Slimming Techniques

Weight loss options without surgery methods have been a matter of curiosity lately. The reason why these slimming procedures have become so popular lately is due to the fact that people gain weight. Along with weight gain, many health and psychological problems began to appear in people. First of all, with weight gain, chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol begin to appear in our patients. Physically, our patients begin to dislike themselves. For this reason, they lose their self-confidence and become asocial people.

As they start to become asocial, this situation pushes our patients into depression. Depression and diabetes medications are drug groups that make people gain weight. With the use of these drugs, more weight gain is observe in our patients. Our patients are affect by this weight gain both physically and psychologically. There are also restrictions on the freedom of movement of people due to weight gain.

If you want to have any of the weight loss options without surgery methods, you must first make an appointment with our expert team. In this interview, our expert team first listens to your life story. It listens to which processes, which methods are suitable, and tries to choose the most suitable method for you. He informs the patient about the procedure he will do, and makes the patient out of the situation. If our patient accepts the procedure, the procedures are start. If the patient’s weight loss can be resolve with diet and exercise, these methods are try first. But if there is a need for a procedure more than diet and sports, we perform the appropriate procedure for our patient. However, if the patient’s body mass index is over 40%, having these people undergo surgery will provide more successful results.

What Are Weight Loss Options Without Surgery?

It is possible to talk about many methods for Weight Loss Options Without Surgery. We are trying to help the patient lose weight with non-surgical procedures in cases without severe obesity. Now I will tell you what these processes are. First, let me explain the gastric balloon procedure. In this procedure, a balloon fill with blue liquid is place in the stomach by endoscopic means. This balloon is attach to the stomach with the help of staples. If this bubble bursts, the urine of the harvester will turn blue.

From here, the patient can easily understand that the balloon has burst. This balloon stays in the stomach for 6-12 months. In this process, the patient loses up to 2 pounds of weight. Thanks to the balloon, the patient feels full. In this way, he starts to eat less and loses weight. It is normal to have edema in the body after this period.

Another method for Weight Loss Options Without Surgery is stomach botox. In this procedure, the stomach is contract by endoscopic botox injection. In this way, with the feeling of satiety in the stomach, the patient starts to eat less and loses weight. Another procedure is gastric banding. In this process, the stomach chamber of 1000 ml is reduced by 15-20 ml thanks to the clamp. Gastric chamber is narrowed. A tunnel is created in the stomach against a possible slippage. This process varies between 1-1.5 hours. It is a matter of curiosity whether there is pain for these procedures. No pain is felt in these procedures. Local or general anesthesia is apply to our patient. In this way, our patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. After these procedures, if there is no problem relate to the procedures, the patient is discharge 1-2 hours after the procedure.


In order to carry out the weight loss options without surgery, a consultation with our expert team is provide first. If you are deemed suitable for the procedure, they will first go to the endocrine department and give blood. According to these blood values, a suitable diet and exercise program is prepare for the patient by sending them to the dietitian.

As a result of these procedures, first of all, the patient should do diet and exercise in order to remove edema from his body. In this way, the patient will prepare his body for the procedures to be perform. The patient is process after this period. Although the choice of procedure depends on the patient, our expert team will explain the most suitable procedure for our patients. The best procedure for our patient is apply to our patient. Our patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the procedure.

The process after the process is as important as the process. Because in order for these processes to be successful, they must be managed well in the post-processing process. In the period after this procedure, all responsibility falls on the patient. It is important that he sticks to the appointments and instructions given to him. Particular attention should be paid to his conversations with his dietitian.

Our patient needs to be fed liquid in the first 2 weeks of this period. Afterwards, he can gradually switch to solid food. However, they can consume healthy products such as protein, grains, vegetables and fruits as solid food. Our patient should never eat carbohydrate and sugary products. These foods are among the food groups that reduce the success of the procedure. During this period, it is important for our patients to drink water. It is important that they drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Who Can Have Weight Loss Options Without Surgery?

With the increase in this weight recently, many men and women are uncomfortable with this weight. All individuals over the age of 18 who are uncomfortable with their weight can have these procedures. But it is important that your body is suitable for this process. Any health problem may prevent these procedures from being perform. Especially in women, they are disturb by the fat around the belly and waist, while men are uncomfortable with the fat around the belly and waist. For this reason, these transactions are among the most prefer transactions.

Are Weight Loss Procedures Without Surgery Effective?

Various weight loss procedures without surgery are available for those seeking an alternative. These can include lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and medications designed to reduce appetite and speed up metabolism. You may also explore natural remedies such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. Some clinics specialize in non-surgical weight loss treatment such as body wraps and mesotherapy.

Additionally, behavioral therapy and other lifestyle modification techniques may be recommended to help individuals gain better control over their eating habits and become more successful in their weight loss goals. Ultimately, the best way to achieve long-term success is through a combination of diet and exercise and the proper guidance from a healthcare professional. With the right lifestyle changes, medications, and counseling, individuals can successfully manage their weight through weight loss procedures without surgery.

It is crucial for anyone considering weight loss procedures without surgery to discuss all options with their healthcare provider to determine which approach is best for them. Your doctor may determine the desired answer: “how to qualify for weight loss surgery?” Different methods may work differently for other individuals, so it can be helpful to explore all options before deciding.