30-35 who have illnesses such as concurrent hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea syndrome, and joint problems might benefit from it. It can also be used before surgery in individuals who are very morbidly obese (BMI>50) and at high risk for elective bariatric surgery.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With A Gastric Balloon?

The use of non-surgical methods in bariatric surgery has risen in recent years. One of the procedures, the gastric balloon technique, has begun to be favored for individuals with obesity issues. Instead of the major details, patients, in the approach that does not require surgery, try to obtain information on how much weight is lost every month with the gastric balloon. The use of a gastric balloon helps the patient to shed 20 to 25 kg on average. If the patient does not maintain a regular eating pattern after the balloon removal, the patient will recover all of the weight he lost during the procedure.

Patients who have not seen the expected results from other slimming procedures introduce to the gastric balloon, a non-surgical slimming method. The balloon, which composes of silicone, insert into the stomach during the procedure. In this way, it gives the stomach a sense of fullness and satisfaction. Endoscopic application use to accomplish the procedure. The treatment takes around 15 to 30 minutes, and the balloon administer to the patient when the patient is drowsy or under general anesthesia.

Patients discharge the same day they get their surgery. So, how many pounds can a gastric balloon help you lose every month? The placement of a balloon in the stomach does not imply that the patient will lose weight on its own. The patient’s living environment should control, and his dietary habits should plan. In an average of six months, the patient should lose 50% of his or her body weight. The metabolic rate, on the other hand, limit to 30%. If a patient’s optimum weight is 65 pounds and their present weight is 115 pounds, the target weight for balloon therapy is 25 pounds.

How Does This Gastric Balloon Make People Lose Weight? 

Various causes contribute to this, ranging from the development of insulin resistance to stomach expansion. As soon as we recognize that we are having difficulty reducing weight, we understand that we require “assistance.”

Your physicians may prescribe a gastric balloon if they advise you to consider non-surgical treatments. You will be able to notify whether you are appropriate for gastric balloon application after considering your present health state and undergoing the necessary exams, and if you desire, a balloon will implant in your stomach. The gastric balloon works on the following premise to weaken you:

Because your stomach is smaller than “normal,” you will no longer feel hungry all of the time. Because you have a weight in the middle of your stomach, which your brain interprets as “fullness.” As a result, you’ll eat “till you’re full,” rather than according to the size of your stomach.
Food-related illnesses, such as insulin resistance, will fade away with time. Because you won’t have a sugar balance that fluctuates dramatically. Because if you stick to a regular diet, you will begin to eat healthier stuff. This can help you avoid “sweet crises” while also allowing you to reduce weight.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With A Gastric Balloon: Advantages Of This Process

The main benefit of this approach is that it may do endoscopically without requiring general anesthesia. Other benefits include the fact that it does not require hospitalization is quite uncommon. In certain cases, balloon intolerance and, on rare occasions, balloon rupture describe in the literature. The balloon must remove endoscopically in this situation. Nausea, vomiting, and cramp-like discomfort might occur during the first 24 hours of using the product.

One of the most successful techniques for treating obesity is the intragastric balloon (also known as a gastric balloon). The balloon should withdrawn from the stomach 6 months to a year after it implants in the non-permanent technique. Because silicone deteriorates, removing it from the stomach after its time has passed is a major concern. Because they do not pay attention to their food once the balloon removes, some patients quickly recover their weight.

The stomach has a shape that can expand or contract due to its structure. Our stomachs enlarge and expand in exact proportion to our weight when we eat often. That is why we become hungry rapidly and are unable to satisfy our hunger. The stomach develops day by day and becomes used to the capacity to take more food. As a result of irregular feeding attacks that disrupt the stomach’s functional structure. When a result, as the weight gain continues, it becomes permanent. To recover the weight have acquired owing to different causes such as poor eating habits, irregular eating cycles. A life without sports, we engage in various diets and activities. However, we are unable to achieve the desired outcome or we abandon the project halfway through.

How Much Weight Can I Lose with a Gastric Balloon If I Get One?


If you decide to pursue a gastric balloon as a weight loss solution, you can be curious about “how much weight can I lose with a gastric balloon?”. It is important to understand what can be expected from the gastric balloon procedure. The amount of weight loss will depend on several factors, such as how strictly you follow your doctor’s dietary plan and how active you are. Additionally, making changes to your lifestyle, like getting more exercise and eating healthier foods, can help enhance the results of the treatment.

A gastric balloon is not a one-time solution for weight loss; rather it should be seen as part of an ongoing journey toward health and well-being. With any type of weight loss program or procedure, it is important to note that individual results may vary significantly. To maximize success, make sure to follow through with lifestyle changes and adhere to your doctor’s dietary recommendations over time. With continued effort and dedication to improving habits, you will likely start seeing results for “how much weight can I lose with a gastric balloon?” within just a few months of having the gastric balloon inserted.