Hair Transplant Istanbul Turkey Price

Hair Transplant Istanbul Turkey Price Hair loss can be caused by a variety of diseases. Until hair transplantation, a proper diagnosis should be made, and hair treatments and transplantation should be carried out accordingly. Hair transplantation is a treatment that has been preferred by many people suffering from hair loss. It is a procedure that involves harvesting hair follicles resistant to hair loss from the nape region of the body. Then transplanting them to the area of hair loss. Those who want to make this process abroad explore hair transplant Istanbul Turkey price.

Before the price research, what is necessary for this process should be known. Individuals between the ages of 20 and 60 are candidates for hair transplantation. It is necessary for the individual who will undergo transplantation to spare 3 days before and after the surgery. The time it takes to implant hair follicles depends depending on how many are required. However, it usually takes between 6 and 10 hours. One week before the surgery, blood thinners including aspirin can be avoided. After learning this information, hair transplant Istanbul Turkey price should be investigated.

What are the Conditions That Make Hair Transplants Eligible?

Few forms of hair loss are appropriate for transplants, but not all. Your Trichologist or transplant surgeon will tell you whether you’re a candidate for surgery. Male and female type hair loss are the most important reasons for hair transplants. Hairs from the back and sides of the scalp are transplanted to the other regions of the scalp. Hair transplantation can be used to treat male and female pattern hair loss, as well as:

  • due to traction or mechanical causes
  • as a result of burns
  • after cosmetic surgery, such as facelifts, is common.
  • Hair deficiency that is permanent as a result of radiotherapy

Depending on the source, hair transplantation may also be used to build or thicken brows where they have been lost. Hair transplants are not recommended for hair loss under the following circumstances:

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Primary Scarring Alopecia

Costs of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant prices are affected by a variety of causes, and they differ from person to person. When you begin your hunt, you can come across prices that are extremely high or extremely low. Before considering the cost of hair transplantation, you can choose the facility and doctor you choose to use. Since the most critical factor is the consistency of the submission. Hair transplant costs that are too high or too low may be deceiving. Since they use customized fabrics, cutting-edge technology, a specialized staff, and offer excellent service. However, just because a hair clinic’s hair transplant price is high does not mean it is cheaper than others. But all the countries, hair transplant Istanbul Turkey price is most suitable.

Hair transplant cost is influenced by several factors. These are:

  • FUE or DHI are the most popular methods of application. The DHI process is more expensive than FUE and other similar procedures. A hair transplant doctor will educate and advise you about the best option for you
  • For a natural appearance, the appropriate number of grafts should be determined. The price is directly proportional to the number of grafts.
  • The price will vary due to the size and scarcity of the planting field.
  • Hair transplant costs cover treatment materials and dressings. These often vary according to the user.

Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular. Many people learning about the advantages of traveling to Turkey for the best hair transplant. This method relocates hair from dense areas of growth to areas of hair loss. Also, it reversing the balding process and restoring hair growth. Besides, this method is becoming more popular than other treatments. The Turkish Health Care Travel Council estimates that 750,000 health tourists visit Turkey per year. About 6,500 health tourists visit Turkey each month for hair transplants. A total of 75,000 hair transplant procedures are performed each year. A large number of health visitors are Europeans and Russians. In the coming years, the figures are expected to skyrocket. Due to the facilities provided by the Istanbul people wondering about hair transplant Istanbul Turkey price.

Why Do You Have Your Hair Transplanted in Turkey?

Hair transplantation began in Turkey a decade and a half ago. Its popularity has recently risen. Turkey has been a destination for many people from all over the world who want to get hair transplants. Since it brought together high quality, affordable prices, and fierce competition. In addition to the distinguished experience gained from tens of thousands of hair transplants. Turkey has unbeatable costs for hair transplants. Also, it has cutting-edge laboratories and clinics as well as highly skilled surgeons. Aside from that, all-inclusive medical health packages in Turkey ensure that the operation goes smoothly. Besides, you have time to explore Istanbul or Izmir during your stay. Also, hair transplant Istanbul Turkey price is the cheapest among all countries.

Cost of Hair Transplant Istanbul Turkey

The majority of hospitals have ‘All Inclusive’ packages for their customers. These bundles contain the required prescriptions, as well as all transfers and lodging. Besides the price is unaffected by the number of grafts transplanted. They also pledge that there will be no hidden cost. Because there will be no doubt about whether or not patients will afford the transplant. Hair transplant prices in Turkey are one-third or one-fourth of what they are in the European countries. The majority of Turkish hair transplant clinics charge between 1.300 and 2.000 GBP for a hair transplant.

Is Low Cost Equates to Low Quality?

Low hair transplantation cost Any people may be hesitant to travel to Turkey. Because they believe that cheap prices equal low quality. The low labor cost is one of the reasons why hair transplant Turkey and other therapies are so inexpensive. The exchange rate between the TL, Pound, and Euro is the biggest reason you will get a high-quality hair transplant. Turkish doctors and hospitals are known for their expertise and effectiveness in performing difficult surgeries. As a result, hair transplant Istanbul Turkey price is most suitable for you.


A hair transplant is a special thing that helps some grown-ups with hair loss to get more hair, a bit like getting a special potion to make their hair grow!

Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Hair Transplant?

Istanbul, Turkey is like a special place where some grown-ups choose to have a hair transplant. After that, They have special clinics with experienced doctors who perform the best hair transplant surgery.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey Cost?

Firstly, The price of a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey can vary. It depends on different things, like how much hair is needed and where it comes from. Moreover, It’s like buying something special, and the price can be different for each person.

Talking to Adults

If you have questions about  hair transplant  Istanbul, Turkey Price, talking to grown-ups like your parents or a caring teacher can be helpful. They can provide more information and help you understand better, just like they do with other interesting things.

In Conclusion, Getting a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey is like going on a special hair adventure to change your hair. So, It’s a bit like finding out how much something special might cost. If you have questions, talking to grown-ups you trust is always a good idea. Always remember, it’s essential to love and take care of yourself, no matter how your hair looks!