What is the Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplant Turkey No Shave. Hair transplantation Turkey no shave is an aesthetic surgical technique that takes hair follicles from the donor site to the recipient site. The surgeons prefer this technique to treat male typical baldness. Moreover it is effective to restore beard hair, chest hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic hair. In order to fill in scars due to the accidents and previous transplantations or face-lifts it is excellent. The modern hair transplantation techniques in Turkey transplant hair follicular units in their innate grouping. The reason is gaining quite natural appearance by imitating the original hair conformance.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Nowadays hair transplant Turkey no shave has become one of the most preferred aesthetic surgery, which is asked in particularly by men. Despite its advantages, many patients have not gone through with their choice to experience a hair transplant procedure. the reason of this hesitation is that they do not want to shave their heads. Thanks to expert surgeons, unshaven hair transplantation technique is able to remove the necessity to shave the hair before it. Thus this aesthetic surgery has become the most convenient option to the patients, who prefer wearing their hair longer.

It is a perfect possibility for people who are willing to keep their hair during operation instead of shaving. As a result of this advantage, this treatment has become much often popular with women and those in public eye. Basically, the hair transplant Turkey no shave method is more suitable for patients who have a particular loss of hair.  If a person has lost a distinctive big area on their head, it is then imperative to have the scalp shaved. In other words, it depends on how much the hair loss is in a particular area of the head.

The hair loss in men stereotypically begins in the front side of the head. Later it extends slowly with the top of the head. At the final stage the whole upper side of the head becomes bald. The process of the hair loss seems more visible when anterior hairline dies down and bald parts becomes more distinctive in vertex. Therefore baldness in anterior and posterior come together and the hair loss comes in view on the vertex. Clean shave is not necessary whether hair loss is kept in anterior hairline. If your hair are quite feeble, the hair transplantation procedures are practicable and possible to perform without clean shave.

How does Unshaven Hair Transplant Work?

In the hair transplant Turkey no shave, the surgeon applies a local anesthesia to the donor area. After the local anesthesia, the surgeon uses a micro motor to too little circle punch incisions small than 1.5 mm. This stage is necessary for extracting the fertile follicle units from the donor area. Then the doctor prunes off every individual follicular components to obtain the donor grafts for the hair transplant no shave. Then he embeds the collected grafts in a storage solution to protect the hair components. As a final stage of this aesthetic surgery, the doctor prefers custom-made needles to open the channels in recipient areas and insert fertile grafts. Another option is using a Choin pen, which is an implanter pen, in order to insert the healthy grafts.

What are the Differences between These Two Techniques?

In particularly men prefer the hair transplantation without clean shave technique. The reason of that as we all know, shaven hair transplant requires shaving the scalp clean. This aesthetic surgery is a need for people who have completely balding vertex and have to get intensive hair transplantation. Shaving is a crucial necessity according to expert surgeons to collect the hair follicles from the back of the scalp.

On the other hand the hair transplantation no shave is quite appealing among men and also women. But small transplant parts and weak hair in these candidates allow transferring follicle units between the strands. The hair transplantation no shave is exactly the same with the shave one. There is one only difference between them. Unshaven hair transplantation does not require clean shaving while the other does for sure. As a patient, you can get a hair transplant without clean shaving your head. And still you can experience same effective outcomes with the shaving one.

How does the Post Hair Transplantation No Shave Process Progress?

After postoperative period of unshaven hair transplant surgery, you are going to experience exactly the same results with other techniques. The expert surgeons on the hair transplantation are going to give necessary informations in elaborate way. These informations are going to be about how hair should be cared and washed. During this significant process, it is enough to comply with instructions and recommendations of the expert surgeons. But if not, unfortunately all this investment is going to result in a huge disappointment.

The most of the patients realize the outcomes in very early stages like in two or three weeks. In such a short period after the operation they become satisfied with these results. But immediately after the hair transplantation starts shock loss period. Actually this process a natural reaction to the sense of stress underwent during all the procedure process. In addition to this, it is well known that the transplanted hair forcilles are much stronger under the skin. It is proved fact by the experts’ researches. On the other hand, this is one of the most crucial processes of the hair’s life experience.

As a patient, you should be calm and in patience that is why this operations bring along a physiological process. Absolutely it might take much longer time than the patients’ expectations. New transplant hair starts growing at least in three month and this undergoing process is going to accelerate in sixth month. In other words, the patients are going to able to see the real outcomes in the sixth month after the operation. In this process, it is quite crucial to follow your expert surgeon’s instructions and recommendations. Because the visible growth of the hair is going to be distinctive at the end of the first year.

Hair Transplant Turkey: Istanbul Cost for Hair Surgery Will Surprise You

For hair transplant Turkey, Istanbul offers quite a good deal for all those looking to get a hair restoration. It has become a popular option for those seeking an affordable and safe way to restore their natural hair. The country has some of the best hair transplantation clinic operations in the world, providing cutting-edge hair transplant techniques, highly skilled surgeons, and competitive prices. A hair transplant in Turkey offers good value for money. So, as you can tell, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is generally much lower than in other countries such as the United States or the UK.

There are several factors that can affect the total cost of hair transplant in Turkey. The experience and reputation of the surgeon, the type of technique used, and the number of grafts required. Also, factors such as travel expenses will play a part in determining the overall cost. Overall, for hair transplant Turkey, Istanbul cost provides a great deal for foreigners looking to get a good quality hair transplant without spending too much money. With its competitive prices, experienced surgeons, advanced techniques, and personalized care, it is no wonder why so many people are choosing this option for their hair restoration needs.