Long Nose Rhinoplasty

One of the most common things we hear from patients, especially in our area, is that they want big nose surgery to be smaller.  So, they want to get long nose rhinoplasty. People from all over the world actually have different nose shapes. In general, it is not possible to make a nose smaller by more than 20–25%. We can’t change the shape of the skin on the nose while changing the shape of the bones and cartilage, so this skin shouldn’t be too big for the new shape of the nose.

So, if the patient wants a very small nose, it might not be possible or might make the surgery harder than usual. But with rhinoplasty, it is easy to make the nose smaller so that it looks normal. No matter how big or small the nose is, it has nothing to do with how hard the surgery is. Even though most people think that rhinoplasty procedures change the structure of the nose. Plastic surgery can be used in many different ways. Most of the time, people get cosmetic nose surgery to make them look better. But sometimes it can be done even if the person doesn’t care about how he looks.

On the other hand, wide rhinoplasty surgery is often done on people who have big noses. In fact, it wouldn’t be right to say that this idea is wrong. But people don’t only know about broad nose surgery in this way. Some people think it is a group of different types of nose surgery that are put together.

What’s Long Nose Rhinoplasty?

Nasal wings get smaller, which can sometimes be a good thing from an aesthetic point of view. Even though some of our noses aren’t very big, the width of the nasal wings can make the nose look pretty big. In this case, the effect can be reached by making the nose smaller. This procedure, which is sometimes called “nostril reduction,” can be done in many different ways. Aside from narrowing a wide nose, it may also be possible to reduce the size of the nose and narrow the tip of the nose. Narrowing of the nose wings: This is a process for wide nose wings that is used to make the nose look smaller on both sides.

Even though people who get cosmetic surgery want to change the way they look, some may also want to improve their health in ways that have nothing to do with how they look. Most of the time, wide nostrils are used for looks. Rhinoplasty is used to improve the nose tip, the width of the nose tip, the nasal ridge, and the way the nose works inside the nose.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Day By Day

These surgeries have less risk than many others. There are two types of surgery: open and closed rhinoplasty. However, the net names of each procedure are not shown as open or closed. As an example, you could talk about rhinoplasty surgeries that are done with a laser. Wide rhinoplasty is a way to change the way the tip of the nose looks.

Long Nose Rhinoplasty Before After

It is very important for the patient to lie down and rest after surgery. On the first day, it is very important for the person to stay in bed as much as possible. On the first day, the nose is more sensitive than on the other days. There is a big chance that any touch will hurt the nose.

The most common kind of cosmetic surgery in the United States is surgery on the nose. People of all ages who can make time and money work for them can apply to plastic surgery facilities to have this operation done. Rhinoplasty is more often done as a second or even third operation than any other cosmetic surgery. I think that the fact that people can’t get the look they want is a factor, but so is the fact that our genes are spread out so much. There are many different kinds of noses. Some people are short, some are tall, some have thick skin, some have thin skin, and sometimes the top and bottom of the nose are very different.

Long Nose Rhinoplasty For Skin Thickness

People with oily skin are more likely to have noses with thick skin. In general, people from the east of our country have thick nasal skin. At times, the tip of the nose may have thick skin, while the top may have thin skin. No matter how thin it is, the cartilage that grows under the thick skin is not enough to show bone growth. In this case, think about the next example.  If the person’s cartilage is thick, it will be easier for us to do our job.

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty

There are many different kinds of noses. Sometimes it might be flat, and sometimes it might pull up. Holes can be made better by changing the angle and width of the nose tip or by making them smaller at the base or edge. People who have a curved roof and middle wall (septum) of the nose often have uneven nostrils.