Naomi Campbell’s Hair Transplantation

Naomi Campbell’s Hair Transplantation Naomi Campbell’s one of the famuos supermodels and he have hair transplantation history. Campbell had a special journey for the 42-year-old beauty but she was dealing her thinning hair like every women in the society. According to the advanced surgeons diagnose, she was experiencing traction alopecia and her hair fall caused due to utilization of extensions. The supermodel Campbell has been wearing straight extensions over her naturally curly hair for variety of years. Traction alopecia emerged when the extensions pull on the original hair and stereotypically influences the hairline just where the hair characteristic is weaker.

Why Does Traction Alopecia Develop?

If you pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or wear tight braids, probably you are going to experience it. If you are using hair extensions or weaves, you are a suitable candidate to develop traction alopecia. On the other hand to put your hair up in rollers overnight causes this embarrassing situation for everyone. Pulling on the hair in a repetitive way loosens the hair shaft in its follicle unit. Patients with very long hair might also develop traction alopecia due to the weight of the hair pulling on the scalp back. Also men might have it in their beard if they twist it too strictly.

It does not matter your gender, experiencing hair loss towards around age of 50s is inescapable circumstance. The more our lives get more stressful, the more every person is going to undergo this embarrassing situation. Because every individual person tries to prove his existence in this world and it is a challenge. In fact the men pattern baldness influences almost the half of all men around age of 50 or 60. In general every one in four women unfortunately suffer from this issue. Despite this situation, the hair transplantation to treat the worsting hair loss is much less common. Most people have not even known or have tiny knowledge on the treatments and techniques of this most common problem in the society.

Why Does Traction Alopecia Develop?

This condition is one of the most common in African-American female, although it might influence parents of any ethnic groups. It emerges more often among patients in professions that tend to pull their hair up in a strict bun, like gymnasts or ballerinas. Even though the situation might influence patients at any age, it is more likely to develop when likely to develop when you get much older. Because your hair has become more destructed the longer you pull it. It might last between three months up to one year for hair to regrow in normal situations. Otherwise if you continue to pull your hair, it is never going to grow back again. Therefore the only solution might be a hair transplantation procedure like Naomi Campbell’s situation.

Naomi Campbell’s Hair Fall

Superstars including Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and many others all suffered from traction alopecia like Naomi Campbell due to the hair extensions. Campbell was one of the most groundbreaking models over years. Due to her intense schedule she had found that her hair suffered from this challenging work routine. All of the campaigns and photoshoots had meant a countless series of styling sessions also as extension fittings. There is a question mark: how serious the damage in her hair might be. Luckily it was possible to restore this issue by the using of certain treatments but the result depends on the level of the hair loss. Finally she decided to get a hair transplantation fort his embarrassing issue!

What İs This Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a type of aesthetic surgical technique that moves hair follicles you already have to fill in a part with no hair. The expert surgeons have been continuing to do these procedures in the U. S. since around 1950s. However, in today’s modern world they have changed it in elaborate way. The surgeons prefer this technique to treat male typical baldness. Moreover, it is effective to restore beard hair, chest hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, pubic hair. In order to fill in scars due to the accidents and previous transplantation or face-lifts it is excellent. The modern hair transplantation techniques collect and transplant hair follicle units in their innate grouping. The reason is gaining quite natural appearance by imitating the original hair conformance.

How Does İt Work?

Normally you get this hair transplantation procedure in special clinics or doctor’s office like in Naomi Campbell’s hair transplantation. According to your hair loss level and your needs, this process can modify and shape in different ways. First of all the advanced surgeon shaves your scalp cleanly and apply a local anesthesia for this operation. There are two types of this procedure: follicle unit extraction and follicle unit strip surgery.

After the local anesthesia, the doctor uses a micro motor to too little circle punch incisions smaller than 1.5 mm. This stage is obligatory for extracting the healthy follicle units from area you already have. Then the doctor prunes off every individual follicle components to get the donor grafts for the hair transplantation. Then he embeds the collected grafts in a storage solution to protect the hair components. As a final stage of this surgery, the surgeon prefers custom-made needles to open the channels in recipient areas and insert fertile grafts. Another possibility is using an implanted pen in order to insert the healthy grafts.

After Naomi Campbell’s Hair Transplantation

Naomi Campbell’s hair transplantation procedure was quite successful but general situation in fashion world was so cruel. This wild industry went on intolerance manner on African American model’s natural curly hair like Naomi Campbell’s. She was only one of the victims in this preferences of fashion industry but there are many more out there. We even can not hear their voice because of the media’s censorship according to the proper system. Nevertheless we as consumers are as much more to blame. Because we always reject African American hair commercially. After Naomi Campbell’s hair transplantation, she would have underwent severe traction alopecia, baldness, in her old age due to this industrial torture. She has £20 million modelling fortune but probably she is going to end up paying for countless procedures to regain her hair.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplantation for Afro Hair and What Determines Its Highness?


If you are shopping for an answer to “what is the cost of hair transplantation for Afro Hair and is it much higher?” the cost of hair transplantation for Afro hair may be a bit higher than other types of hair due to the techniques used. The procedure requires specialized equipment and techniques to implant donor hairs into the scalp.

Additionally, Afro hair often has thicker strands which means more time and effort are needed to complete the procedure successfully. Individuals must consider a hair transplant consult with a qualified Afro hair transplant specialist to find out precisely what is involved in their specific situation. Overall, consultation before having any medical or cosmetic procedures done can help ensure that an individual receives appropriate care that meets their specific needs and budget.

Ultimately, this will help them determine whether the additional cost associated with an Afro hair transplant before and after is worth it for them. For other perspectives and answers on “what is the cost of hair transplantation for Afro hair and is it much higher?” you can keep reading our blog.