Is Weight Loss Surgery Common?

Nowadays, we encounter the situation of obesity a lot, and to review this situation, weight loss after surgery is a matter of curiosity. It is feared to rewind or to encounter the same things again. This has been a big nightmare for our patients. When we look at it in general, it is seen that the individual becomes obese as a result of lubrication around the abdomen, especially in the belly area. Many stomach surgeries are performed to prevent this situation. There are many options, some are inflated surgically, some by sending a balloon through the mouth. This varies according to the situation we observed in our patient. It is performed after an event decided by a joint decision between our patient and our surgeon. This leads to a lack of self-confidence in our patients.

It is whether you comply with the diet list before you experience weight loss after surgery. If not, weight gain can be repeated. It doesn’t have to be a divine surgical event. In other words, when you do not get the answer you expect when you have sleeve gastrectomy surgery, we can get you back to your old weight by having surgery again. However, if the same situation recurs, you need to pay attention to your diet and exercise to prevent this. For our patients who want to lose weight, you can see the reasons for the prevalence of this weight gain in our articles below, but I can say that there is nothing to be afraid of.

What is Stomach Reduction Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is quite common in Turkey. There are many ways to deal with this obesity. First of all, if you are facing such a problem, you should come to us for checking purposes. We do not immediately perform surgical procedures on our patients. First we give them a diet list, then we give them exercises and first we look at their weight loss rate. If we do not get the observation we expect, we apply different steps without surgery. Or we offer the option of sleeve gastrectomy, which is the definitive solution. Everyone has an opinion on this, but word of mouth can also be wrong. Actually, it is not a dangerous surgery, but like any surgery, it has side effects and we will examine them.

Gastric sleeve surgery is generally known as stomach reduction surgery. It is one of the most applied surgeries among surgical procedures. It was first built in 1988 and has been in existence ever since. Gastric sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure performed by surgically turning the stomach into a tube. The reason it is in the form of a tube is to shrink the stomach. If we look at many of our organs and digestive system, everything is folded in the form of a tube, but since the stomach is in the form of a pouch, it has more storage space. We reduce the storage space of the stomach by shrinking the stomach and connecting it to the intestines again. As a result of these procedures, it is most likely that you will experience weight loss after surgery.

Criteria for Experiencing Weight Loss After Surgery

One of the most curious questions of sleeve gastrectomy is whether it will be a problem if it is repeated, is there any harm, and to whom and which age group it will be applied. There is an age limit, we can give a figure like 18-65. Those between the ages of 18-65 should have this surgery if their body mass index is over 35. In addition to this index, you should also have diseases such as hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes. In surgeries that cannot lose weight loss after surgery, a revision procedure is performed for its repetition. If we look at the benefits of this surgery, there are more benefits than harm. Do not avoid this surgery and do not be afraid.

Having this surgery does not harm the natural flow of nutrients. The technique is easier than other weight loss surgeries. You are less likely to experience complications. While the stomach is reduced in stomach surgery, the procedure is completed without damaging its internal structure. Weight loss is experienced after the surgery. Those who have this surgery do not encounter a problem such as ulcers. The secretion of appetite hormone decreases. You do not need to take minerals such as vitamins while you are living your life. In any case, we can see the stomach with the help of endoscopy. The feeling of congestion and fullness in the stomach has developed and you do not feel very hungry anymore.

Is Revision Process Possible?

Today, revision surgery is performed for our patients who cannot lose weight loss after surgery. This is common in all areas. As in rhinoplasty or breast surgery, revision procedures are also performed in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The person’s lifestyle and dietary habits affect this type of surgery. The more you pay attention to your lifestyle and eating habits, the better your life will be. The aim is to apply the surgery to you, but what keeps you going is your habits. The meaning of the revision process is the renewal of the surgery in case an operation is affected by the patient and reverts to its former state. We see the most revision processes in the gastric band incident.

If the revision weight loss surgery is repeated, we make renewals just like the procedure here, and if you eat regularly and continue your exercises after the surgery, you will not encounter this situation. If we look at the prices of obesity surgery revision procedures, you will see that there is no difference between the real surgery prices. It is very difficult to give an exact price. The reason for this may even vary depending on the city and county you live in. Private hospitals are more expensive than public hospitals. For this, the prices are constantly changing according to the opportunities we offer you so that we can give you a price.

Is Weight Loss Surgery for 50 Pounds Overweight Recommended?


Weight loss surgery is a significant decision and should not be taken lightly. It is essential to weigh the potential risks and benefits of undergoing such a procedure before making any decisions. Nevertheless, weight loss surgery for 50 pounds overweight patients is an effective and often necessary option. After the surgery, it will take time for your body to heal and adjust to the changes.

Consulting with a doctor or nutritionist may help individuals determine whether they are suitable candidates for different types of weight loss surgery. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the potential lifestyle changes that come with weight loss, including dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and emotional support. These lifestyle modifications can play a vital role in helping an individual reach their desired weight-loss goals safely and effectively. Ultimately, following the advice of healthcare professionals is the best way to ensure that bariatric weight loss surgery is right for you.


Once individuals have decided to pursue weight loss surgery for 50 pounds, they must work closely with their doctor throughout the process to ensure their safety and positive outcomes from the procedure. This includes following all pre-operative and post-operative instructions regarding physical activity levels, diet plans, medication use, and other aspects of recovery.