Hair Transplant Turkey Best If you are thinking to get a hair transplant, Turkey has so much to give you. Many people from around the world choose here because in the field of hair transplant Turkey is the best with significant prominent features. The country’s highest quality surgeries in cheap prices, successful surgeons, newest and efficient methods, and globally-known clinics make it perfect for the patients who want to get a hair transplant.

It is important to choose the right place to get your hair transplant in to not see unsatisfied results. But in Turkey, this is not a possibility. There are many patients that had a hair transplant before even multiple times but did not receive the satisfaction until they come here.

The country has the best doctors especially in the Follicular Unit Extraction technique. Like Dr. Özgür Öztan ,who is one of the first physicians who performed the method in Turkey, many successful doctors are waiting here to give you the topflight hair transplant experience.

Why Turkey İs The Best Option For A Hair Transplant ?

In one year Turkey hosts 500.000 patients to come here for hair transplant operations on average. The most common reason why people are coming here is that Turkey gives the highest quality of treatment with lower costs. Yes, the cost changes according to many factors like the reason for hair loss, selected method, type of patients’ hair and so on. But the determinant here is the number of grafts and in an obvious comparison, Turkey gives the same service between the price of  $2.500- $5.000 while the price is around $15.000 in the United States. Also, you can get a pre-price by contacting the clinic before you came all the way down here.

Specialists prepare your hair transplant journey for you and here for your every need. A typical package includes 3.000 or 4.000 grafts, accommodation, free transportation, the procedure itself, surgical aftercare and medical support after the surgery, painkillers and antibiotics in case of infection. With the remaining money, you can always enjoy the beauties of the country and turn your medical trip into a vacation. So, the number one reason Turkey has been called the best hair transplant choice is that the country offers more satisfaction for much cheaper prices in comparison to any other country.

What Are The Best Hair Transplant Methods İn Turkey ?

Every individual has a different hair type, reason for hair loss, age. So, we choose unique methods for you. Turkey is the best place you can get a hair transplant and also have plenty of methods to give you the best experience.

In general, a hair transplant is an operation in which surgeons transfer hair follicles from a donor area to the area that experiencing hair loss. The most common techniques to be used are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) in Turkey.

FUE is one of the two primary methods. The procedure is as follows; Our successful surgeons micro-punch incision around the hair follicles, extract those follicular units, separate the grafts and at last implant the grafts to the area that experiencing hair loss. On the other hand, DHI is one of the most advanced and latest technologies and a modified version of FUE. In this method, your surgeon will extract hair follicles from usually from the back of your head, load the follicles in a pen-shaped tool and implement them to the balding area.

According to the patient’s hair type, the largeness of the area method varies. While DHI gives the chance to plant hair without the risk of damaging the follicles, FUE method is useful for much wider areas. The planting process of DHI takes more time than the FUE. Average time is 8 hour for FUE and 10 for DHI. However, for shorter sessions, you can divide your treatment into 2-3 days.

The Latest Technology İn Hair Transplant Best Performed İn Turkey; Organic Hair Transplant

This method has a very unique procedure that is very different from the classical techniques like FUT, FUE or DHI. Surgeons at first, 50 to 100 cm3 from your belly fat, prepare a mixture which is enriched with the patient’s own fat tissue and injects it to the hair loss area. With the help of the body fat roots stay alive and help the new hair to grow stronger and healthier.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics İn Turkey

These clinics are mostly centered in İstanbul, the most known city of the country which is a convenient for the patients coming from different countries. For the local patients, most of these hospitals have branch offices in other cities. All of these hospitals are the best in their job in Turkey hair transplant with the experienced surgeons and will treat you to give maximum satisfaction. All packages include accommodation, private transportation to make you feel welcomed in the country. This way you do not need to worry about where to stay or how to get there. You can focus and enjoy your hair transplant experience. Top four clinics are here for you to make you look and feel your best.


This clinic has experience of over 12 years in hair transplant operations, high level of service quality results and plenty of visitors from the whole world. The clinic is located in İstanbul.

2.Dr Serdar Gökrem Clinic

This clinic is located in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. He is graduated from Hacettepe University, one of the best universities in Turkey and giving you the best results with its professional personnel. Clinic is centre upon the FUE technique.

3.Diamond Hair Clinic

This clinic is located at Istinye University Medical Park Hospital, Istanbul, together with the leading doctor Mehmet Demircioğlu. He graduated from Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University. He studied FUE in the Netherlands. Today, the clinic has more than 3000 successful surgeries.

4.Estetik International

The clinic has centers in Istanbul and Bursa. He has more than 20 years of experience. With 476,865 surgeries and successful doctors in the staff, it gives you the satisfaction of the treatment.