Hair Transplant Istanbul Cost

Hair Transplant Istanbul Cost When it comes to saving your hair, you have a variety of choices depending on your degree of hair loss. The best solution for you is determined by the extent of your hair loss and your personal hair restoration goals. If you’re experiencing hair loss in its early stages, you may want to try drugs or topical remedies. If other therapies haven’t yielded the desired results, you might want to seek a hair transplant to increase the density of your hair. So, how can you figure out which option is best for you? Should this procedure be done in Istanbul, the cheapest hair transplant center in the world? How much is a hair transplant Istanbul cost? Here are some of the most often asked questions by patients considering hair transplantation.

Which is The Best Method for Hair Transplant?

DHI, FUE, and FUT are all procedures that include transplanting follicles from one section of the scalp to balding areas. A surgeon slices a long and thin strip of skin from the back of the scalp during FUT surgery. Individual hair follicles are removed and inserted into the hairline. This is the most common and least expensive form, but it can leave a long scar. If you have short hair, the scar can be visible, but longer hair normally masks it.

Specific hair follicles are cut directly from the scalp in DHI and FUE procedures. To implant the hair follicles, a surgeon manually cuts several canals in the scalp. The DHI technique enables surgeons to make these incisions while still implanting hair. DHI and FUE lack the long scars associated with FUT, but they are usually more time-consuming and costly. DHI providers say that it is the most innovative and successful hair treatment available. However, no trials relating to the findings of other hair care methods have been conducted. So how much are the prices of this operation? Especially, people are very curious about hair transplant Istanbul cost.

Cost of a DHI Hair Transplant

A DHI session at a clinic in London, Athens, Dubai, or Paris is estimated to cost between $3,250 and $13,500. The price of a hair transplant varies greatly depending on the city where the procedure is done. Also it varies the doctor you attend, and the actual amount of hair implanted. Since DHI is considered a beauty procedure, most insurance providers are reluctant to bear the bill. To save money, recommend commuting to a less expensive regional area or reducing the number of hair follicles transplanted. Now let’s see how Turkey and hair transplant Istanbul cost.

Costs of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

The only issue that many people may face when seeking a hair transplant is the financial aspect. Although the prices and costs of hair transplantation have significantly decreased in most countries, hair transplants are still a frequent occurrence among the French. Nonetheless, hair transplantation costs range from 1.50 euros per hair (for major transplants) to around 4 euros per hair (for partial transplants). In a country like France, the total cost of having this procedure may exceed 10,000 Euros, whereas, in Turkey, the cost is much lower, costing only about 50 cents per hair.

Even though hair transplantation costs in Turkey are much lower than in France, anyone who wishes to receive a hair transplant must also cover the costs of travel and lodging in Turkey. Here in lies the value of the all-inclusive packages that some hair transplant centers sell to their customers. With the fierce competition among hair transplant centers in Turkey, many Turkish medical centers have begun to offer unique packages to their clients. These packages include a hair transplant procedure and medical follow-up, as well as two nights in a four-star hotel. Also, patient transcription programs are available to help clients and medical practitioners communicate more effectively at the clinic. Those who want to hair restoration in Turkey, especially wonder hair transplant Istanbul cost.

Cost of Hair Transplants in Istanbul

Istanbul has risen to become the new city of hair transplants, thanks to its unbeatable costs. The city was able to mix high-quality facilities with competitive pricing. As Turkish hair transplant prices are considered very low and reasonable. As opposed to those of many other nations, such as Europe and the United States. Aside from that, Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. So the trip for hair transplantation is more than just a visit to the clinic. As the client can take advantage of all that Turkey has to offer. If you want more detailed information about hair transplant Istanbul cost, you should call the place where you will have the operation.

Why Is Hair Transplant in Istanbul So Common?

Although Turkey has some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world in all fields of medicine, foreign patients seek out hair transplant specialists. Hair transplant operations will produce a fantastic outcome, giving you a natural-looking head of hair. They’re a good way to cope with hair thinning and hair loss, and they have a lot of advantages.

Hair loss is more widespread than it seems in many parts of the world. Although it is considered taboo in some cultures. It is caused by a variety of genetic and environmental factors, as well as medical disorders, health, and general lifestyle.

Although dietary and lifestyle modifications can help to delay the progression of hair loss, no treatment can reverse its symptoms. The only feasible option is hair transplant surgery. Hair loss is treated by extracting hair follicles from the donor area. Then they inserting them in the problematic recipient area during a hair transplant operation.

Because hair restoration surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure in the United Kingdom, it can cost several thousand pounds. As a result, Turkey is the way to go for hair transplants. Patients there get top-notch care at a fraction of the size. The market disparity is due to disparities in the standard of living in Turkey and the United Kingdom. Since Turkey has a considerably lower cost of living than the United Kingdom, certain utilities are slightly less expensive. Hair transplants in Turkey are around 70% less expensive, even though shipping and lodging are factored in.


Have you ever wondered how much it costs to get a hair transplant in Istanbul? Hair transplant is a special procedure that helps people with thinning hair or baldness.

The Price of Hair Transplant: The cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul can vary depending on a few things. Here are some factors that can affect the price:

Number of Hair Follicles: The more hair follicles (like tiny hair seeds) needed for the transplant, the higher the cost.Moreover, It takes more time and effort to transplant more hair.

Clinic Reputation: Different clinics in Istanbul have different prices. Some clinics are very famous and charge more because they have experienced doctors and offer high-quality service.

Hair Transplant Technique: There are different techniques for hair transplant, like FUE and DHI. Each technique may have a different cost. The doctors will decide which technique is best for you.

How to Know the Cost

Firstly, To find out the cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul, you can contact a hair transplant clinic. They will give you all the information you need. The cost can vary from person to person, so it’s important to talk to the experts to get the right price.

In Conclusion, The cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul depends on factors like the number of hair follicles, the reputation of the clinic, and the technique used. It’s like buying something special for your hair. If you or someone you know is considering a hair transplant, After that, it’s important to talk to the experts in Istanbul to find out the exact cost.