Gastric balloon Dubai has become a hotly contested subject in recent years, owing to its numerous connections with significant health disorders and its steadily growing prevalence, which was already up to 40% among US adults in 2016. Bariatric surgery is considering in individuals with obesity class III or class II who have obesity-related comorbidities, and it has been shown to be the most effective and long-term therapy for obesity. Several bariatric intervention techniques have been introducing, including endoscopic intragastric balloon, which has emerge in recent years after several studies have demonstrated its satisfactory effectiveness for treating obesity and the possibility of being a bariatric therapy option for patients with obesity classes I and II.

However, numerous possible dangers are inevitably worrying when doing endoscopy, which is an intrusive technique in and of itself that necessitates anaesthesia and sedation, which may exacerbate the risks and finally lead to unwelcome side effects. The gastric balloon is one of the operations frequently using in the treatment of obesity. Obesity is a condition that causes serious health problems, especially in recent years. However, the alternative treatment of obesity is carry out in different ways today. However, it is not an operation in the full sense.

With the endoscopy method, a balloon is inserting into the stomach and inflating there. Therefore, creating a constant feeling of satiety in the stomach causes weakening in the patient. However, it is recommended to be worn after losing a certain amount of weight in patients who are very overweight. It stays in the stomach for an average of 6 months and is removed at the end of 6 months.

What is exactly Gastric Balloon Dubai?

It is now one of the most popular risk-free obesity therapies. The gastric balloon is another name for this device. It is not a surgical operation, however, it is conducting endoscopically with the patient under mild sedation. This procedure involves inserting a balloon into the stomach and inflating it. The idea here is that because the stomach is filling early, the sensation of fullness comes in a shorter period of time. However, it is only a temporary solution.

A gastric balloon is one of the most popular non-surgical obesity therapies in recent years. It is an application that allows the balloon to modify the patient’s eating patterns and help them lose 10 to 25 kilos between 6 months and a year while also providing them with a sense of fullness. Today, four kinds of gastric balloons are commonly using:

  • Can be ingesting
  • Six months old
  • Twelve months
  • Adjustable

The patient must be over the age of 18 and under the age of 70 in order for the stomach to  implanting. It is also using for people with a BMI greater than 27.

User Feedback on Gastric Balloons

It is typically a favour since it poses little risk. Simultaneously, based on the patients who have had stomach implants and the online opinions about them, it produces extremely favourable outcomes in patients who lose weight that they could not drop previously and create a diet and nutrition habit.

He realizes that if the doctor’s implantation causes no damage, he has made the correct decision. Because being overweight causes, not just physical discomfort, but also significant health concerns. Diabetes risk, COPD risk, especially in individuals with upper respiratory tract infection, is significantly increasing.

Patients Interested In Gastric Balloon Insertion

It is best for obese people who wish to have a gastric balloon inserted to make their own decision first. It is critical that you be at ease before having the balloon place. This is a therapy method.

First and foremost, it is critical that you trust the doctor with whom you will work on your application and that we select the appropriate doctor. If you follow the doctor’s advice after putting the balloon on, you will begin to lose weight seriously, you will see a favourable physical change, and you will know you made the correct option when you discover your health has returned.

How is the Gastric Balloon Place?

The procedure of inserting the balloon into the stomach allows it to pass through the oesophagus, which is 08-12 millimetres wide, by entering the stomach with the aid of a light camera known as endoscopy. The patient is giving mild sedation and the operation is conducting during the application. During this time, the patient feels no pain or discomfort. He has no recollection of the events that occur. If the doctor does not notice any discomfort in the stomach, the endoscope is withdrawn and the balloon is inserting into the stomach.

Prices for Gastric Balloon Dubai

Gastric balloon costs vary according to the type and type, as well as which hospital the application will be conducting at and which physician will execute it. In certain situations, it is done while the patient is sedate. However, this is one of the treatments that finish under the condition that it stays in the stomach for a particular amount of time. It stays in the stomach for around 6 months to a year. The reasoning behind placing the balloon is that the patient’s eating patterns will alter over the course of a year, with the goal of losing weight during that time.

What are the Potential Gastric Balloon Dubai Side Effects?

The balloon’s adverse effects are typically restricting to the first 5 days following implantation; the first three days are particularly harsh. After going through this procedure, the symptoms go entirely, but if one of the “golden rules” is violating, the cycle begins again. (It is usually light.) In addition to the symptoms describe below, patients may have sluggish feelings during the first few days following balloon insertion as the body adjusts to the balloon, although this will subside within a week. You must relax throughout this period in order to recover quickly. There are four types of symptoms that you may feel when having a balloon inserting:


Cramp is typical in the first 3-4 days following balloon placement and is treatable with medicine. Cramps can also cause by overeating or starvation.

Reflux (heartburn and occasional burping):

Acid medicines should take as long as the balloon is in place to reduce acid reflux. On the contrary, depending on the scenario, antacid medications can utilize.


Mild to moderate vomiting may occur in the days following balloon placement.

Gastric Balloon Dubai Will Change Your Life


Gastric balloon Dubai is a revolutionary weight loss treatment that involves the placement of a balloon inside the stomach to reduce appetite and help individuals lose weight in Dubai. With gastric balloon Dubai, patients can expect to see impressive results in as little as four weeks. In addition to providing quick results, this procedure also offers long-term benefits, such as the reduced risk of diabetes and heart diseases. After experiencing these initial results, many patients maintain their newly acquired healthy lifestyle by following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. As such, they are more likely to hold their weight loss well into the future. Therefore, gastric balloon Dubai provides an ideal solution for those looking for an effective way to lose weight quickly to improve their overall health and well-being.

Gastric balloon Dubai is also a safe and minimally invasive procedure with limited side effects, unlike other bariatric surgery, which often involves extensive recovery time. As healthcare specialists, we understand how difficult it can be to start losing weight effectively. That’s why we advise you to find a center that provides comprehensive guidance. They should have a skilled medical staff helping you throughout the entire process of achieving your desired goals: from pre-procedure advice all the way through post-procedure support.