Before undergoing a hair transplant procedure, patients must understand how is hair transplant done.

According to several sources, 60 percent of men, including 50 percent of women also suffer from hair loss or other forms of hair complications.

That is because hair loss is more common than we think. It is a natural symptom of aging and is often the main reason behind why most patients undergo this surgery.

Losing our hair can be devastating, and there are several reasons behind this. The perpetrators behind hair loss, could be related to genetics and aging. Whatever the reason may be, the severity of the hair loss might leave many feeling insecure and hopeless.

Luckily, hair transplant surgery can help fix these hair related issues.

A team of surgeons perform the hair transplant procedure in the doctors office.

The doctor injects the patients with local anesthesia, however the anesthesia dose not put you to sleep, it only numbs the skull. This way the patients wont have to spend an overnight hospital stay and can safely drive back home.

The procedure dose not involve a complicated process. the results are almost always natural and there are very little serious side effects. Suffice to say hair transplant is straightforward.

Hair transplant can help clients feel attractive and confident in their hair once again.

How is a hair transplant procedure done?

The goal of this procedure, is to add large amounts of grafted hair onto the scalp, in order to fully cover up the balding or thinning areas of the head.

Fuller looking hair enhances the persons features, this in return, makes them look more attractive. Everybody wishes to look beautiful. And remedying the thinning areas might be the solution for a good looking appearance.

Potential candidates who wish to reunite with their thick locks once again can greatly benefit from this cosmetic procedure.

Before undergoing the procedure, it is important to select a well trained surgeon that will guarantee you successful results.

Hair transplantation is a simple looking process. Despite the uncomplicated looking process. It requires extra care and precision in order to perform it.

The team of surgeons can create natural look results by accurately implanting the hair follicles.

Here are the steps listed below that are taken when performing the surgery.

Your chosen surgeon will start of by cleansing the scalp. A thoroughly cleansed scalp will prevent any bacteria form causing.

The doctors trim the hair to a shorter length for extraction.

Local anesthesia is injected into the patients scalp. The anesthesia will keep you awake throughout the surgery.

The surgeon than cuts out a strip of skin from the scalp and extracts hair follicles from the cut out skin. Surgeons cover the scar with hair. The incision heals slowly.

How dense the texture of your hair is, is important. Because the density of your hair is what determines it’s location.

The thin hair follicles are implanted around the hair line and the thicker textured hair is implanted behind the scalp area. This strategic placement will make your hair look and feel natural.

How are hair transplantation methods performed?

There are a variety of unique ways to transplant hair.

Doctors have performed the first hair restoration operation in 1950. And ever since than scientists have come up with new and innovative methods of hair transplantation.

However some of these techniques are currently undergoing some improvements.

The methods available for patients are the FUT and FUE methods.

The doctor will present to you these two different options to choose from. The best option will depend entirely on your hair type.

Doctors perform the FUT technique by using a scalpel to remove the skin. the removed skin leaves an open wound. This open wound is than stitched up. This will leave a scar that wont be visible.

The doctor and his team of assistance, carefully cut the skin into pieces. The skin contains many hair follicles. These hair follicles will be transplanted into the balding parts of the scalp.

 The FUE takes fewer steps to complete compared to the FUT.

The surgeon punctures small holes onto the scalp that needs hair. Than the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area for usage. The extracted follicles are than inserted into the tiny holes within the scalp. Unlike FUT the scarring is minimal. This will leave tiny holes around the back of your scalp. These hair follicles are than implanted into the naked areas of the head.

The newer DHI technique operates on a much different way. This technique is based on FUE. Despite these two methods being similar to one another there are still significant differences.

DHI is performed with a pen called the choi pen.

This pen is specially designed for quickly and effectively transplanting the hair.

Is there a Non surgical option for treating hair loss?

Going through surgery can be tough, and not all patients are viable candidates for hair transplantation surgery.

For those who are not able to receive hair transplantation surgery have other option to consider.

Local pharmacists sell vitamins and dietary supplements for people with hair loss and thinning.

Some buyers have claimed that certain supplements and medications have helped them regain their lost hair.

Scientists have not been able to prove if supplements really do work. Today, there has not been any reliable proof in showcasing hair growth supplements as effective.

İndividuals suffering from hair loss have claimed that, some shampoo products can simulate hair growth. However it is best go for medications for hair growth.

In order to treat male pattern baldness, doctors recommend two types of FDA approved medications.

Both these medications are called androgen dependent and androgen independent pills.

Androgen dependent medication can prevent the over production of testosterone in the body, that causes severe hair loss. Androgen will simulate hair growth around 3 months after its consistent usage.

The independent pills however, Despite scientist not being sure how this product can cause hair growth, the men who have consumed androgen independent pills have shown effective results.

How is Hair Transplant Done? The Procedure Explained


Have you been wondering, “how is hair transplant done?” It shouldn’t be a surprise that people would be curious. After all, it is a major surgery that can help you restore your hair. Hair transplantation can be performed in several ways. One of the most common techniques is follicular unit transplantation (FUT). It involves harvesting individual follicular units from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area. The first step in a hair transplantation surgery procedure is to identify the donor area, which is typically located at the back of the head.

After identifying the donor area, the surgeon will use either FUT or FUE to extract hair from this area and prepare it for transplantation. Once the donor hair has been harvested, it is placed into small incisions in the recipient area. The hair transplant specialist will carefully place each follicle in its new location. It may take several months before patients begin to see noticeable results, and it is important to follow all post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon in order to ensure optimal results. Hair transplantation can provide a permanent solution for baldness and thinning hair. To learn more about “how is hair transplant done?”, get in touch with a hair surgeon.