Best Hair Transplant Center In Turkey

You need to do a good research to find the best hair transplant center in Turkey. This research can be done on the internet, by asking people around you, or by visiting clinics and getting information. But to find the best hair transplant center in Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is to do research on the internet. Because you have the chance to access much more hair transplant centers on the internet. And it is easier to reach the contact information of each and reach the experts in it. In this research method, you can examine the customer comments about hair transplantation centers.

So you get access to many reviews, good or bad. Or you can research the doctors at the hair transplant center of your choice. During this research, you can look at the internet pages of doctors. Here are the before and after photos of their hair transplants. Or you can find reviews about these doctors on the internet.

Another way to find the best hair transplant center in Turkey is to consult your surroundings. If there is someone in your neighborhood who has had a hair transplant, you should contact him. You should find out in which hair transplant center he had a hair transplant. Finally, you can visit the hair transplant centers around you. Thus, you will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the people in the clinic. And you see the clinic, the doctors. Maybe you can get information about hair transplant prices by having a preliminary examination. At least you will get detailed information about your hair transplant process. As a result of these methods, you will have chosen the best hair transplant center in Turkey for you.

Things To Consider In The Hair Transplant Process

There are some points that you should pay attention to when you enter your hair transplant process. First of all, as we mentioned above, you need to determine the best hair transplant center in Turkey for you. After choosing the best hair transplant center in Turkey for you, you need to decide on the appropriate doctor. Then the process starts. During the hair transplantation process, approximately 70% of your hair should be shed. The reason is that it is more difficult to transplant hair in hairy areas. As you know, hair transplantation is a very sensitive procedure. And doing it on the hairy area can also damage healthy hair. And in this process, you need to quit alcohol and smoking. Otherwise, your recovery will be delayed. In addition, you should not use blood thinners. If you use it, the severity of bleeding may increase during the hair transplant process.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that requires an individual plan. The rate of hair loss varies from person to person. Therefore, make sure that your doctor makes a special plan for you. A hair transplant method suitable for your hair type and health condition should be chosen. And one of the most important points is the hairline. The hairline is the most obvious thing about the naturalness of hair transplantation. Because when you look at a person’s face, the hairline draws attention the most. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to details such as the person’s face shape and head structure. It is important to create a natural image. A natural appearance should be obtained by setting an irregular layout.

Hair Washing After Hair Transplantation

Three days should be waited for the first wash after hair transplantation. In this process, you should try to be careful not to get a blow to your head. In addition, you should be careful not to sweat and not to touch your hair with water. The first hair wash takes place on the third day. It is more convenient to wash in the place where hair transplantation is performed. Because a more hygienic environment occurs. If you can provide these hygiene conditions at home, you can wash them at home. In this hair washing process, it is very important to wash without damaging the hair follicles. The main purpose of hair washing is to heal and clean the blood clots and the injured area that occurred during the operation. In addition, the hair follicles are nourished. And it helps to heal faster.

It will be good to wash by massaging while washing hair. However, you should not apply pressure or rubbing to the hair follicles while washing or drying. Avoid products that are not good for your hair roots. Do not go beyond the products recommended by your doctor. Your doctor will give you the necessary products for the strengthening of your hair follicles and rapid healing. After the hair washing process is completed, you should not leave your hair roots wet. While drying your hair, you can provide it with a towel so as not to damage your hair. If you want to use a hair dryer, you should dry it with the lowest temperature and the lowest blowing. And you need to hold it at least 30cm away.

Hair Washing Stages

When you wash your hair after hair transplantation, there are some conditions that you should pay attention to. You have to wash it carefully, in a certain order. First, you need to spread the emollient lotion over your entire head. This lotion helps soften the crusts. You have to wait a little for it to soften. After softening, the scalp is wetted with warm and non-pressurized water. And it is rinsed. You have to be very delicate when rinsing. Avoid damaging your scalp or hair follicles. Take care to rinse with gentle movements.

You should use the products recommended by your doctor. This step can be repeated if necessary. This shampoo and lotion will help your hair follicles heal faster. Finally, you need to dry it. Because if the hair follicles remain wet, it will damage it. At this stage, you can get help from a towel or a hair dryer.

How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Center in Turkey through Reviews and Research

In deciding ‘how to find the best hair transplant center in Turkey?’, specific measures and steps need to be taken. Many clinics in Turkey also offer free consultations for potential hair transplant patients. These consultations are a great way to ask questions, learn more about the clinic’s services, and get an idea of the doctor’s skill level. It is important to remember that a good reputation is critical when choosing the best hair transplant center in Turkey, and you should always do your research before making any decisions. You can easily find out which clinics have the highest ratings by reading online reviews or asking friends who have previously undergone treatments for their opinion.

Moreover, if you are considering traveling abroad for your hair transplant procedure, make sure that you research different providers available and read up on their qualifications and track records. These steps will help you choose a clinic that provides top-notch care and results. If this article has not been that helpful with ‘how to find the best hair transplant center in Turkey,’ go to our website and book a free consultation to decide what your needs are from the hair transplant clinic for yourself.