How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Wear Glasses?

How long after rhinoplasty can I wear glasses? This is a very common questions for people who already wear glasses and need rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the first step in the process of getting a nose job. The next step is the healing phase. Your recovery is an important part of the process because what you do during this time can affect your long-term results. After surgery, you should be careful about wearing sunglasses and glasses that you need to see out of. So, how soon after rhinoplasty can you wear glasses, and what can you do in the meantime? Find out by reading on.

Rhinoplasty can change the shape of the nose, fix a deviated septum, or help people who have trouble breathing. After the surgery, the cuts will be closed with staples or stitches. Most of the time, the stitches inside the nose and mouth dissolve on their own. If you have staples, you will have to make an appointment a week later to have them taken out.

Your doctor will also put a bandage over your nose, and you might have a plaster or plastic splint to help protect the nose and keep its new shape. Plus, a nasal drip under the nose to catch any blood or fluids that may drip. You will also put some stuff inside the nose to help stop bleeding and reduce swelling. Two days after the surgery, your doctor will take out the nasal drip and packing materials. The split will stay for about a week.

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Wear Glasses Without Harming My Nose?

Your nose will be swollen and bruised after the procedure, and you may also have dark bruises around your eyes. Most of the time, the swelling gets worse before it gets better. It should go away in 3 to 4 weeks. You will also have pain and a stuffy nose, which will make it hard to breathe for a short time. The skin at the tip of the nose may also be numb, and when the feeling comes back, it may hurt or itch.

If the nose job means breaking any bones inside the nose, you can’t hurt your nose for at least three months. You can expect to feel better in about 6 weeks. But the nose keeps getting better for another year. The most swelling and bruises will happen in the first two weeks after surgery. You can start to exercise regularly again after 4 to 6 weeks. So, it can take up to a year for your nose to heal completely, but you can go about your day as usual after 6 weeks.

Will My Rhinoplasty Results Be Affected If I Wear Eyeglasses Too Soon?

Wearing glasses too soon after a nose job can leave permanent marks on your nose, damage the nose’s structure, and change both the way your nose looks and how it works. In the end, wearing glasses too soon after surgery could change how well it went. If there are any problems, it may be necessary to do something else.

Your nose needs to be straight after a nose job. Small pits can form in the nose from the pressure of glasses. A nose job is permanent, so it needs to heal right. So, it’s important to follow what your doctor tells you to get the best results.

When Can I Wear Eyeglasses After Rhinoplasty?

You might be able to wear glasses after your surgery, but only for a short time. You will have a splint on your nose after a nose job. But once the splint comes off, you can’t wear glasses because there’s nothing to keep the weight off your nose.

As your nose starts to heal, it might look good in a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready to hold glasses. Most plastic surgeons give different advice about how long you should wait to wear glasses again. In general, it can be anywhere between two and six months.

After rhinoplasty, it can be hard to wear glasses. Even though doctors say you should wear contact lenses until your nose heals, it doesn’t always work. There are some useful ways to wear glasses after surgery, which is good news.

The bridge of the nose is usually where glasses rest. Options for eyewear for people who have had rhinoplasty are all about putting that weight somewhere else. You will have a splint in your nose right after the surgery, and you can wear your glasses like you always do. But once the splint is gone, you need to make sure that your glasses don’t rest on the bridge of your nose for 3 to 4 weeks. You still have a few choices. After rhinoplasty, some people wear glasses with no bridge.