VSG Weight Loss Surgery

Today, obesity has become very common and as a solution, VSG weight loss surgery have become widespread to eliminate this problem. In Turkey, we encounter these situations, especially in women and men. This weight problem causes a lack of self-confidence in our patients. We are here to avoid this situation. We are here with our expert team to bring you back to your self-confidence and upright posture. Gastric sleeve surgery is the only solution for obesity. In this operation, we remove 80% of the stomach. As a shape, our stomach is brought to the profile of a banana while it is in the form of a pouch. The reason for this is to fill the space in order not to have room in the stomach. If you are aware of the fact that our organs that make up our digestive system resemble pipes in terms of shape, they want to take less food. In this way, it digests quickly with less food.

We recommend this surgery to our patients who have weight problems for various reasons. Of course, first of all, we determine the process of this surgery by looking at the weight loss rate of our patient by giving a diet list. This procedure is performed by putting our patient under anesthesia. We go to the reduction process with laparoscopic methods. We perform this surgery with small incisions on the abdomen. Meanwhile, our surgeon takes insider monitoring and imaging with the camera. We take the part of the stomach that contains the hunger-releasing hormone and shape it into a tube. Do not be afraid to have VSG weight loss surgery, we are waiting for you to our examination. We and our expert team are waiting for you.

To Whom Can We Perform VSG Weight Loss Surgery?

We observe that our patients who had sleeve gastrectomy surgery lost a great deal of weight. We give importance to the diet and sports practices we give to our patients after this surgery and we perform this operation, but its continuity is entirely in the hands of the patient. First of all, the patient must be psychologically ready to have this surgery. After that, he should come to us to apply for VSG weight loss surgery. We decide to have this surgery by performing analyzes and tests in line with our necessary doctors and expert team. If our patients’ body mass indexes are over 35-40, we consider this surgery necessary.

If we look at other factors, we think that this surgery is necessary for individuals with diabetes and blood pressure disorders seen in our patients. Do not be afraid to have VSG weight loss surgery. If one of these factors is observed in you, do not hesitate to contact us. As the age range, we give at least 18-65 age scale. In cases where we will not perform this surgery; If our patient has cancer or uses substances such as alcohol, drugs, this situation poses a danger and we cannot perform this surgery. It is mandatory for the patient to comply with the diet list and exercises throughout the operation process. We do not consider this procedure appropriate for our patient who has a serious hormonal problem.

What Are The Risks Of Vsg Weight Loss Surgery?

Like any surgical operation, this surgery has risks. However, this does not pose a serious complication. These risks are very low in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. There may be a few disruptions in absorption. Infection can occur in this as in any surgery. In VSG weight loss surgery, such risks are quite normal and there is no fatal condition. If we compare the risk level, it is at the minimum level. This surgery has advantages and disadvantages. For example, if we look at the advantage, our situation is high in reducing the appetite by reducing the hormone bghrelin. On the contrary, it helps the food to progress by being supported without disturbing the flow direction. The person experiences weight loss faster.

The disadvantages of VSG weight loss surgery are minimal. To list them; After performing the operation, I want to go back to my old self, there is no question of restoring my stomach. The procedure is surgery with very small incisions. It is an operation performed by opening small holes and reaching the stomach. Our patients do not experience difficulties in terms of their aesthetic appearance, on the contrary, nobody notices that they have surgery. It can take up to 3 months in total for the surgical scars to go away. Everyone will experience pain after the procedure. But we can get through this with little painkillers.

How Should It Be After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

We have to follow up our patients after the surgery and we call you at least once a month, so we do a leak test for our patient. We keep you in our hospital for 2-3 days after the operation. If you encounter any problems after discharge, you should definitely contact us. As long as he stays in the hospital, the person has to take care of himself. If you have a desk job, it may take up to 1 week to return to this job. If you have a tiring standing job, this process takes 1 month. We give our patient a diet list and exercise suggestions before leaving the hospital, it is our patient’s duty to fulfill them. If there is a malfunction or incomplete situation in any of them, the process can rewind. We really don’t want this situation. We want to discharge our patient satisfied and pain-free.

This nutrition and exercise issue is something that really needs attention. If you do not comply with these, you will be putting yourself at risk. When we encounter this situation, it may be an operation that requires revision. It is not dangerous to do this, but you should have a rest period. You should avoid high-calorie foods and drinks. You can start our exercise planning after 3-4 months. The surgical process proceeds in this way. If you continue by paying attention to these issues, we can get through this process together without difficulty.

Is VSG Weight Loss Surgery Going to be Your Long-Term Weight Loss Solution?


Weight loss surgery is certainly not a quick fix, and it may be difficult to achieve long-term success with any form of weight loss. It is important to understand that VSG weight loss surgery requires lifestyle modifications, such as changes in diet (eating healthy food) and exercise habits, to ensure success. Additionally, regular follow-up visits with your bariatric surgeon are essential in order to adjust nutrition plans as needed and monitor your health post-surgery.

Ultimately, whether or not VSG weight loss surgery is going to be your long-term weight loss solution will depend on many factors, such as the commitment you make towards changing your habits for the better. With that said, if you are willing to make this commitment, then VSG weight loss surgery is a viable option for you. Nevertheless, it may take some time for you to fully adjust to the new lifestyle changes that are necessary for sustaining long-term results from VSG weight loss surgery.

Additionally, it is important to understand the potential risks and benefits of the procedure. Talk with your bariatric weight loss surgery doctor about its potential risks and what steps can be taken in order to determine if it could work for you.