Hair transplant surgery is a procedure performed to regain hair follicles on the scalp in areas where there are little or no hair follicles. Despite this, there is a visible success in 90% of those who prefer hair transplant surgery. There are more than one question mark for those who want to apply hair transplant surgery. For example; Will it be painful or how the procedure will take place.

Customers have many options, depending on their hair type or thinness. These options offer you an endless opportunity.

Examining hair transplants simply and collecting information saves you time. Still, the most logical choice to make would be to seek the opinion of an expert in this field.

Types of Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair transplant surgeries vary according to your hair type and skin sensitivity. With the development of technology and science, hair transplant methods have more than one type.

There are more than one question mark for those who want to apply hair transplant surgery. For example; Will hair transplant surgery be painful or how the procedure will take place.

Yet, with the developing technology, hair transplantation procedures have become painless.

We can examine hair transplant methods in two different ways as FUT and FUE;

In contrast to this method, the hair follicles that are cut in strips with the FUT method are removed one by one in the FUE method. This situation reduces pain.

Hair transplant surgery with FUE is easier with the help of advanced technology. So, the pain is almost zero.

So, hair transplantation with the FUT method is not preferred today.

Hair loss has two areas in which it wants to get positive results in its treatment;

To get natural looks that are not different from the real ones.

What Are Hair Transplant Methods?

Questions arise in the minds of everyone who thinks and makes decisions about hair transplantation surgery.

Many questions such as what is the hair transplant surgery, which hair transplant should I choose for my scalp can confuse you.

Hair Transplant with FUT Management

The FUT method is a painful procedure. Causes skin irritation. So, it is not as preferred as it used to be. We can observe pain according to the scalp or hair follicles.

Fut method is an operation performed to revitalize healthy hair follicles in the area where hair transplantation will be performed. It is also called root extraction.

The process is applied to the hair follicles. But stitch of hair transplantation surgery is performed should be discarded. We can observe scars on the planted area after the operation, although they are not very large. Besides, we can see its advantages due to the transplantation of excess hair follicles in a single operation. Yet, the FUT method is not a preferred method as before. Because it is a painful procedure and because of the scar left in the operation area after the procedure.

Hair Transplant with FUE Method

The Fue Hair Transplant Method first emerged in the 2000s. Besides, Fue Hair Transplantation does not pass as a surgical procedure. Besides, it does not leave any traces on the scalp. So, it is one of the most preferred methods around the world.The process for hair is done on the neck area. Still, it does not look like the Fut method. So, it creates a natural look instead of the FUT method. For this reason, the preference rate is high. So, there is no pain or scarring in the treated area.

In the Fue method of hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied. This ensures that it is a hair transplant method that you can carefully choose.

The FUE procedure used among hair transplantation methods is performed in 4 different ways:

FUE Method with Manual Punch

In the FUE method, hair follicles are first processed with the manual punch technique. Doctors who loosen the hair follicles one by one with this tool, which has more than one variety. Then collect the loosened hair one by one with a special tool called micro pen-set for hair transplantation. The Manual Punch Method is a long time consuming process due to the implementation of individual processes.

FUE Method with Micromotor

The places where the hair follicles will be treated are easily loosened by the tool called Micromotor. Just like the Manual Punch method, the tools used in this method have more than one option.

This tool, which helps in the process, is placed in the machine, whose dimensions are used according to the scalp and hair follicles. It loosens the hair follicles automatically by opening small and tiny holes around the hair follicles. Loosened hair follicles are collected with a device called micro-pen, as used in the other method. This method takes less time than other methods.

Robotic FUE Method

The advancing technology has led to more options and possibilities in hair transplant methods. One of them, the Robotic Fue Method, has been the most preferred method due to its short duration. The said method is performed by a robot directed by doctors.

In the method applied, more than one camera analyzes the scalp and transfers it to the computer environment. As a result of the analyses made by the doctors, the hair follicles are collected by paying attention to the direction of the hair follicles.

The process is done by the computer. This makes the distance between hair follicles clearer and noticeable.

In this process, hair follicles are not damaged. So, it is helpful compared to other hair transplant methods. This process is not used continuously in most hair transplantation centers. Because it is a new procedure and is in the development process.

DHI Method 

Hair transplantation with the DHI method, also known as the pen technique, is a sub-method of FUE performed in the normal method. This hair transplant method is also known as an unshaved hair transplant method. This pencil collects the hair follicles. In this way, the process area is determined. This method has different stages. Because the pipes to be treated are not opened.

In summary, the processes applied to the scalp and having stages in Fue Methods take place simultaneously in the DHI Method. Therefore, hair follicles wait less outside of the skin. Thus, the success rate is high.

Pre-Surgery: How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Turkey?


After researching “how much does hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey?”, you may find that it is a more affordable option than getting the same procedure done in other parts of the world. The lower cost can be attributed to lower labor costs and greater availability of skilled surgeons. Be sure to do your due diligence and research potential clinics and surgeons to be sure you receive quality care at an affordable price. Also, make sure that you are aware of any extra fees or hidden charges, as these can add up quickly. With careful research and planning, hair transplant surgery in Turkey could be a good investment for your future self-confidence.


Once you have chosen a clinic and surgeon for your hair transplant surgery and learn “how much does hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey?”, it is important to ensure that you are well prepared for the procedure. Be sure to ask questions if there is anything that you do not understand or if something doesn’t feel right. It’s important to remember that a hair transplant procedure is an investment in your well-being, but not a guarantee that all of your desired results will be achieved.