Hair Transplant Turkey Maximum Grafts

Hair Transplant Turkey Maximum Grafts Turkey in the hair transplant wonder that issues of persons who are subject to the maximum number of plantation planted or root grafts. Although there is a lot of information on this subject on the internet, there is very little accurate information. The most important reason for this is the small mind games used by hair transplant centers to attract people to them.

Texture Quality

Our hair roots are embedded in our skin. For this reason, the tissue must be healthy while taking the hair follicles and transplanting them to the area we need. It is especially important that it has the necessary flexibility. Briefly, if the donor area where the hair follicles are to be taken is too hard, the tissue does not release the hair follicles and the hair follicles may be damaged while removing from the tissue, or the hair follicles may be deformed due to the hardening of the hair follicles. You cannot use damaged hair in hair follicle transplantation. On the contrary, even if the tissue is very soft, hair follicles can be cut and become unusable due to the tissue flexibility while hair follicles are taken from the donor area. Thus, both the number of grafts taken and the number of grafts transplanted may vary.

Blood Circulation

In some cases, blood circulation in the areas where hair transplantation will be performed is very weak. Blood circulation is one of the most important conditions for the survival of the transplanted hair follicle. There are more than one method in hair transplantation. We can give examples of methods such as lateral slit, vertical slit, percutaneous, DHI Hair Transplantation, sapphire slit. No matter which of these your doctor uses, he will make partial incisions to your tissues. You may have too many roots too. However, if you make more micro incisions than necessary, your blood circulation may be impaired. The hair follicles you add to that area cannot survive due to the impairment of your blood circulation. And deformations may occur during the planting process. Therefore, this situation should be taken into consideration when determining the hair follicle to be transplanted.

Hair Follicle Quality

No matter which hair transplant method is used in hair transplantation, micro incisions are required. This is an unchanging rule. The width and depth of the cut depends on the quality of your hair follicle. If your roots are thick, a slightly wider incision is required. If it is thin, a thinner incision is required. Thus, if the incision size increases, the number of incisions decreases and you can transplant less hair follicles. If the incision gets thinner, the number of incisions increases. Thus, it increases the number of hair follicles that can be transplanted. People with hair transplantation do not understand the difference of this incision because it is opened according to the thickness of the hair and does not leave a trace behind. Of course, the opposite can be the case if the people who do the work are not professional.

The Size Of The Donor Area And The Area Needed

Naturally, the size of the area that needs hair transplantation increases in direct proportion to the number of hair follicles to be transplanted. The larger the area, the greater the number of hair follicles that can be transplanted. Of course, it is a very important issue how many hair follicles you can take from the donor area, whether large or small. When your hair follicles are collected from the donor area in an unbalanced and unprofessional order, very bad scars may remain.For this reason, your doctor should take the hair follicles in a correct and balanced way.

The Duration Of The Hair Transplant Procedure

An average hair transplant period varies between 5 – 8 hours. If you store your hair follicles properly, they can live between twelve and fourteen hours. Unfortunately, they will lose their vitality after this period is exceeded.
As we explained above, you should pay attention to multiple criteria when determining the number of hair follicles you will transplant. In addition, the professionalism of the people who apply the hair transplant procedure is also a very important issue. Depending on the size of the opening to the patients, up to a maximum of 8000 in suitable conditions grafts hair transplant process can be implemented in Turkey.

The Difference Between Graft and Number of Hair and Hair Roots

The number of grafts you will transplant may vary depending on various factors. Taking this opportunity, hair transplant centers can give you exaggerated numbers regarding the number of grafts you will transplant. To give an example, one clinic recommends three thousand grafts of hair for the same patient. A different hair transplant center can say that this person needs 9 thousand hair follicles. The reason for this is that approximately 3 hair strands will emerge from a graft taken from this person. In fact, they indicate the same amount in both cases. In other words, some centers use the terms “graft”, “hair strand” and “hair root” interchangeably. Thus, it can give a high number to the person who wants to have a hair transplant. There are clinics that want to attract customers with such word games.

How Many Thousand Grafts Can Be Transplanted?

By playing with the numbers and expressing the amount, there will be clinics that will tell you about a high number of hair transplants. In fact, they give you information about the number of roots. We recommend that you stay away from such centers. For example, let’s say the clinic found a statement such as “We will transplant 7000 hair to you”. In fact, it means that half of the amount, that is 3500 grafts, will be transplanted. For this reason, it is not useful to compare the figures given by the clinics. Because, in the donor area, each person has a certain number of hair follicles. This amount ranges from four thousand to five thousand. Accordingly, a maximum of 2,000 grafts for hair transplant in Turkey may be named as graft 3000

Thus, factors affecting the number of grafts in hair transplant maximum number of grafts in Turkey and we have addressed the issue will be planted.