In today’s article, we will introduce you to Hair Transplant Turkey Fue, but first of all, we will answer the question of why hair loss occurs. Hair falls out over time, due to the stress, depression and weather changes that come during the day. Although it is normal to lose 150 hair strands a day, the problem of becoming bald occurs over time. In addition, the gradual increase in testosterone hormone in men is one of the causes of hair loss. Especially in men, genetically hair loss can also be achieved. Over time, these hair losses can be seen as a problem of baldness in men over time.

In addition, we can get rid of the problem with hair transplantation as the most effective solution for hair loss. As you know, hair transplantation is a process performed by giving the hair taken from the nape to the non-hair front area. In this way, you can stop balding in the front. If you are thinking of ‘Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue, continue reading our article.

FUT method and Hair Transplant Turkey Fue

The point to be aware of here is that there are two types of hair transplantation. The first is the Hair transplant FUT method and Hair Transplant Turkey Fue method. FUT method is the most traditional method used in hair transplantation. The skin is cut from the area where the hair is located, so it causes stitches in the area where the hair is removed. In addition, the area where the hair is removed looks ugly. However, if you use this method, you will get rid of the stitches after 7 days. On the other hand, when you use Hair Transplant Turkey Fue which is modern way, you do not have any stitch marks. If you want to be successful for Hair Transplant Turkey Fue, you should go Aslitarcan hair clinic.

Why should we use Hair Transplant Turkey Fue?

First of all, when you use Hair Transplant Turkey Fue method, you will not have any scar. In addition, you will have more natural hair thanks to Hair Transplant Turkey Fue. On the other hand, you will not have natural hair in FUT technique. Moreover, in FUT technique, your hair grows like a thorn, so even if your hair is straight, it will come out like curly. On the other hand, there is less bleeding in the Hair Transplant Turkey Fue technique. Moreover, you will return to your normal life more quickly thanks to Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue. But in the FUT technique, it causes more bleeding. Moreover, you can return to your normal rutin about a week later.

Graft methods of Hair Transplant Turkey Fue

Hair Transplant Turkey Fue method has two grain graft method .What is the graft? Graft is a name given to a piece of skin with two hair strands. So if you are going to use Hair Transplant Turkey Fue, you can do your hair transplantation with the graft method. If you use Hair Transplant Turkey Fue for healthy and dense hair, you will choose to Manually Punch FUE or Micro FUE. The reason why it is called the Manual Punch Fue is that the hair is collected manually.

If you use the Manual punch Fue, a needle will be pricked into your scalp. The aim here is to loosen your hair follicles. Then, depending on your doctor, your hair follicles will be successfully removed with the help of a forceps. However, the disadvantage here is the waste of time. If you use Micro Fue, you will get hair transplantation faster with a micro motor tip.

Channel opening in Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue

If you use Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue, you should care channel technique for hair transplant. The question of what it means to open a channel in hair transplantation comes to mind. Because if we pay attention to the natural appearance of your hair, we can do it. We can say that opening canals is the process of placing them in suitable places for the hair follicles. For this, first of all, hair transplant planning should be done. We know that hair should be transplanted according to the front hairline. We make sure that the area to be transplanted is compatible with other hair. In addition, we know that Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue should be done according to the direction of your hair growth. Otherwise, your hair will not look natural and you may not get the result you want, either.

First Technique of Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue

The first technique used in channel opening for Hair Transplant Turkey Fue is the Percutaneous technique. Channels are opened with the help of small and round needles. In addition, if you use the Percutaneous technique, your hair will look more natural. The disadvantage of the Percutaneous technique is very difficult technique for Hair Transplant Turkey Fue. Moreover, you should go at least two sessions for hair transplant if you use the Percutaneous technique for Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue.

The Second Technique of Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue

The second technique for Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue used in channel opening is Lateral Slit technique. If you use Lateral Slit technique, you can recover later than the previous technique after hair transplantation. Moreover, when you use the Lateral Slit technique for Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue, you get hair transplantation through micro scalpels. In addition, channels are opened horizontally for the Lateral Slit technique for hair transplantation. Besides, there are few places in Turkey using the lateral slit technique.

The Third Technique of Channel Opening in Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue

The third technique for Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue used in channel opening is Sagittal Slit Technique .It is the most preferred technique for Hair Transplantation Turkey Fue .It is similar to the Lateral Slit technique. Because when you use this technique, you will get lush hair with small incisions for the canal. However, we know that the difference from the Lateral Slit technique is made by opening the channels vertically.

If I Opt for Hair Transplantation Turkey, DHI or FUE Would be Best?


If you are considering undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Turkey, one of the most important decisions you must make is choosing between the two most common methods. These are hair transplantation Turkey DHI and FUE hair transplant. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, considering which option is best for your situation can be good.

The hair transplantation Turkey DHI method involves using a specially designed instrument to implant individual follicles directly into the scalp. The advantage of this method is that it can create a natural-looking result with minimal scarring. However, it is more expensive than FUE and requires more time and skill from the doctor performing the procedure. FUE hair transplant involves removing individual follicles from an area of healthy hair on the scalp, usually at the back or sides. This technique is less invasive than DHI and has a shorter recovery time. FUE does not require shaving, which can benefit those who do not want to lose any length from their existing hair.

When deciding between DHI vs FUE, there are several factors to consider. It would be best if you considered how much you are willing to spend on the procedure. Additionally, both techniques have associated risks, so it’s important to discuss these with your doctor before deciding.