Can you get a second gastric sleeve? This question is very popular among those who fail to see the satisfactory result after getting the first weight loss procedure. Gastric sleeve is a surgery for those who try many things but cannot lose weight. People try many things like eating less, walking, running or do sports. However, some illnesses prevent them to lose their excess weight. These illnesses are diabetes, thyroid, polycystic ovary syndrome, and other hormone related diseases. The hormone related diseases breed the resistance against weight loss. Whatever the patients do, they cannot manage to lose excess weight. They need to find the exact solution to manage it. Weight loss surgery is one of the most successful procedure for those. Twelve months later the patients gotten gastric sleeve procedure lose 70% of excess weight.

Can You Get A Second Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve procedure can help people to fight against obesity. Obesity triggers many hormone related diseases. On the other hand, heart, lungs, vascular system are under the risk because of obesity. So, if you fail your first gastric sleeve procedure, you should think the second one. Can you get a second gastric sleeve? Its answer is yes, today there are many technological devices. Also, development in the field of medicine is a hope for those who struggle with obesity. The second procedure is called revision or conversion. If you think to get the second one, you can plan your weight loss revision surgery with your consultant surgeon. He will give you advice and introduce the options which is eligible for you.

The Reasons of Second Gastric Sleeve Procedure

You may wonder that “Can you get a second gastric sleeve?”. This question is the top topic for those who think about getting the secon weight loss procedure. Before the answering this question, you should know the reason why you need the revision procedure. Some of reasons are shown here in order to give you idea about that. Experienced surgeons share what they know about conversion procedure. Reasons of the need for a second surgery are acid reflux, stomach ulsers, and chronic nausea. These reasons are accepted as post-surgery complications. Dilation of the oesophagus is also known as post-surgery complication of weight loss procedure. Reasons are not restricted with them, you may not be pleasure the result of your first procedure. Whatever your reason is you can have the revision surgery.

While answering “Can you get a second gastric sleeve?”, you can learn many thing about major health problem known as obesity. Obesity is a health problem for everyone. Underlying reason of obesity can be a hormone related disease or it can be eating junk food a lot. Junk foods have more calorie, if you are eager to eat high calorie foods, after reading this article you may give up to eat them.

When you eat high calorie foods, your body fat increases immediately. If you continue to eat them regularly, your body fat will increase constantly. Ideal body fat percentage must be less than 32%. Acceptable body fat rate is between 10% and 12%. After getting gastric sleeve surgery, it is supposed you to lose 70% of excess weight which means that if you have 30 kilos more, you will lose its 21 kilos. It is good news for you to come closer your ideal body fat goal. If you are not happy with the result of your first weight loss surgery, you can get revision procedure.

When Can You Get Revision?

Can you get a second gastric sleeve? This question is answered as yes by surgeons. After that, the second question will come. When can you get it? Like many procedures you should wait a little, after getting the first surgery. Your body should recover, because your stomach will be smaller than its normal size. Your stomach needs time to comply with the situation. Post-op phase is important, because you cannot eat but you can consuma liquid. In order to make your stomach ready for eating, a few days or a week your surgeon may recommend you to do liquid diet. This is the phase of getting weight loss surgery. You can read below that why you have to wait.

Can you get a second gastric sleeve? This question is very popular for those who has gotten gastric sleeve surgery once. Above you can read the information about why you should wait for couple of days. But in this paragraph you can learn when you can realize that you need to get the revision. Actually, experts say that patients can see the satisfactory result 1 year later. The striking point is here which means that you should wait 1 year to realize whether you need revision or not. On the other hand, you may confront complications during this period. These complications may be disturbing, and they may effect your daily life negatively. If you see this kind of things, you should see your surgeon in order to plan for your conversion surgery.

Will You Get The Same Procedure Or Is There Another Option?

Can you get a second gastric sleeve? This question is really essential for those who face to fail. After realizing that something goes wrong with you, you should see your surgeon. Your surgeon will probably recommend you that you should get revision surgery. After telling your problem to your surgeon, your surgeon will tell you that which procedure is eligible for you to get. You may think that is there another option? Yes, there are 4 options for revision procedure.

Can you get a second gastric sleeve? This question’s answer depends on your surgeon and your problem. Your surgeon will listen you in order to determine the situation, because he have to know what your problem exactly is. There are 4 revision procedures; duodenal switch, re-sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, and lap band placement.

To sum up, if you cannot lose your excess weight on your own, you should see a doctor to determine that the underlying problem. After learning that you need a surgery, actually you are the lucky one, because you will have the ideal body shape and healthy body.

Does Insurance Cover Gastric Sleeve in Turkey?


When it comes to answering, “does insurance cover gastric sleeve in Turkey?” it can be tricky. As one can expect, insurance coverage for gastric sleeve surgery depends on the individual’s health plan. Some plans may cover the entire procedure, while others may only cover a portion.

Check with your health plan provider to discuss your eligibility in “is gastric sleeve covered by insurance?” and the costs you may be responsible for. Moreover, many insurance companies require approval from their medical review board before approving any procedure, so it is essential to work closely with your doctor and insurance provider when considering this type of surgery.


If an individual’s policy does not cover gastric sleeve surgery, they should investigate other options, such as purchasing a supplemental plan or seeking financing options from a medical provider. Additionally, there are other ways to receive financial assistance for the procedure. Every person’s situation is different, so you must contact your doctor or healthcare provider if you have questions about getting financial assistance for gastric sleeve surgery. For information besides “does insurance cover gastric sleeve in Turkey?” regarding the surgery, contact Aslı Tarcan clinic to reserve your free consultation.