Labia Minora Reduction Labia minora reduction surgery, also called labiaplasty, is the name given to the removal and of the excess tissue and reshaping of enlarged inner lips of the vulva. This operation gets its name from the inner lips of the vulva. The inner lips in the vulva are called labia minora, and the outer lips are called labia majora. These lips do not have a size that can be generalized. It differs from person to person. In fact, for example, one of a person’s inner lips may not be the same size as the other. Some people’s outer lips may surround the inner lips. Some people’s inner lips may be bigger than the outer lips.

While some women do not mind this, others may perceive it as a problem and consult a doctor. This is where the labia minora reduction surgery steps in. Actually, this is not a serious health problem. Women who do not like the appearance of their vulva can consult a plastic surgeon to find out whether they are suitable for labia minora reduction surgery. Then, if the patient is suitable for labia minora reduction surgery, the patient is examined. Doctors make a decision on where how big they are going to cut the area by measuring the inner and outer lips.

It is not difficult for plastic surgeons to perform labia minora reduction and this type of surgery. A lot of plastic surgeons can perform these operations easily and in a short time. The results of the labia minora reduction surgery are generally very successful.

Why People Undergo Labia Minora Reduction Surgery?

Some women have asymmetrical or large labia minora and were born this way. The labia minora of some women have grown or enlarged by being exposed to some external factors and effects during their lifetime. We can give childbirth as an example. Generally, the inner lips of women who are delivering their child in a natural way (vaginal birth) are not the same as they were before the birth. Lips stretch inevitably as they have to be wide enough for a baby to come out. Another example is aging. Early in life, almost all of our muscles are tight and lively. But as we grow older, the muscles in our body age and begin to stretch just like we do, and their tightness and liveliness are no longer exist. Vaginal muscles also stretch as we grow older and their appearance may change.

Some women who are uncomfortable with this change might choose to undergo labia minora reduction surgery, which is mostly a cosmetic surgery. In addition, these stretches may cause some problems not only in a cosmetic way but also in medical terms. The person may experience urethral problems. Or, she may not get any pleasure from sexual intercourse because her labia minora is large and blocks the clitoris. The person may not be comfortable with the clothes they are wearing, or they may have difficulty in wearing tight clothing such as tights, sportswear, or swimwear.

What Does A Labiaplasty Consist Of?


What Should You Do Before Labia Minora Reduction Surgery?

When you consult a plastic surgeon, you should discuss all the details about the surgery with him/her. You should ask all the questions you have in mind. You should learn about the potential risks, the techniques the plastic surgeon can perform on you, and what to do before and after the surgery. If there are complications that may occur during labia minora reduction surgery, you should get information about them. If you have a chronic disease or a condition, you should tell your doctor what these diseases are before you undergo labia minora reduction surgery. This is important for your health and safety, as well as for your doctor. No doctor wants to take responsibility if something bad happens to the patient during the labia minora reduction surgery.

How Are Labia Minora Reduction Surgery Techniques Applied To The Patient?

Labia minora reduction surgery is performed by giving the patient a sufficient dose of local or general anesthesia. It usually takes an hour, but it is a factor that can change from patient to patient. Some surgeries take longer than an hour, some can be finished within forty-five minutes.

Labia minora reduction surgery also has different application techniques. The commonly used technique by plastic surgeons is the method of cutting and removing excess skin directly and in a linear form. In this method, along the linear area on the labia minora is cut, then the excess skin is removed, and the inner lips are sewn from the upper side. When the surgery is over, there is only a small scar left.

Can You Get Your Labia Reduced?

Recovery Period of Labia Minora Reduction Surgery

After the labia minora reduction surgery, the person may sense a swelling and observe some bruises in the operated area. Or she may experience a burning sensation while urinating. When faced with such problems, it will be so much better to consult the plastic surgeon who performed the surgery and take advice from him/her than to apply something on her own.

Any tiring sports activity should be avoided for a month. Tight clothes should not be worn, and the operation area should not be disturbed. If possible, a person should avoid having sexual intercourse for 1 or 2 months. Activities such as cycling or running should not be done in this period as they will damage the vulva and the muscles around it and disturb the operated area. Instead, other sports that require less effort can be done. The patient should not carry heavy items during the post-operative period. If she is doing heavy duties because her job requires her to do that, then she should take 1 or 2 weeks off from her job. This is very important for the healing of the operation area.

In conclusion, labia minora reduction surgery is not an operation you should be afraid of. If you follow the instructions and listen to the advice your plastic surgeon gives you, you will complete the process excellently.

What is Labia Minora Reduction?

Labia minora reduction, also called labiaplasty, is a surgery that can change the size or shape of the inner lips of a person’s private parts. The inner lips are called labia minora, and sometimes people might feel uncomfortable because they are too big or not the same on both sides. So, this surgery helps them feel better and more comfortable.

Why Do People Choose Labia Minora Reduction?

People choose to have labia minora reduction for different reasons. Some might feel a little uncomfortable or in pain because their labia minora are too big. Others might want to change how they look to feel more confident. Remember, everyone is different, and what matters most is how a person feels about themselves.

The Surgery

When someone decides to have labia minora reduction, they go to a special doctor who knows all about it. The doctor will make sure the person is asleep during the surgery, so they won’t feel any pain. Then, the doctor will carefully change the size or shape of the labia minora to make them look the way the person wants.

Getting Better

After the surgery, the person might feel a little bit of pain, and their private parts might look swollen and have some bruises. But that’s okay! The doctor will give them medicine to help with the pain, and it will get better with time. They might also need to rest and not do any hard activities for a little while.


Labia minora reduction, or labiaplasty, is a special surgery that can help people feel more comfortable with their private parts. It’s all about making a person feel more confident and at ease. If someone ever wants to have this surgery, they should talk to a special doctor who knows all about it. Remember, everyone’s body is unique and special, and what matters most is how we feel inside.