Hair Transplant Turkey Before And After

Men and women who are not satisfied with their existing hair, want to denser and have hair loss, prefer to have a hair transplant. The popularity of hair transplantation has increased considerably in recent years and has become widespread with the developing medical technology. The success of the hair transplant operation depends on the procedure and the rules to be considered. Hair transplant Turkey before and after, there are points to be aware of patients. Hair transplant treatment should be seen as a holistic process.

This process consists of three phases: pre-operative, operative time, and post-operative. Therefore, patients should act together with specialist doctors. It is imperative that he has sufficient information additionally. During the procedure, the patient and the doctor should act in coordination. The patient should be under the doctor’s supervision. Hair transplantation applied in this direction will bring more successful results. It is planned by specialist physicians. The hair transplant operation applied should be detailed in all aspects. One of the most important factors on success is the experience of the physician. Therefore, choosing the right hospital and doctor is a very important issue for the patient.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant in Turkey

We can list the things to be considered before hair transplant in Turkey as follows;

  • If possible, you should quit smoking at least 1 week before the operation. Because smoking negatively affects the healing process.
  • You should stop drinking alcohol at least 1 week before the operation.
  • You should not consume coffee or drinks containing caffeine.
  • One week before the hair transplant, you should stop consuming green tea.
  • You should inform the doctor about the medications you regularly use due to chronic or acute diseases.
  • You should stop using drugs such as aspirin and multivitamins at least 1 week before the operation. These drugs can cause bleeding.
  • One month before the operation, you should stop applying chemical-containing medication and lotion to your scalp and hair.
  • Before coming to the operation, you should wash your hair with natural shampoo and you should not use hair styling or hardening products such as jelly or spray.
  • When you come to the operation, choose clothes that will not rub or damage your head during wearing and taking off. Wearing a shirt will be the most comfortable and correct choice.
  • Before the operation, you should not consume foods that will strain the digestive system.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

There are some situations that patients should pay attention to after hair transplantation. We can list as follows;

  • After the operation, you should rest your body and, if possible, spend time at home for the first 3 days.
  • For possible pain, you should regularly drink the medications recommended by your doctor.
  • There should be no rubbing on the transplanted area after the operation.
  • You must protect the head area and not be subjected to the slightest impact. You should wear a hat when you go out.
  • Your fluid consumption should be high. It is recommended to consume an average of 2 liters of water per day.
  • You should constantly protect the head area from the sun, because the sun may damage the grafts in the transplanted area.
  • You should start the washing process from the 3rd day. Generally, your hair transplant center will do the first two washes. After that, you should do it in three days by considering the rules.
  • These days there will be edema and swelling, so you may have pain. For this, you should drink plenty of water and take painkillers from time to time.

How Does Hair Transplant Process Develop?

The healing process and complications that develop after hair transplantation are the most important stages of the treatment process. If any of the things we have experienced, planned and done before and after hair transplantation fails, we will not be able to achieve the success you want. First of all, there are a few details you need to review in order to decide to have this operation. The first of these is that you know how and what hair loss or hair loss is related to. If you do not know, you should definitely seek counseling from a specialist doctor on this issue. After finding the cause of hair loss, you should investigate whether this condition is permanent or temporary.

The lower limit of the application in Turkey is around 27 years of age for men and women. Hair transplantation under this age is not recommended by experts. Only the deficiency caused by exceptional circumstances such as accident and burning can be cultivated. In line with the consultancy you receive, you must first determine a joint schedule with the plastic surgeon who will perform the surgery. During this time, we must determine criteria such as the size and density of the opening we will plant.

How to Have a Correct Hair Transplant?

First of all, we should do hair transplantation in a fully equipped and sterile environment. If hair transplantation is performed by a specialist physician or a trained healthcare team, it will be more suitable for you. In addition, the hair transplant center you prefer must be approved by the Ministry of Health. Hair transplantation is a microsurgical operation and we do it under local anesthesia. The way to follow in the hair transplant process is as follows;

  • First of all, we make skin and hair analysis by our specialist physicians.
  • Depending on the situation, we request various tests such as blood and hormones from the patient who comes with a hair transplant request.
  • On the day of hair transplantation, we take blood from the patient again and make the necessary analysis by our doctor.
  • Then we transfer the patient to a fully equipped sterile room and apply local anesthesia to the area where the hair follicles will be collected.
  • We take the planned amount of hair follicles from the donor area. We take the grafts collected by the FUE method from the spill-resistant area of the patient’s body into a special solution.
  • After these procedures, you will be ready for hair transplantation. We transplant the hair follicles to the balding area one by one and place the transported follicles in the opened channels gently.
  • If there is no complication, we discharge the patient approximately 6-8 hours later.

What Does Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After Look Like?


Hair transplant in Turkey has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the low cost, efficient technology, and high success rate. Nevertheless, what does hair transplant Turkey before and after look like?


Before getting a good hair transplant in Turkey, patients must undergo a medical examination. This is to ensure that the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure and help determine the best course of treatment. Once a patient is approved for a hair transplant in Turkey, they will be given an anesthetic and a local anesthetic to help reduce pain or discomfort during the procedure. During the transplant procedure, a small incision will be made at the back of the head. This incision allows the surgeon to access the donor area, where healthy follicles will be taken. The follicles will then be implanted into small holes created in the scalp.

Patients can expect to see some initial results within three to four months. During this time, new hairs will begin to grow at a faster rate than before. After about six months, most patients should have a full head of hair that looks natural and healthy. Remember that hair transplant Turkey before and after is not a permanent solution for baldness.