The question of Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? Is an important question that patients ask in some cases, although not often. Because it can be sad and demotivating that the surgery doesn’t work after going through all the trouble. Therefore, we will try to answer this question in this article.

Causes of Failure to Lose Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Patients who have had sleeve gastrectomy surgery are sometimes called Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? They can ask the question. The first reason for this is that she has consumed nuts, chocolate, alcohol, or high-calorie liquids. We observe such irregular escapades more in patients who cannot escape from their pre-operative life.

The inability to lose weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery is not uncommon in the early stages. This is because the stomach has a small volume in the first three months and certain difficulties occur in solid food consumption. Our patients, who are fed less than before the surgery, generally lose weight faster in these three months. After these three months, patients who have undergone surgery and are adapted to living with a small-volume stomach return to solid food and high-calorie foods. The transition to this state, unfortunately, reduces weight loss. Especially this item Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? Is an answer to the question. Patients can find the answers to this question themselves if they are honest.

Not being able to lose weight after stomach reduction surgery and gaining weight in the long term are two separate situations. 3 years after the operation, the stomach begins to return to its normal volume. In this transitional phase, it is possible to consume whole foods. If patients who have undergone this surgery do not pay attention in the long term after the surgery, they may return to their former weight. This situation is not caused by the failure of the surgeries, on the contrary, it is the person’s own factor. In this case, Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? The question has a clear answer.


How to Lose Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

After the operation, the surgeon should give the patient a suitable diet program and follow it. If the patient does not follow this diet program, he can return to his old weight. However, if the patient exercises by following this diet program, weight loss processes pass very quickly.

Now we will list which substances are the basis of the diet list. So, Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? You can answer the question yourself. The diet program should include:

  • Protein should definitely be on this diet list. Because it is of great importance in losing weight and keeping the individual healthy. A person should have an average of 60 to 90 grams of protein per day.
  • They need to reduce their portions. Your dietitian will determine how much you will eat.
  • Fluid consumption is a factor that increases the rate of weight loss after surgery. For this reason, water consumption is a very important detail. However, cola, alcohol, and similar high-calorie liquids are not included in these liquids.
  • You have to count calories. You should take note of what you eat, even if it is healthy. What you eat should not exceed a certain number of calories.
  • You should also remove processed products such as salami, sausage, smoked, nuggets in your life. Because such food is quite unhealthy and quite oily.
  • After gastric sleeve surgery, exercise is also important besides diet. Weight loss will increase with regular exercise.


How to Lose More Weight After Tube Stomach?

For the first six weeks after surgery, your staples will be the only thing holding your tube stomach together. That’s why it’s important to follow your diet plan and give these baselines a chance to heal properly. So, after a while, Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? You don’t have to look for the answer to the question.

You will drink very light liquids on the first day after surgery, and then you will probably need to be on a liquid-only diet for the first week or so. After that, you’ll switch to soft puréed foods for two weeks. It is very important that you do not switch to solid foods too early as it can harm your stomach and cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

You will need to limit yourself to around 400 calorie intake for the first two weeks after surgery. This can be daunting before your procedure. However, you will now experience naturally reduced hunger due to sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This will make it easier for you to comply with limited portion sizes. As your body gets used to the reduced number of calories as you recover from surgery, you may feel more tired than usual. But don’t worry, as you slowly start eating more calories, you will feel your energy come back.


Psychological Reasons for Not Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Although the first factors are related to your diet, some psychological and environmental factors also affect your weight loss. Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? Let’s look at the question from this perspective. General, psychological and environmental causes include:

  • Stress is like sleep. It can cause a huge amount of problems in your life. Before eating, it may be a turning point for you to get out of stress, but in case of post-operative stress, it is necessary to find the thing that is stressing you and get rid of it.
  • Sleeping patterns have a huge impact on many different things, including not losing weight after sleeve gastrectomy. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep or not getting too much sleep.
  • Are you with the wrong people? Do you have any post-operative support? Not a member of forums or groups? For many people, being around supportive people who motivate and cheer you up plays an important role in their long-term success.
  • Most of your stomach has been removed. Everything from emotional changes to physical changes can be greatly affected. Recovery after surgery can take time, and if you don’t lose weight as fast as you thought, your body may still be recovering.

Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery? We think we can answer the question. However, if this article is still insufficient for you, it would be much better to consult your surgeon or a dietitian.

Can U Gain Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Weight Loss?

Whether can u gain weight after gastric sleeve’s answer is yes. It is possible to gain weight after gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss. This is because the procedure does not stop you from eating unhealthy foods or overeating. You will still be able to consume large amounts of food, but your stomach size has been reduced so you may not be able to eat as much as before. To prevent weight gain after gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, it is important to make lifestyle changes such as avoiding processed and high-calorie foods, limiting portion sizes, and exercising regularly. Additionally, monitoring your food intake and maintaining healthy eating habits can help you achieve long-term health goals such as maintaining healthy body weight.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you successfully manage any changes that may occur after the procedure and support your overall health goals. Seeing a doctor or dietitian who specializes in bariatric weight loss surgery or nutrition can also provide guidance on how best to adjust your diet in order to ensure optimal health outcomes post-surgery. You can also ask “can u gain weight after gastric sleeve?” to your doctor.