Hair Transplant Istanbul Package

Hair Transplant Istanbul Package Hair transplantation allows individuals who suffer from hair loss and baldness, which is mostly caused by hereditary causes, to restore hairy look. There are hair transplant Istanbul package for transactions. We specialize in hair transplantation in Istanbul and have seen the most cutting-edge scientific trials available in Turkey. Istanbul’s status as a metropolis at the crossroads of two continents has an impact on this. Hair transplantation is a surgical process that involves transplanting hair from one location with solid hair roots to another with fine hair or none at all. Hair loss is a major issue that affects millions of women and men all over the world. If you have hair loss, you can first try medicine. Hair Transplant Istanbul package are ideal for you. There are many.

You are waiting for appropriate hair transplant treatment for you, we provide hair loss strategies by applying established permanent hair transplant techniques. This treatment is best when performed by a professional team at hair transplant Istanbul. We recommend Aslı Tarcan Clinic to you with peace of mind. This clinic also has hair transplant Istanbul package. We are assured that you will be managed in the best possible manner at this clinic. When we look at the clinic’s offerings, we note that it promises FUE and DHI hair transplantation. Unshaved hair transplantation and afro hair transplantation are two other solutions. Hair transplantation is not only performed for men here, as it is in other facilities.

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Women may still have their hair transplanted. Women are looking for a campaign. There is a hair transplant Istanbul package in Aslı Tarcan.  Hair and beard transplantation are also available at the clinic. Yes, you can find them while looking for the finest hair transplant Istanbul has to offer. Istanbul is the place to go if you want to have hair transplanted in Turkey. If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Medical Consultants are available to assist you 24 hours each day, seven days a week. The clinic has the ability to provide a variety of different facilities, ranging from transportation and lodging to interpretation.

Clinic that caters to your requirements, from medications to shampoo and lotion to what you wear on the day of your appointment. This institution is identified as a pandemic preparedness institution by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Yes, there are these besides the hair transplant Istanbul packages. The institution is set up to protect all of the issues on the pandemic checklist. Hepa filters and sterilization are also used in these covid diagnostic tests. There is, of course, a mask that must be worn. You may also contact us by scheduling an appointment and using the information included in the contact section.

Hair Transplant Packages

Generally, we do not see age and gender as limiting factors for hair transplantation techniques. We can apply it successfully to individuals from 20s to 70 years and over. The ideal candidate for hair transplantation has healthy hair follicles near and behind the head. These regions are the areas where we take the hair follicles from which we will transplant. Your specialist informs you about hair transplant techniques in the consultation.

Ideal candidates for hair transplantation;

  • Those who have male or female pattern baldness,
  • those with scars,
  • Those who have had scalp injuries,
  • people who have hair loss as a result of cosmetic surgery procedures,
  • people who have previously undergone hair transplantation procedure.

4 Basic Stages We Apply

First of all, we determine the hairline and the number of grafts. We examine the area affected by hair loss and the hair structure in the donor area in detail. We inform patient about the operation technique suitable for the person and the number of grafts we can take. At this stage, we finally create a hair transplant plan. Then we shave the area to be taken for the hair transplant operation. We also shave the area to be transplanted. So we get your head ready for the procedure. After that, we have an anesthesia application with or without needles. Our patients do not have pain complaints. We take care of the whole process.

We separate the hair follicles and keep them in a special, sterile solution during the process. Then we create small incisions where we will place each hair follicle. We place the hair follicles that we hold in a special solution into the channels we open. In the DHI method, we carry out the channel opening and planting stages at the same time. The first 3 days after the operation is important for the attachment of the hair follicles we planted. In this process, you need to be careful against contact and impacts. We recommend that you avoid vigorous physical activities for about 1 week. Small crusts and itching may occur in the transplantation area. These can continue for 1 week or 10 days. After about 3 months, the hair we transplant begins to grow.

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The growth rate of the hair is exactly the same in the area where we transplant and the previous hair area. Hair starts to look natural after 1 year. In accordance with the instructions, you need to wash your hair every day for 1 month. We can say that this situation continues like this for a lifetime. In contrast to surgical procedures performed in other parts of the body, we see complications in our hair transplantation practice very rarely. Most of the hair we transplant is shed at the end of the first month, after about 3 months, the transplanted hair begins to grow.

Our experts share all the information with you step by step. We do our latest technology applications with our professional team. We use expert team and equipment. This pandemic process, we paid attention to everything we need to pay attention to during. It is now very easy to get natural and dense hair. We are happy to serve you with our result-oriented methods.


All-In-One Experience

The Hair Transplant Istanbul Package is like an all-in-one experience for your hair. It includes everything you need for a fantastic hair transformation.

Skilled Experts

Firstly, In Istanbul, there are skilled experts who know all about hair transplants. They have special powers to give you the best hair ever.Secondly,  These experts are like hair superheroes who make your dreams come true!


The Hair Transplant Istanbul Package also offers the chance to explore the beautiful sights of Istanbul. You can visit famous landmarks, taste delicious food, and meet friendly people. Above all, It’s like going on a magical journey while getting a hair transformation!

Taking Care of Your Hair

After your hair transplant, it’s important to take care of your new hair. The experts will give you special instructions on how to keep it healthy and stylish.Moreover, With proper care, your new hair will continue to shine and make you feel amazing.

In Conclusion, The Hair Transplant Istanbul Package is a special hair adventure you won’t forget. Skilled experts, fun clinics, sightseeing, and proper care make it a magical experience. After that, If you or someone you know is considering a hair transplant, think about the Hair Transplant Istanbul Package. It’s like going on a hair journey filled with excitement and beauty.