Hair Transplant Turkey 4000 Grafts Before and After If you are curious about the relationship between the number of grafts and hair follicles in hair transplantation, you are on the right page. For hair transplant Turkey 4000 grafts before and after predictions, contact hair transplant center. In this article, you can access general information about hair transplantation.

Graft means hair follicle groups in general. Your physician calculates the grafts. You can get information according to the structure of your hair strands and the characteristics of the balding area. Each graft can consist of 2-3 hair follicles on average. When your hair transplant specialist says that 4000 grafts will be applied, you can think that 9000 to 12000 hair follicles will be transplanted. In each session, you can have a maximum of 5000 grafts. That is approximately 15000 hair follicles. This is primarily because the risk of infection or scar formation is minimized. Although the amount of scar formation varies according to the hair transplantation method. Remember that you will not get better results with more grafting applications.

You can see the hair transplant Turkey 4000 grafts before and after images with the help of your physician. In this way, your trust in the transplantation system of your doctor will increase. You can easily get this information with a preliminary interview. Your doctor and hair transplantation team will determine the frequency and the number of grafts. There are about 150-200 hair follicles per square centimeter in a healthy scalp. This of course depends on your hair structure. In hair transplantation, you aim to reach these average values. So you get a natural look.

How many hair follicles exist per grafts?

A graft is a structure that contains one or more hair follicles and some scalp. In general, hair follicles are not used. Instead, the concept of graft is often used, but both are different things. While the hair follicle refers to only one root, the graft may contain more than one hair follicle.

The hair structure of the patients is different from each other. The grafts found in each patient do not contain the same number of hair follicles. Some patients seem to be more fortunate in this regard. Because while a normal person has an average of 2.5 hair follicles in 1 graft. Some lucky people can have 3-4 hair follicles per graft. After a simple examination, you can learn your hair follicle structure. You can get basic information about hair transplant Turkey 4000 grafts before and after with this article.

There is a difference in the density of hair follicles between hair loss and baldness. Baldness is present in the absence of more than half of the hair in the area in question. For hair transplantation, you do not have to wait for baldness to occur. Because hair loss does not develop suddenly, except for some medical requirements. If the hair density is at the level that you will be uncomfortable, you can get information by contacting a hair transplant center.

Hair Structre Modelling For Perfect Solution

In the online consultation for hair transplantation, clinics require a minimum of 2 photos from patients. These are a front or slightly frontal photo of the hair loss area and a clear showing of the back of the head. These two photographs determine how many grafts are required in the transplantation area. It will also show whether there is a hair follicle that meets this need. Although the photos are wanted to be clear, it is not possible to make a definite operation plan without real evaluation. For this reason, you should remember that the online interview will not be more than a guess.

What is Hair Analysis?

Hair loss is the most common and most important hair problem we encounter. Hair loss, which is determined by hair analysis and offered solutions. If you do not have a hair loss that is above normal, it is not possible to understand this by yourself. Another advantage of having an analysis is that you learn your hair loss type and take measures accordingly. Although hair loss can be seen directly in elderly people, hair loss may hide for a while in young and middle-aged people.

Except for an abnormal shedding, the person cannot understand hair loss. In other words, hair analysis is not a simple analysis that can be done at home in front of a mirror. Hair analysis is the only way to find out if your hair is healthy. Hair analysis is done in 2 ways: Magnifier and Trichoscopy. Magnifier is a device used by doctors in hair analysis and hair transplant Turkey 4000 grafts before and after. Thanks to the special lenses inside, the scalp and hair follicles can be easily seen by getting closer. In this way, your hair problems can be detected. Trichoscopy is slightly different from Magnifier. The trichoscopy, with a small camera on one end, connects to the computer on the other. During analysis, images are instantly displayed on the screen.

Hair Transplant Operation

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be examined by a doctor. This doctor will draw up your final hair transplant Turkey 4000 grafts before and after. At this point, there are some physical and verbal examinations to be done with you. For example, your blood test, allergic conditions, or other medical conditions are learned by the doctor. The doctor must obtain information on more than 20 titles. Considering these, a correct planning is essential for the operation. For example, will local anesthesia be performed, and with which active ingredients or sedation is required? Apart from this, you will be informed about what to do before hair transplantation.

Hair transplant Turkey 4000 grafts before and after can be the day you arrive at the airport or the next day. A hair transplant operation usually takes 5-6 hours for an average hair transplant procedure. This situation is not an uninterrupted operation process. During the operation, a break is given every 1-2 hours, depending on the stages.

Hair Transplant Turkey: 4000 Grafts Before and After Comparison


If you are considering a hair transplant, Turkey 4000 grafts’ before and after comparison is truly remarkable. The transformation shows what can be achieved with this hair loss treatment, while also highlighting the skill and expertise of the medical professionals involved in the process. It is clear that these hair transplant results would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication, as they have ensured the best outcome for their patient. This should give you confidence that if you decide to pursue a hair transplant in Turkey, you will get nothing but top-notch care and the best results.


A hair transplant Turkey 4000 grafts before and after comparison can show you that a hair transplant team in this country has your best interests in mind. Yet, you will also know that it is a reliable procedure with proven results. With all of this in mind, it is no surprise that so many people are choosing Turkey as their destination for hair transplants. As an extra layer of assurance before making a decision, it is important to research potential clinics thoroughly and look for reviews from past patients who have received services there.