FUE hair transplantation is the old method applied for hair transplantation. Today, Turkey Clinic Hair Transplant is a very curious and researched subject. Let’s examine the FUE method used by Turkey Clinic Hair Transplant specialists in more detail.

What is FUE (Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation)?

This method is also known as the FUT or strip method. However, under current conditions, this method has been completely abandoned by doctors. Although this method is no longer used in hair transplant surgery, many patients knew hair transplant surgery by that name.

Instead of FUT hair transplantation, the current method in hair transplantation is FUE hair transplantation. FUE is follicular unit extraction. When combined with appropriate hair transplant techniques, the general method is commonly known as FUE hair transplant or hair transplant. All these names can be confusing at first, as there are different names for the same process.

Which Implant Methods Follow FUE?

FUE is the main hair removal method before hair transplantation. This is the first step of all hair transplant procedures. In the FUE hair transplant operation, some hair grafts are first taken from the patient. Then, hair transplantation is performed on the parts of the scalp that are determined as donors. The part determined as the donor corresponds to the back part of the head region of the person who had the procedure.

Special tools are used to collect hair grafts during the hair removal process. Hair grafts consist of hair strands. A hair graft can have one, two or three hairs. The number of hair strands in a hair graft will determine how many hairs will grow from that specific graft.

After the required number of hair grafts are collected, one of the hair transplantation methods is selected. Because the choice of hair transplantation method depends on the level of hair loss and the hair type of the patient. In addition, other factors may determine the choice of hair transplantation method. Generally preferred hair transplantation methods include Sapphire hair graft implant and Slit hair graft implant.

What is Slit Hair Transplantation?

In the Slit hair transplantation method applied in FUE hair transplantation, the doctor opens channels to implant the hair grafts. Later these channels are opened with a surgeon’s knife. Before opening channels for hair grafts, local anesthesia is applied to the recipient area. The recipient area is the area with hair loss.

What is Sapphire Hair Transplantation?

Sapphire hair transplantation method is almost the same as Slit hair transplantation method. However, in the Sapphire method, special diamond-edged blades are used when channels are opened for hair grafts. These diamond-tipped blades cut channels smoothly. Also, in this method, newly implanted hair grows more naturally.

Where Can You Have FUE Hair Transplant?

If you want to have a hair transplant, there are several clinics to choose from. When deciding to have a hair transplant operation, you should first consider whether you want to perform the procedure in your own country or in a different country. Today, health tourism is increasing all over the world. Health tourism is traveling to another country for a surgical operation. The high prices available in the United States and many European countries direct people who want to transact to countries with more affordable prices.

This also applies to hair transplantation. People from all over the world are looking for cheaper hair transplant options in different countries. One of these countries is Turkey. For this reason Turkey has become one of the global leaders in the field of hair transplantation. Since this country has experienced doctors and hair transplant teams, patients choose Turkey for surgery.

Can I Have Turkey Clinic Hair Transplant

FUE hair removal, Slit hair transplant and Sapphire hair transplant are some of the hair transplant methods offered in hair transplant clinics in Turkey. In addition to these methods, DHI hair transplantation is another option. Hair transplantation can be done to patients with one of these methods.

Things to Know About Turkey Clinic Hair Transplant Operation

A hair transplant should be your age and shouldn’t be used to look like a teenager again. Because getting an age-appropriate hair transplant operation will add a positive and natural look to your appearance. Every time set literal expectations when researching a hair transplant in Turkey. Gray thick hair mostly gives better results than thin dark hair. Hair growth in the transplanted area can take up to 9 months. The hair loss usually occurs over several years. Hence, it is important that your hair loss is stable before looking for hair restoration in Turkey.

Most top surgeons do not perform hair transplants on patients under the age of 27. However, it is important that once your hair loss is stable, you will get a hair transplant service so that you still have valuable, viable hair follicles for the transplant. In order to have a successful hair transplant operation in Turkey, the client must have a good donor area where the hair follicles are located. Due to this important factor, hair transplantation is not a suitable procedure for every patient. The donor area must be dense enough to be able to extract graphs to be transplanted. Some very bald patients may opt for a half-coverage hair transplant as opposed to a full-coverage hair transplant. Always ask your doctor before traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant. Some medical conditions can make it less suitable for this type of surgery.

  • Hepatitis B.
  • Heart disease
  • HIV / AIDS
  • hypertension
  • Underlying skin conditions
  • Smoker
  • Pre-existing illness
  • Previous surgical history
  • Some medication


In addition, since hair transplants in Turkey involve minimal risk, you should be aware that there are risks associated with any surgical procedure, regardless of where it is performed. Some of the risks associated with hair transplants can include:

  • Allergic reaction to anesthesia
  • scar
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage
  • infection
  • Further surgeries to treat complications

Expected Conditions After Turkey Clinic Hair Transplant?

The extent of hair transplant in Turkey will determine what to expect after the operation. After a hair transplant in Turkey, you can expect:

  • Possible numbness
  • Bruising
  • swelling
  • complaints
  • Some pain
  • Wearing bandages or bandages
  • Small crusts that form on the treated donor and recipient sites
  • The feeling of tension on the scalp
  • Keeping the treated areas out of the sun
  • Astringent aftercare to prevent infection

If you experience severe pain, bleeding, or any unexpected symptoms, contact the hair transplant clinic immediately.

In Turkey, Clinic Hair Transplant Places are Easy to Find

In Turkey, clinic hair transplant places can be found in many cities and towns, making it easy for those seeking treatment to find a clinic near them. Many of these clinics offer quality services with experienced professionals carrying out the treatments. Moreover, patients can find a reasonable cost of hair transplant for their preferred treatments, complementing their medical experience with affordability. With reliable and trustworthy clinics available throughout the country, Turkey is an ideal destination for individuals looking to undergo a hair transplant.

Moreover, many of these clinics provide pre-surgery counseling as well as post-operative care packages to ensure that their clients are receiving the best possible service and experience. These additional services have made Turkey, clinic hair transplant popular destination for the procedure among both local and international patients. This is due to its comprehensive range of options that cater to different demands and budgets. Therefore, it can be said that finding a hair loss treatment clinic in Turkey is an easy task due to its abundant availability of quality services and affordable pricing, regardless of where one may be located. With the availability of quality clinics and great prices, a trip to Turkey for a hair transplant procedure could be just what you need.