Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplant works just like normal hair transplant. In summary, it can be explained like this. In facial hair transplantation, first of all, there should be a loss of beard or mustache. Or it should be a corner condition. There is usually no hair in the beard in the corner. In addition, facial hair transplantcan be done even if it does, because it grows infrequently. It proceeds almost the same as the process in hair transplantation. After being examined by our surgeons, what is needed is discussed and decided. In addition, a decision is taken by keeping your health and wishes in the foreground. But if what you want will harm your health, our surgeons will not allow it.

After the decision is taken, blood tests are checked to see if it is suitable for treatment. Nothing can be done to affect the health of our valued customers. Because your health is more important. In addition, blood tests; Tests such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C are done. If facial hair transplant is effective, these tests will not be treated. As in hair transplantation, the donor area is usually the nape area. Because the roots in the nape area are stronger and healthier. Therefore, it is a more logical choice to have the donor area there.

The nape area is shaved and healthy grafts are taken. Finally, the only difference between facial hair transplant and hair transplantation is that ozone vapor and laser are not applied in these procedures. These procedures are performed with great care and care by our professional surgeons. Because we are doing our job in the best way. Even if you are experiencing beard-breaking, you can get examined by our surgeons and get information about whether you need treatment or not.

Errors During Facial Hair Transplant

After facial hair transplant, numbness occurs on the scalp. The reason for this numbness is due to the effect of the drug given to the scalp. These drugs can also cause swelling. In addition, there may be pain due to them. Because numbness and swelling cause pain. Some swelling may occur on the face in the first two or three days after facial hair transplant. This is because of the action taken. The reason is due to the anesthetic or drug given to you during the operation, which has a numbing effect. Swelling and numbness occur due to the effect of these. In addition, usually this swelling is an event that occurs in almost everyone.

Some things must be done to minimize these swellings. After the operation, it is recommended not to stand too long and to rest for about two or three days. It is necessary not to lean forward until the swelling goes away. It should be fed properly. Very spicy, salty, acidic foods and drinks should not be consumed. On the contrary, products and foods that will provide faster recovery should be consumed. As with any disease, plenty of fluids should be consumed after facial hair transplant. In summary, drink plenty of water. Everyone knows the benefits of water to the body.

It is a logical option to remove the edema in the body by drinking plenty of water through urine. You can also reduce swelling by keeping ice and light massage. Finally, if you apply them regularly and correctly, you can get rid of puffiness as soon as possible. It will be more comfortable to lie on your back for 3-4 days after the operation to relieve the numbness. The pain and pain experienced after facial hair transplant completely disappears within 3-4 weeks.

Determining Hairline Suitable For Face Shape

One of the biggest causes of hair loss is genetic factor. If there is hair loss in genetics, that hair of an individual will most likely fall out. In addition, if you take good care of your hair, you will minimize this shedding throughout your life. There are many things you need to take care of to prevent spills. These; Avoid harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol. In addition, nervousness and stress cause a lot of hair loss. In general, hair loss in men is more common than in women. Because male genetics are generally more prone to hair loss. Hair transplantation is performed due to hair loss. Well, we all want the hair transplant to look beautiful.

Our surgeons are the most professional surgeons in this regard. They do their job in the best way and with great care. Forehead line is an important point in order to achieve the best hair transplantation for our valued customers. It is necessary to determine the forehead line according to the face line. You can decide this during the examination with our surgeons. Since our hospital uses the latest technology, you will mostly see how it will be with 3D. The hairline that suits your face shape would be best for you. It makes you look more beautiful. It looks natural.

Is Facial Hair Transplant Covered By Insurance?

Hair transplantation is optional, just like plastic surgery. In addition, just as lip aesthetics is a person’s decision, hair transplantation is an individual’s decision. Initially, hair transplantation was considered a luxury surgery like plastic surgery. As it was a special request, it was not covered by the insurance. But in some cases it was welcomed at that time as well. For example, hair transplantation is paid by the state for people who have had an accident and got burned.

Today, all kinds of hair transplantation are covered. But people with special circumstances are given priority. There is priority in special cases such as accident or burn. Before 2015, hair transplantation was not covered by the state. After 2015, it started to be covered by the state. In exceptional cases, the state meets the hair transplantation in the formation of baldness. In addition, a hair transplant at Bayburt State Hospital was covered by the social security institution (SGK) in 2015. Because it provides all the conditions for hair transplantation.
In summary, the insurance covers hair transplantation after any accident and loss of hair.

Hair Transplantation Turkey vs. US Differences


The differences between hair transplantation Turkey vs. US can be summed up in terms of cost, quality of service, and availability. In general, hair transplant procedures are far more affordable in Turkey, but this does not necessarily mean that you should expect poorer quality results. On the contrary, many patients report excellent outcomes from experienced surgeons in both countries. Additionally, there is a wider range of options available to patients in the US due to its larger population and greater resources for treatment. Ultimately, it is important for individuals to choose the procedure that works best for them based on their financial situation and desired outcome.

Researching both countries thoroughly can help patients make an informed decision about which hair transplant procedure is right for them. When making a decision about hair transplantation procedures, it is also important to consider other factors such as post-operative care. When considering undergoing a hair transplantation Turkey vs. US, it is important to keep quality of care top of mind; research prospective clinics thoroughly to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your procedure. If you are looking for an affordable way to restore your hairline, then comparing these two countries might be worth exploring.