Athenix gastric balloon is one of the most preferred weight loss methods. Thanks to this method, weight loss is accelerated and facilitated. In addition, we apply the gastric balloon operation according to the health status and general values of our patients. By passing our patients through a preliminary examination, we determine their suitability for the operation. Thus, we do not engage in any behavior or practice that will put your health at risk. We generally consider these weight loss methods appropriate for people who try to lose weight with their own methods but are unsuccessful.

In order to lose weight, we first want our patients to try methods such as sports and diet. If you cannot achieve success as a result of this, we recommend our weight loss surgery methods that are most suitable for you. Among these methods, we often prefer gastric balloon operation. We recommend it for our patients because it is quite easy and risk-free. In addition, if you are also complaining about being overweight, you can get professional support by applying to our hospital.

Weight Loss with Athenix Gastric Balloon Method

Athenix gastric balloon method is among the weight loss operations. In addition, we perform this method endoscopically in our center. After placing the balloon in the stomach, we perform the inflation process until it reaches a suitable size. Thus, we make the person’s stomach smaller and consume less food. This method, which gives the person a feeling of fullness, is also very useful for reducing your appetite. We generally apply this method to our patients whose body mass index is not suitable for sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Thus, we help these patients to lose weight.

After the gastric balloon operation, you should do diet and sports to increase your weight loss rate. You have to completely change your lifestyle. In particular, you should act in accordance with the list you received from your dietitian. In addition, you should consume protein-rich foods and stay away from fast food. Thus, you can lose weight permanently and achieve the look you want in a short time. In addition, you should not neglect to visit the doctor from time to time. In addition, you should not forget to remove the balloon in your stomach after you reach the desired weight. You can call us for more detailed information.

How is Athenix Gastric Balloon Operation Performed?

Before Athenix gastric balloon operation, we undergo a detailed examination of our patients. We evaluate your suitability for the operation by evaluating the tests and analyzes we perform. If we deem it appropriate, we make a plan together with our specialist doctors and patients. We take care to act in a planned and coordinated manner. In addition, we perform procedures in accordance with the wishes and expectations of our patients. In addition, we provide information about possible complications before the operation. We also explain in detail all the instructions that our patients must follow. Then, we start the treatment process by determining the day of the operation.

We end the gastric balloon operation in approximately 2 hours. We use general anesthesia in the operation. In addition, we inflate the balloon, which we place in the stomach using the endoscopic method, with serum using a special device. After our patient wakes up, we keep him under observation for 1 hour and discharge him. In addition, we allow our patients to return to their daily life immediately after the operation. We remove the gastric balloon after 6 months or 1 year, depending on the condition of our patient. If our patients pay attention to their lifestyle and diet during this process, we achieve highly successful results.

The Process After Athenix Gastric Balloon Operation

There are a few rules that our patients must follow after gastric balloon surgery. We can explain the rules you should pay attention to as follows:

  • After the gastric balloon operation, you should adapt to the diet given by your doctor.
  • You should stay away from harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.
  • You should pay attention to your sleep pattern and sleep as much as necessary.
  • In addition, you should stay away from stress and anxiety situations.
  • You should adopt an active lifestyle after the operation.
  • In this process, you should not neglect exercise and sports.
  • You should make sure to drink plenty of water.
  • You should consume food very slowly and chew a lot.

If you pay attention to all these rules, you can lose weight both in a healthy way and permanently. You should consider your doctor’s recommendations during this process. After the operation, you should not lose contact with your doctor.

Gastric Balloon Operation Prices

We determine personalized prices for gastric balloon operation. We try to adapt our price policy to everyone. Instead of applying the same treatment method to everyone, we personalize the situation. For this reason, we determine the price after the preliminary inspection. In general, we aim to appeal to everyone’s budget. If you want to lose weight with a gastric balloon, you can make an appointment by calling our center. You can find out your suitability for this operation by having a one-on-one meeting with our doctors.

We apply gastric balloon and all other slimming methods in our center. We determine the treatment method according to the health status and overweight of our patients. In addition, we provide professional support to anyone who wants to lose weight. We serve together with our dieticians, doctors, surgeons and our expert team. In addition, we work with experts and knowledgeable people in the field. We have achieved great success in weight loss. When you come to our hospital, you can see the results of the operations we have done in the past, and you can decide as a result. Before you come, you can take a look at our hospital reviews. You can determine the experiences of our doctors working in our hospital by doing detailed research. You can reach us at our contact numbers for all weight loss treatments and dietitian support.

All About Athenix Gastric Balloon


Athenix gastric balloon provides a safe, non-surgical option for weight loss. As an added bonus, the procedure is reversible, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of weight loss with a temporary gastric balloon and without any long-term commitment. This could be the perfect option for those looking to lose weight quickly and safely without sacrificing their health. Patients considering this type of treatment should consult with a qualified physician to determine if they are eligible for and can benefit from the procedure. With proper diet and exercise, patients may achieve their desired results in as little as six months following the procedure.

Overall, Athenix gastric balloon is an effective solution for those looking to lose weight in a short amount of time and remain healthy throughout their journey. The medical team for the gastric balloon of Athenix understands each patient’s individual needs and offers personalized care plans aimed at helping them reach their desired goals in the fastest, safest way possible. Given the amazing success rate for Athenix, it is easy to see why many people have chosen this revolutionary device as an alternative to traditional bariatric surgery or other cumbersome treatments for obesity or weight management.