Hair Transplant Specialist

What should the hair transplant specialist pay attention to? Hair transplantation is among the most preferred aesthetic operations of recent times. Hair loss, which has been experienced for various reasons since adolescence, also affects the person’s psychology. In addition, it makes him feel uncomfortable. This problem is experienced due to many reasons such as genetic structure, hormonal problems, environmental factors and drug use. Today, the best solution to hair loss is the hair transplant method. We ensure that hair transplant surgeries are performed in a short time. In addition, there is no scar as a result of the procedure. In addition, it is preferred by many patients because the transplanted hair is permanent for life.

After deciding to have a hair transplant, it is normal to have many question marks in mind. Before this operation, you need to consult a hair transplant specialist. We do various analyzes and hair care before hair transplantation practices. As a result of these analyzes, the region of the grafts to be taken is determined in the area to be planted. Our plastic surgeons, who will perform the transplantation process, draw the new hairline that is expected to occur after the operation. In hair transplantation, we apply local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. Thanks to the anesthesia test to be performed before hair transplantation, you can have a painless and painless operation. Thus, we perform these operations with the best facilities in our hospital. We make our patients happy together with our specialist doctors.

Hair Transplant Specialist: How Do Experts Do Hair Transplantation?

Today, we prefer the FUE method in hair transplant operations. In addition, in hair transplantation performed with the FUE technique, no wounds are opened during the application. In this way, no scars are formed during hair transplantation. The first step in the hair transplantation process is to specify the donor area where the grafts will be taken. We choose the donor area with the best grafts for hair transplantation on the nape and behind the ears. We extract hair follicles with special micromotor devices. Thanks to the hair transplant specialist, a very comfortable operation is provided. These grafts are kept in a special solution and we make them high quality.

Our experienced plastic surgeons plant one by one in the transplant area determined before the operation. Grafts are planted in accordance with the natural angle of the hair follicles and their exit location. In this way, we get the most natural impression as a result of hair transplantation. We see thinning in hair due to reasons such as genetic reasons, hormonal problems. In addition, our patients with hair loss can have hair transplantation.

In our patients who will have a hair transplant operation, the amount of graft required for transplantation should be found. Hair transplantation is performed in our patients who are congenitally balding, also known as corners in daily life. Hair transplant specialists give the necessary information to our patients. Grafts, which are important for hair transplantation, are not found in sufficient numbers in the head area. In this case, we also plant hair follicles from certain parts of the body such as neck, back, chest, genital area.

What Do Specialist Doctors Recommend After Hair Transplantation?

During the hair transplant operation, we process both the donor area and the transplant area. In addition, these areas need extra attention. You should rest at home for the first 4 days after hair transplantation and protect the head area against possible damage. In the first 20 days after the applications, redness or crusting occurs in your hair.

These crusts formed spontaneously fall off within 20 days. If the crusts do not come off, you can intervene yourself with the method recommended by our doctor. The hair transplant specialist performs a pre-sowing examination. You must wear a hat for the first 16 days after sowing. In this way, harmful UV rays from the sun will protect you. In addition, you are protected against external factors such as rain, wind, dust. Do not go to gyms, sea, baths for the first month after hair transplantation. Thus, we prevent inflammation and possible blows that may occur in the planting area. A few sessions after hair transplantation will do you good.

In addition, with the PRP process, you can provide the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for the development of hair follicles. In this way, your transplanted hair will both grow much faster and look more beautiful. The hair transplant specialist first checks our patient and then starts the operation. Hair transplantation applications should be done in a short time and no wound should occur as a result of the procedure. In addition, we ensure that the transplanted hair is permanent for life. This is easily preferred by many.

Hair Loss Phase And Results

After hair transplantation, we observe shedding with the shedding of crusts. We can say that this situation, which is seen from the third week after the hair transplant operation, is the “shock shedding phase”. In addition, in the shock shedding phase, the transplanted hair follicles do not fall out. We ensure that the Shock shedding phase is experienced in order to open the area where the freshly planted hair follicles will grow.

Hair loss decreases from the third month and stops completely in the fourth month. After hair transplantation, the first growth of hair is seen in the fourth month, that is, after the Shock shedding phase. The first hair to grow is weak and less. In addition, from the sixth month onwards, we see that the hair starts to get stronger and increase. Two years after the hair transplant operation, almost all of the transplanted hair follicles will be complete. The hair that will grow at the end of the second year will be lush, healthy and good looking.

Hair transplantation prices vary according to our doctors and the amount of grafts to be planted in our hospital. The place where you will make the application must have the latest technology devices. In addition, surgical environments must be sterile. Our plastic surgeons or hair transplant specialists are very good in their fields.

Packages for Hair Transplant Turkey All Inclusive


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