Hair Transplant Average Cost Generally speaking, the average cost of a hair transplant is between $4.000- $15.000. There are plenty of features that affect the cost of a hair transplant. The amount of hair loss, hair transplant technique, type of your hair, the country you are having the surgery and many. We can divide these factors into four main titles. First, the costs of the country that the surgery will take place, second vary of cost according to the number of the grafts, third different costs of different techniques and at last variable costs due to different hair types.

Which country are you planning to get a hair transplant in ?

While step by step planning your hair transplant, placement is the first thing you need to decide. Some countries may be offering cheaper surgery amounts than your own. If you are going abroad to do this keep in mind that you will have extra costs like accommodation, travel expenses and a visa if needed.  But taking all these into account still a country can be giving lower prices. For example, average cost of hair transplant in Turkey is $2.100 while in the United Kingdom is $10.000. When you are having your surgery in another country, packages mostly includes the procedure itself, accommodation and private transfers.

The procedure to follow

This title includes the various costs according to the type of wideness on the patient’s hair and the amount of planted grafts. A typical package includes 3.000-4.000 grafts. Another factor reflecting on the number of grafts and naturally on the cost is the wideness of the area that will be transplanted hair. The amount of hair loss is separated into four types according to the shape of the balding area. Type A, O, M and O+M. Type O+M is the one that requires the most graft, 2.000-3.600, while the other types require 800 grafts in minimum and 3.600 grafts maximum. The average cost of 2.000 grafts is $2.280 in Turkey and $12.000 in the United States. You can get a pre-price to form a judgment by sending the picture of your head to the hospital or the surgeon.

Which replacement technique suits you ?

Today, there are four most preferred and featured methods on hair transplant. Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Direct Hair Implantation and non-surgery option Scalp Micropigmentation.

In the first method, FUE, surgeons remove follicles from the skin by using a micro punch tool and then make tiny incisions to extract follicles and insert them. It costs between $4.000- $15.000 according to the personal features and country, per session. Mostly one session is enough but it can take multiple sessions and the cost can go up to $50.000 maximum.

The second method FUT differs from FUE by the removing type. In FUT, the surgeon removes a strip of donor skin to transfer to the areas of hair loss while in FUE follicular units are excised directly from the scalp. The average cost of this method is between $4.000- $10.000 per session.

The third surgery-based hair transplant technique DHI is done by transmitting the grafts into a special pen and inserting them gently into the scalp. DHI costs a minimum of $2.500- $3.500 per session.

Scalp Micropigmenation is mostly preferred by men because it looks like newly grown hair. For the ones who like this style the average cost is between $400 and $1.000 per session. This treatment mostly takes three sessions. It is important to keep in mind that this method is temporary. Scalp Micropigmentation can last up to maximum 8 years.

Does my hair type affects the cost of hair transplant ?

The answer is yes. Hair types vary so does the price. The hair groups are classified into four ethnic groups; Asian, African American, Caucasian and Middle Eastern Hair. Different ethnicities have different genetic causes for hair loss and according to the hair’s thickness, shape method that will be used on the surgery and the number of grafts changes. To compare, African American hair is thicker than the others and has a curly shape so this both beneficial but causes expense too. Thanks to its thickness with the minimum number of grafts the maximum natural look can be get.

This decreases the cost. But the curly shape of hair makes it necessary to use much more coarse needles which can be resulted in scars and extended recovery. On the other hand, Asian’s have dense hair follicles but less hair per square centimeter. So, for African American hair Direct Hair Implantation method is mostly preferred and for Asian hair Follicular Unit Extraction is more appropriate. The average cost for two ethnicities will be $3.500 for African Americans and $4.000 for Asians.

Side effects and extra costs

Hair transplant might cause some complications like scarring, infection, bleeding, pain and swelling. Treatment of these problems can cause extra costs. The average cost of laser scar treatments differs according to the scar but is changes between $400- $3.400. Another extra is for post-surgical care. To avoid the scars and any unwanted complications this process is necessary. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications for recovery and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection is essential to use.

Other factors

It is important to choose a reliable hospital or surgeon. Hair transplant is a delicate issue and must be done by professionals. You should not choose the place only based on cheap prices. Looking at the surgeon’s patients’ before and after pictures, reading their comments might help. The cost will increase if the surgeon has rewards on the field or the hospital uses the most innovative technologies.

Besides material costs, hair transplant will cost you one more thing. Your time. Most surgeries are done in a day but recovery takes several weeks and special care. Daily activities like taking off clothes or taking shower will become intense issues. And at last, average cost of hair transplant in terms of time will be one year. After one year your hair gets the shape that you wanted.

Turkey Hair Transplant, Average Cost in Clinics


The hair transplant average cost in Turkey hair transplant will depend on several factors, such as the extent of the procedure and the type of transplant used. Other than this, the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey you choose will also play a role in determining the cost. To get an accurate estimate for your own treatment, it is best to consult with a specialized clinic for more information about their pricing and packages. Whatever option you choose, it is essential to carefully research each clinic before making any decisions to ensure you receive quality care and results. With careful research and consideration, you can find a safe and affordable hair transplant average cost solution tailored to your needs and budget.

By taking these steps, you can be confident that you are making a wise choice when selecting your ideal Turkey hair transplant clinic. Whatever option you choose, it is essential to carefully research each clinic before making any decisions to ensure you receive quality care and results. Furthermore, all reputable clinics should provide hair transplant before after Turkey photos so that you know exactly what to expect from the procedure and how long it will take for results to be seen.