Can You Stretch Your Stomach After Bariatric Surgery The most common question patients ask about tube stomach surgery can you stretch your stomach after bariatric surgery. And this is actually a very important question. If you have decided to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery, your stomach volume will be seriously reduced. This allows you to eat less food and feel full sooner. Another benefit of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is the decrease in the levels of Ghrelin, the hormone that triggers hunger. However, it is also true that the volume-limiting effect of the surgery is responsible for most of the weight-loss effect of sleeve gastrectomy. So, will my stomach expand after the surgery and will I gain weight again are extremely meaningful questions.

Can You Stretch Your Stomach After Bariatric Surgery?

Sagging skin can’t be prevented before surgery, but there are things you can do to tighten it afterwards. As long as you eat a well-balanced diet and take the vitamin supplements suggested by your gastric sleeve surgery team, your body will have the essential building.

Because bariatric surgery alters the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients, those who have undergone the procedure are more likely to suffer from malnutrition. Consequently, patients should check their nutritional status and take supplements such as iron and vitamin B12 to avoid malnutrition and offer their body the greatest fighting chance to mend, including drooping skin. Skin-tightening treatments such as topical lotions and therapeutic massages have not been proved to be useful in the treatment of sleeve gastrectomy.

Stomach Stretching After Gastric Sleeve: Is It Normal?

If you have a gastric sleeve, your stomach will extend somewhat. To be honest with you, I think it’s Even before surgery, stomachs expand naturally during regular functioning. Eat and your stomach expands to accommodate the volume.

It’s true that it’s possible to there hasn’t been a definitive answer yet . However, there are some indications that imply that the slightest, irreversible stretching is possible. As you eat more food (particularly when reaching protein targets), your new stomach may stretch a little, but this happens over a lengthy period of time- many years in fact.

Avoid letting your stomach expand too much. As you eat, your stomach adjusts to the amount of food you consume at one. After the gastric sleeve, you no longer have a regular stomach. As a result, your stomach is no longer able to store almost Because of this, it’s critical that you don’t eat until you’re full.

What Does Stretching Your Stomach Do?

Stomach stretching might cause a distortion in the information that your stomach sends to your brain about By tricking your stomach into thinking that it needs more and more food before sending the “I’m full” signal, you’ve basically deceived it. You’ll overeat if you don’t feel satisfied until after you’ve eaten a lot. Your stomach will also lose its capacity to notify you when you are truly hungry as time goes on. A hungry stomach sends signals when it’s still half-full — because you’ve been filling its tummy with food. Both of these can lead to weight gain quite fast.

How To Avoid :Can You Stretch Your Stomach After Bariatric Surgery

Be careful not to consume too much at one time. You should also take your time when eating. It is best to refrain from drinking during dinner.  Drinking water or soda with a meal may be a habit you’ve developed. As a result, your stomach will be filled with more food at one time. In the future, you’ll be tempted to drink in e ven if it’s vital to keep hydrated, you shouldn’t consume liquids with your meal.

It’s a good idea to start eating little and often While still obtaining all the nutrition you need, this is the most effective approach to avoid stomach expansion following gastric bypass surgery.  Every day, eat five to six small meals of low-calorie whole foods such as eggs and chicken breast, low-fat yoghurt, and mixed veggies.

The Relationship between Hunger-Toughness and Stomach Strretchiness

The oesophagus carries the food to the stomach after it has been chewed and swallowed in the mouth. Thanks to stomach acid production and contractions, it is here that the process of breaking down food begins. Our stomachs grow as we eat, and each mouthful is added to a larger amount that is waiting to be digested by stomach acid To accommodate all of this food, our stomachs grow. “That’s enough food, I’m full,” says the brain when the stomach walls are sufficiently stretched. This is followed by further digestion in the small intestine.

Obesity is mostly caused by faulty hunger-satiety signals, not because people like eating more than other people. As a result of continually and frequently overeating, the signals of fullness from the stomach to the brain are disturbed, resulting in These signals are only sent when the stomach is overstretched or when it is half empty. This is why losing weight is so tough.

What Happens If Overeating Stretches Stomach?

Sleeve gastrectomies reduce the size of your stomach to around one-tenth of what it was before. As an alternative, the section of the stomach remove has thinner walls and a greater expansion capacity. Whereas the area that is left has thicker walls and is more difficult to expand. However, if you continue to overeat after surgery, your stomach will grow. A tight stomach will result from overeating on the pretext of a holiday or celebration. It has a tense stomach will result from overeating during a holiday or supper.

Even if you’re feeling sick, your stomach is merely doing its job. The good news is that it’s also attempting to shrink and lessen.

However, if you eat a huge meal just after a heavy meal, your stomach will go from being stretched to growing. In reality, it’s not the size of your stomach that poses. If you continue to eat in this manner, you run the risk of damaging your hunger-fullness. Inevitably, weight gain will be the result of this eating cycle.

Even if you eat too much in one or two meals, it won’t result in a lasting stomach expansion or harm to your hunger. However, if you keep doing this, you’ll run into issues.

Can You Stretch Your Stomach After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


Have you been asking yourself, “can you stretch your stomach after gastric sleeve?”. In case you didn’t know, gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric weight loss surgery. So, precisely what is bariatric surgery? The answer is that it is a minimally invasive procedure in which a portion of the stomach is removed, leaving a much smaller stomach in its place. This smaller stomach cannot stretch as much as the original one. It, therefore, can cause some difficulty when eating large meals.


For more questions like, “can you stretch your stomach after gastric sleeve?”, refer to your doctor. Your stomach will not be able to stretch back to its original size, but with time it may be able to accommodate larger meals. This is because the stomach will slowly stretch over time as it adjusts to the new size. The amount of stretching that can occur will depend on individual factors such as age, weight, and activity level. So, ensure that you’re in touch with your doctor throughout the surgery for weight loss and follow his advice thoroughly. It will help you in the long run.